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Product Claims

- Discuss and debunk products that seem too good to be true! Find the truth and help others in not getting deceived.
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One in the news: Tsu and I are huge Toyota fans. The current problems do not concern us at all. Tillamook Extra...
Dec30-13 05:42 AM
88 43,770
concepts, dumb, product Sticky Thread Pinned: Dumb Product Concepts ( 1 2 3)
Dedicated to products that work, but are worthless, wasteful, or silly. The inside-the-shell egg scrambler...
Jan21-14 01:17 AM
53 25,526
My friend wants to know why I think Teslar watches are pseudo-science snake oil. There's lots of sales pitches on the...
Jul15-12 05:11 PM
9 14,716
I'm wearing one right now. For about two weeks, in fact, and I haven't really felt anything different. Although, I...
Nov28-11 12:54 PM
62 100,710
Sep11-11 11:26 PM
54 82,849
Here is another informercial product we should discuss. The claim is when you plug this small device into any...
May10-11 12:36 PM
44 93,569
This is an interesting product because I know quite a few females who use it and I know some salons even use it. Bare...
Jun1-12 01:35 AM
14 18,755 I linked the site above because the manufacturer's...
Apr1-11 01:01 PM
21 32,053
Nov1-11 08:38 AM
28 26,450
When trying to find a good hair dryer the other day, I stumbled across something called ionic hairdryers. They seem to...
Oct8-11 09:58 PM
8 16,518 Caffeine in Coffee: Double espresso (2oz) 45-100 mg Brewed...
Jan19-12 02:21 AM
16 21,277 Will juicing really save your life; keep you young; boost your immune...
Nov29-11 05:33 PM
16 16,068
I haven't seen this infomercial before, but then I am not usually watching TV at 3:00AM ...
Jan3-12 01:31 AM
8 9,120 The...
Apr1-11 08:19 AM
50 29,683
What a joke! Kraft comes out with this new mac and cheese. On the front cover it says "veggie pasta and cheese......
Oct9-11 10:38 AM
7 6,385 ...
Nov1-11 08:41 AM
24 21,183 Has anyone researched the power balance bracelet? I bought one for $30 and I'm going...
Feb25-12 03:53 PM
11 12,158
F_PT5yu976Y A Gimmick, overreaching, or the new...
Mar18-11 10:14 PM
48 33,171
Need a vacuum cleaner? My wife just brought home a new Miele and test-drove it. She loves it. We have bought and...
Mar31-12 05:44 PM
Greg Bernhardt
19 12,962
Hello, I'm not sure if this is the right place to ask this. There's an ad here for an Acai berries that looks like a...
Jan10-11 09:34 PM
4 5,289
Product Home Page There has been some discussion about this product around the internet since Bill Nye began...
May22-12 05:32 PM
26 16,297
This device claims to monitor a baby's crying and interpret why he's so upset. Usually think Geek is pretty good, but...
Apr27-11 07:37 PM
6 8,835
When should one buy name brands, and when are generic brands just as good? I know from personal experience that in...
Nov7-11 10:33 AM
36 14,821
Well, my dad has been getting leg pains and back pains, and someone recommended that my mom get him the "TrueBack" for...
Jan27-11 07:52 PM
1 5,694
This is outrageous. $200.00 for a small plastic plant pot with a tiny fan. Doesn't even include the plant. Has no...
Feb1-11 06:42 AM
12 6,560
Are old car seats safe?
Jan30-11 04:23 PM
11 4,655
do you think these work on adults? or do you think there is a market for Einstein tapes for adults?
Oct12-11 11:18 AM
4 7,602 is it true that putting a calcium product on your teeth can help rebuild your enamel? ...
Mar17-11 06:47 AM
11 9,103
Saw this for sale at Best Buy:...
Mar24-11 12:39 PM
4 6,866
Surprised I only found a couple of messages about Zicam, the Zinc based "cold remedy". ...
Sep22-11 02:25 PM
2 5,375 I don't know whether this is the right place to post but I have come across the above website....
Aug26-11 12:28 PM
12 6,204
This is clearly a scam; I just wanted to use this space to lay out their claims. At the Maryland State Fair, Energy...
Sep6-11 11:53 AM
1 18,046
My girlfriend has three cats and an aversion to seasons, so I bought us a room-air purifier. It's a Whirlpool...
May19-12 08:33 PM
18 20,665
I recently went to a "party" where the host was offering skin care products to buy. In order to figure out what you...
Jan10-12 08:26 PM
1 6,829
Hey all. I'm looking at various work from home websites that supposedly will pay you for posting ads and various other...
Jun24-12 11:41 PM
18 11,152 How do the products work? Our products 'repattern' the...
Apr28-12 04:42 PM
4 5,727
Hello, I am interested in carpet cleaning and came across this: ...
May10-12 07:36 PM
2 10,018
Has anyone else ever heard of this stuff? I notice from the video that they claim to be "very scientifically backed,"...
Apr11-12 04:18 PM
2 4,309
supposedly there is abundant electricity to be harnessed from converting static electricity in the atmosphere to the...
May2-12 10:57 PM
Greg Bernhardt
3 4,570
There are 2 new models of water filters made by South Korean companies and this is what they claim: The Wave-Q and...
Jul17-12 11:29 AM
2 5,141
I've read descriptions and reviews of EnergyByTesla, and the explanation's possible. But the problem is that it is...
Jun20-12 07:12 AM
2 4,782
Hello. I hope this is the right place. A few days ago I purchased a nice sectional off craigslist that belonged to...
Jul8-12 08:50 PM
2 4,539

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