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Programming & Computer Science

- Action or process of writing computer programs. Computer algorithms, data structures, A.I., systems, databases, communications, security...
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
The general policy of Physics Forums is that requests for help with solving specific problems or exercises must be...
Sep1-09 02:45 PM
0 18,708
programming, resources Sticky Thread Pinned: Programming Resources ( 1 2 3 ... Last)
I thought I'd start this thread about useful sites programmers could go to if they needed general help or information...
Jun4-14 07:18 PM
64 67,778
Please post your C++ questions or comments here for Tutorial 1.
Apr14-14 11:40 PM
168 101,410
I recently noticed a substantial request for c++ information. Therefore it is my pleasure to announce the opening of...
Nov20-05 08:26 PM
8 98,656
I'm having problems generalizing a number sequence. It involves a couple parameters that I will attempt to explain and...
Apr28-13 05:09 AM
1 543
I have this in my .cc file: #ifndef __FASTJET_FASTJET_BASE_HH__ #define __FASTJET_FASTJET_BASE_HH__ // define...
Oct13-07 08:28 PM
5 1,622
Everytime I try to compile the followng code, it fails to give me the values when n is greater than one, I have tried...
Jan22-10 01:02 PM
2 881
Hello again all! In a followup to my last question, I'm making a MLP neural network with back-propagation in matlab....
Jan13-12 12:44 PM
0 2,141
I'm trying to simulate wavepacket propagation in various potentials (so far in 1D). I'm writing in C++, and using...
Jan7-13 07:39 PM
0 641
Hi! I am using a a VISTA Premium system. When i write program containing graphs with turbo and i try to run it a...
Feb18-08 08:40 AM
1 1,858
I am having problems reading a binary file in FORTRAN. I know that the file was generated by the code below: ...
Sep10-08 04:29 AM
1 11,957
I have a problem when I try to LateX my most recent paper....All figures are in the same folder of the original tex...
Nov12-09 08:52 PM
0 1,841
I've tried to implement a list within a class. I did this so that I can make 2 or more objects, where each object has...
Dec29-07 11:46 PM
6 5,278
Dear all, I am having some problems with WRF and Fortran. When I compile a software I got the following result: ...
Nov26-09 09:38 AM
4 2,023
I'm using zheev subroutine in a do loop (up to 2000 times) that contains other subroutines and functions. The matrix...
Feb17-12 04:53 AM
4 1,522
Hi Please have a look on the following linked scanned page:
Jan22-11 06:50 PM
11 3,554
I was wondering if there were reasonable ways of producing a graph of a bunch of points in C. Being able to connect...
Mar20-09 12:57 PM
11 13,048
I'm working on a voice synthesizer. I have my computer set up to accept an 8-bit 44kHz waveform. I'm feeding it sines,...
May25-11 05:50 AM
1 1,028
I want to write a small library while I'm having fun learning about computational chemistry. It might get somewhere,...
Aug4-10 02:45 AM
0 1,159
I am using this program to calculate the no. of notes of denomination 10,50&100 in a given amount but i am getting...
May2-08 03:35 PM
1 828
How does a programmer programme a robot arm offline?ANd through what ways?
Oct3-11 04:04 AM
2 1,002
Hey there. I've this question in mind whether to pick between MatLab of Visual Basic to write my program for data...
Jul11-09 04:40 AM
1 2,149
I am trying to figure out if it would be possible to develop simple program to preform the following task: If I...
May1-13 01:03 PM
1 746
I was reading my text book to study for a test in my C++ class and I cam across this question and the answer is not in...
Mar25-10 06:27 PM
1 1,288
C++ I'm supposed to read in the file: Joe Bloggs 10 June 2002 21 Sept 2004 48524 Jane Doe 6 Feb 2004 0 nomonth...
Apr24-07 12:54 PM
21 2,435
I'm having a problem understanding what it is N stands for. The question is "Write a program that will find the...
Mar20-09 02:02 PM
3 1,109
can any one write a program that can steganograph a picture (BMP)? or any seggestion?
Mar6-10 02:26 AM
22 2,020
Hi all, I was wondering whether there is a prgramme that converts f77 to f90/95? Because I am about to get source...
Nov16-08 11:38 PM
4 1,522
Hi Everyone! This is my first question for programming. I have very little experience, so if you could explain as...
Mar27-13 10:28 AM
14 1,486
hi! i was writing a program which asks the user to input the file name. the program then reads the file and prints out...
Dec9-07 11:53 AM
5 5,131
This is my program: PROGRAM practice integer:: A Read*, A ...
May23-12 04:22 PM
5 3,089
I wrote the following "program" #include <stdio.h> #include <math.h> int main() { ...
Mar15-06 02:04 AM
6 2,061
Tell me why am i not able to compile this program, the terminal lists various errors
Oct4-10 01:09 PM
8 1,409
Hi all, I am learning C language in S-Function Simulink does any one prgram in C? I need help please Thanks
Dec3-10 05:04 PM
5 1,824
Hi, I searched this forum to find this title but I could not be successful. I hope this is the right palce to want...
Nov26-07 05:58 PM
0 6,300
is it possible to create a program which can change the brightness of the computer?
Oct14-11 09:40 PM
7 1,234
Hi, I was wondering if anyone could help me, I am studying industrial design at Loughborough and as part of my...
Mar18-10 04:29 PM
1 3,359
Can someone tell me how to do this?
Jun14-08 05:30 PM
Doctoress SD
7 6,961
What do I need to program a PIC. Programms,Languages,etc.
Jun13-08 03:00 AM
21 2,707
I need help in programming a pic on a FR28 I/O board that i bought off of ebay. no software came with it, only pdf's....
Dec28-09 01:11 PM
2 3,431
I'm an IT consultant and would like to ask for opinions. Do you think it is smarter to program algorithms or buy them...
Oct28-12 11:33 PM
4 882
Hello, I plan to write a (modest) orbital simulator in C++, I am an experienced developer with an average knowledge...
Jul10-08 01:55 PM
16 6,223
I am afraid this is going to be a very stupid question but nonetheless i am asking: - I have been programming for 6...
Dec10-12 08:45 PM
23 2,602
Programming and Background Independence: What are the chances of holding a computer program (software) that...
Apr5-09 02:37 PM
1 1,113

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