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- Action or process of writing computer programs. Computer algorithms, data structures, A.I., systems, databases, communications, security...
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
programming, resources Sticky Thread Pinned: Programming Resources ( 1 2 3 ... Last)
I thought I'd start this thread about useful sites programmers could go to if they needed general help or information...
Jun4-14 07:18 PM
64 71,046
I recently noticed a substantial request for c++ information. Therefore it is my pleasure to announce the opening of...
Nov20-05 08:26 PM
8 99,909
Please post your C++ questions or comments here for Tutorial 1.
Apr14-14 11:40 PM
168 105,165
The general policy of Physics Forums is that requests for help with solving specific problems or exercises must be...
Sep1-09 02:45 PM
0 19,656
the following code #include<stdio.h> #include<stdlib.h> int main (int argc, char *argv) { int* a; *a=1;
Jun29-12 01:54 PM
5 1,007
Hi everyone! I am a mobile robot designer in autonomous space robotics. there is a great dilemma in front of me to...
Feb21-12 07:36 AM
0 767
Hi, is possible to set up somehow cursor on end file.txt position for write function ? I can use only read,close,...
May14-11 05:20 AM
22 2,350
Today, I tried to translate the very basic "solve quadratic equations" program I made a while back in Python to C++. ...
Jun7-11 02:04 PM
5 33,140
How do you make executables in python?
Feb9-06 01:12 PM
1 1,486
I have a certain service on an ISP. Im having a few minor "hang" problems on page load. Im assuming this is because...
Jan6-09 09:05 AM
6 17,680
Does anyone know of any resources (preferrably free) to learn C for someone who has learned Java before?
Jun10-09 04:13 PM
1 1,095
Hi, I'm just wondering real quick, are equations allowed in array declarations? For example: int :: y=2 int,...
Sep4-14 05:35 PM
4 202
Hello guys, I am in need of a subroutine that diagonalizes a nxn Hermitian matrix (really I'm just looking for the...
Sep11-14 07:05 PM
18 336
I am very much confused and frustrated at this point and would just like to understand what I'm doing wrong... This...
Sep15-11 12:18 PM
4 2,880
Hello. Anybody know of any fun, and somewhat easy, games to program (I will be using Java if that matters)? I was...
Dec15-05 12:00 AM
5 21,751
Hi, I intend to build a computer program with a GUI, for a school setup consisting of the following primary...
Jul1-09 10:17 AM
2 3,297
Hi, So I'm trying to solve the 2D Ising Model using a simple Monte Carlo algorithm, for small square lattices,...
Jun19-12 03:46 PM
M Quack
3 2,041
Hi, I am working on a device simulation algorithm, and am implementing it in Python on my laptop that runs Arch...
Jun22-13 10:07 AM
5 1,054
Hi, I've recently been forced to use a Mac, which i'm not at all familiar with, and I'm trying to do some...
May11-09 02:05 PM
3 1,518
Hi, I'm writing an algorithm in MPI which basically splits up a massive vector amongst different nodes (i.e....
Jun29-09 12:54 AM
0 579
Hi, I'm working on a code where essentially I have two very large arrays q and b and I have this function...
Aug20-09 07:06 PM
16 1,668
Hi, I'm just wondering, usually when I output to file in C++ I just do like:"output.txt",ios::out);...
Sep22-09 07:38 PM
3 1,032
Hi, other than the Traveling Salesman Problems can anyone help me think of relatively simple problems/projects that...
Jan25-11 08:57 AM
3 4,332
Hello, Next year I want to participate in the BAPC (Benelux Algoritm Programming Contest). This contest will he...
May9-10 01:27 PM
8 1,275
I was given an assignment to create a program that solves the Josephus Problem (. the program needs to work for n...
Mar15-12 05:57 AM
3 5,521
Hello everyone I have been supplied with this eqn ...
Dec12-12 08:24 AM
5 1,633
How do you use Python on Windows? I have Python 2.5.1, but have only tried Python on the school's computers where they...
Sep23-08 03:21 AM
6 1,651
Hello, does anyone know how to get Emacs to color words like "def, class, or, and" etc.. and to give me the right...
Dec12-08 03:42 AM
2 1,484
Hey guys, I was wondering if anyone knows of an open source solution for reading in a black and white image and...
Apr28-07 09:32 PM
13 1,770
Hey guys, Is it possible to print characters of different colors to the command line in Linux? I would like to...
Nov13-08 02:38 PM
2 1,108
Good day! I present you my program "Lens 1.0": Quick and light way of the decision of the problems on optical lens....
Mar12-08 09:36 AM
0 1,996
Hello, For the IEEE representation of a number, I wanted to ask something for clarification. For single precision,...
Aug12-14 11:37 PM
23 971
Hello, There are three different orders of traversal that we learned about ##\bullet## pre-order traversal...
Aug6-14 02:28 PM
3 439
1. Is there a way to get the index of array, how many cells are nonzeros and have actual data. I can probably do it...
May7-08 11:44 AM
5 3,162
Hi guys anyone know a good approximation algorithm for counting number of cycles in an undirected graph???
Dec6-08 03:56 PM
0 2,058
Hi all, I am learning C language in S-Function Simulink does any one prgram in C? I need help please Thanks
Dec3-10 05:04 PM
5 1,866
hello, How could I make my answer display the number in more than 3 decimal places? for example Variable U =...
Dec4-10 10:22 PM
6 1,452
Hey guys, I'm new to fortran and I'm having a slight problem. I put my code below as reference. I first set up a my...
Feb28-14 10:31 AM
3 875
Hi, I have used Compaq Visual Fortran 6.5 for years. Recently bought a new PC with Intel Core2 Quad Q6600 processor...
Sep26-11 01:35 PM
4 52,043
Public Class Form1 Private Sub btnDisplayPic_Click(ByVal sender As System.Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs)...
Mar4-12 10:08 PM
1 500
We have a string builder class which is mutable in C#. Why do we need immutable string classes?
Feb25-11 04:45 PM
2 1,379
I'm somewhat new to Matlab and am having issues with a nested "for" and "if" loop. My code is below. This code is...
Jun6-12 06:52 AM
3 2,671
In a c language, what is the maximum combined length of command line arguments including the space between...
May28-12 12:20 PM
3 1,057
i have to write such a program that takes 10 integers from user and show them in ascending order. My attempt was...
Jul17-12 07:48 AM
10 43,041

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