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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
I'd post in the learning materials section but I am unable to do so there for some reason. Which of these is the...
May22-14 10:10 PM
7 3,890
Hello, :) Does anyone have any good ebooks or pdf's about number theory? If so is there anything like Paul G....
Jun16-09 06:34 PM
2 13,383
Jul31-06 06:59 AM
0 940
Hi, I need some recommendation on workbooks with MANY examples, particularly for differential equations, linear...
Feb4-11 10:02 PM
2 8,012
does anyone have any worked out solutions for the Australian maths competition for the years 2002-2009. i really...
Jan8-10 05:15 AM
1 14,801
For those who want to understand why the integration of a function gives the area of it, you can take a look at... ...
May18-08 08:18 PM
0 3,513
Hi. I'm an adult and i've forgotten the little math i learned in school, so i need to start right from the basics....
Jan1-10 04:36 PM
0 7,281
Jul30-13 10:50 AM
6 15,153
Video Lectures from the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs, ranging from Calculus I and Discrete Mathematics...
Feb27-10 02:15 PM
3 11,435
any good notes/videos concerning green's theorem in plane? unfortunately missed my double lecture on it due to illness
Nov24-09 06:16 AM
2 8,042
I just recently found a brilliant lectures on rings which cleared so many thing up, and opened a whole deal, or prime...
Nov25-13 11:57 PM
last naem
3 5,244
Hello, I`m studying 1st year physics and I would really like to improve my basic maths. The thing is I don`t want to...
Mar2-11 05:21 AM
1 6,756
An algebra tutorial on the Mainland High School Algebra Lab stie ...
Feb22-12 10:03 AM
Stephen Tashi
13 16,597
What's the best portable device for reading mathematical PDF files? - one that would show equations and graphs...
Jul1-13 09:28 AM
26 20,394
I recall visiting a website that was a wiki for group theory and had many articles on specific groups, but I don't...
May29-13 01:02 PM
Stephen Tashi
2 4,448
So, what I'm going to do in this thread is show a general method for finding the antiderivative (ie, indefinite...
Dec21-05 04:34 PM
5 13,899 It has sections on - Number Systems - Limits - Continuity - Derivatives -...
Oct24-09 11:20 AM
1 49,405
Here's a website created by Professor Lawrence S. Husch, along with the help of some of his students, from the...
Nov20-08 06:37 AM
1 7,416
Greetings everyone, I know this is not the right place for this post but I cannot post in the science education...
May26-14 05:51 PM
1 3,026
The site below provides a comprehensive collection of links to audio/video courses and lectures in mathematics from...
Mar30-14 04:27 PM
42 84,490
Hello all, I am looking for video lectures for upper-level mathematics courses. In general, late-Undergraduate and...
Jul23-14 09:11 AM
88 89,512
Free e-book is now available. Author: Ruslan Sharipov Title: Foundations of geometry for university students and...
Feb2-07 03:57 PM
0 9,870
{I wrote this a while ago, thought i would share. I know it's not complete, far from complete actually, but if there's...
Jun21-11 06:38 AM
11 12,180
Which is the best book on complex numbers? I'm new to this topic so I would like to begin my study with the basics. I...
Nov5-13 06:07 AM
1 3,171
i need a decent book for linear and non linear optimization. Currently i am using Linear and Non linear...
May9-11 01:27 AM
1 10,373
Dear all, Anyone happan to have good online lecture video links on Vector Algebra? I need to get an understanding...
Dec3-08 04:22 PM
2 3,923
Hi, This website claims, "The Khan Academy is a not-for-profit 501(c)(3) with the mission of providing a...
Jan19-12 06:58 AM
7 12,692
Elementary Linear Algebra by Keith R. Matthews, Department of Mathematics, University of Queensland
Oct28-05 06:50 PM
0 4,077
I'm looking for a good set of lecture style calculus 1,2,3 videos, books, online essays. I know about and the...
Jun2-12 11:33 PM
3 16,673
Jan30-07 07:45 AM
0 2,884
The following website has quite a few free mathematics textbooks
Oct19-09 06:53 PM
2 8,313
The authors have put their book on this website: and check out...
Oct3-09 01:52 PM
0 4,476
From Kenneth Kuttler's page. I was pleasantly surprised at the quality of the elementary linear algebra book...
Jun20-09 03:13 PM
0 14,950
I just got a new book: "Mathematics for Physics and Physicists" by Walter Appel. But, all the stuff in there is like...
Jul23-14 07:45 AM
13 18,576
I found this whilst browsing Tim Gowers blog. Seems to be a project of Gowers, Tao and a...
May21-09 11:35 AM
1 3,170
Can anyone post the links to watch online lectures for linear algebra??? I would be really greatful.
Jul20-08 01:29 AM
5 20,286
im looking for a text book with an advanced level of dificulty in the problems somthing harder than stewart. not an...
Jan20-10 12:48 PM
1 8,363
very informative; see also cooling and...
Feb11-09 10:12 PM
0 3,102 Wooo! :!!)
Jul30-06 04:34 PM
0 34,436
I am in the process of re-learning math to become a high school math teacher. In school I never really tried or...
Jul28-14 03:12 AM
Axel Harper
24 14,577

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