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Product Claims

- Discuss and debunk products that seem too good to be true! Find the truth and help others in not getting deceived.
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concepts, dumb, product Sticky Thread Pinned: Dumb Product Concepts ( 1 2 3)
Dedicated to products that work, but are worthless, wasteful, or silly. The inside-the-shell egg scrambler...
Jan21-14 01:17 AM
53 25,404
One in the news: Tsu and I are huge Toyota fans. The current problems do not concern us at all. Tillamook Extra...
Dec30-13 05:42 AM
88 43,536
I suppose this might qualify as a "product claim", considering that it is based on what's on the box. Before we go...
T 02:15 PM
15 166
Instead of pointlessly debating whether caffeine affects our body (which it does of course), I want to know whether...
Apr16-14 03:38 AM
46 11,590
Apr15-14 12:44 AM
30 15,174
Or, just almost perfect? 99 out of 100? I know this isn't a claim by Tesla, just a review, but (The review itself...
Feb27-14 02:42 PM
25 7,684
It claims to be able to fix problems such as slip discs, scoliosis and lordosis, setting the spine back into a normal...
Feb18-14 01:48 PM
2 756
Hey PF. I received a Himalayan salt lamp for xmas, and it's suppose to add more negative ions to the air which is...
Dec26-13 02:25 AM
7 1,565
- - -
Looks pretty awesome! Any thoughts from a engineering standpoint? Could it revolutionize biking? S10GMfG2NMY
Dec9-13 11:55 AM
1 1,598
There's some buzz going around about this product, ...
Oct28-13 07:50 PM
Simon Bridge
7 2,331
DZrjXSsfxMQ I am not sure if I have not posted a video of something similar (or was it the same product?) in the...
Oct24-13 08:55 AM
10 2,405
excedrin migraine is more money but they contain the same exact ingredients. Total sham!
Oct23-13 02:25 PM
9 2,705
Did a quick search and didn't see this one. A friend recommended this product to me because she was concerned that I...
Oct16-13 09:02 AM
21 4,232
For those of you in the UK you'll know the lotto consists of 6 balls and 1 bonus ball, to win the jackpot you need...
Oct5-13 08:03 AM
36 7,082
I have a friend who told me they are interested in this new weight loss product. I am always highly skeptical of such...
Sep27-13 11:48 AM
18 9,263
This isn't about a specific product claim but rather about the games that stores and manufacturers use to get people...
Sep9-13 09:31 AM
5 2,626
I bought these and they are quite nice, but the marketing seems heavy? Mouth Acid Neutralizing Sugar-Free Does...
Aug21-13 07:34 PM
4 2,477
Marketed to stop menopausal hair loss, has it been shown to be effective?
Aug8-13 06:17 PM
5 2,946 (USA) is quietly deleting all customer contributed product photos from its website. The deletion is...
Jul22-13 09:26 PM
5 4,076
Just how safe are these Eclipse Glasses? Ever since I learned that the sun actually burns holes in the retina of your...
Jul20-13 10:34 AM
10 3,831
Hey guys, Does anyone have/use airfree? What do you think of it? I wonder if it really works. I mean, they do...
Jul15-13 07:43 PM
1 3,177
Is anyone familiar with a product named "RealDose"? It's a weight loss product promoted by a Dr. Steven Sisskind M.D....
Jun26-13 08:55 PM
4 6,956
I just bought a rather "cheap" lamp from Target and when I unpack it I find a sheet of paper with the warning "this...
Jun20-13 07:16 PM
17 7,568
I have a spray sun protector, on it is a date that the product is good until 12 months after opening. However, there...
Jun17-13 12:51 PM
11 3,809
Centrum multivitamin has been running a series of commercials that run something like this: Sooo... Why don't...
May9-13 09:38 PM
10 4,284
I'm working on getting more physically active and fit, and I've received a recommendation for a (patented, naturally)...
May6-13 11:26 PM
3 3,661
I just acquired this magic jack looking device called Rabbit TV Its a USB device that...
May1-13 04:02 PM
4 4,088 I saw a bit about this on TV the other night. Apparently it is common for women in Peru to...
Apr26-13 02:38 PM
6 6,826
There is an episode of 'The Magic of Science' on the Discovery Channel that features a device called a hail cannon...
Apr19-13 08:03 AM
9 4,680
Heard a radio commercial for this and looked it up: This is downright evil and...
Apr12-13 03:38 PM
3 5,326
I'm intrigued by the difficulty in locating any reputable scientific analysis of this method. Google "Dyna Beads"....
Apr9-13 05:51 PM
12 7,274
From Wired UK 2 years ago: -...
Mar12-13 01:21 PM
1 4,076
This is what happens when people don't understand science. This article has been everywhere. "A Canadian company...
Mar3-13 08:39 AM
8 9,281
I recently heard of these ionic hair dryers. 1. what do they create ions of? how? if it is of hydrogen how does that...
Feb25-13 03:43 PM
1 4,972
There is this new product on the market called the Dri Buddi Clothes Dryer that claims to use less electricity than a...
Feb7-13 06:43 AM
11 5,954
Bust Clouds in Africa for just $595... Explanation...
Jan27-13 05:44 AM
7 5,302
I'm planning to buy an "extremepower saver" but I'm wondering if it's really effective? It claims that said device...
Jan7-13 04:51 PM
4 10,899 Only $1,323. Of course, they recommend multiple units to "maximize...
Dec28-12 12:20 AM
Sylvia Else
4 5,331
Despite the hype, the Ninja is not a juicer. It is a cheaply-made blender with plastic drive shaft, plastic tools,...
Dec11-12 12:32 AM
8 11,443
The time has come when I can no longer tolerate one of the great deceptions of modern life - fortune cookie fraud. ...
Nov17-12 06:21 PM
36 22,472
I just got to know about spherical ice recently, and chanced upon this website. And I...
Oct4-12 03:35 PM
Jimmy Snyder
11 11,352

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