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Aerospace Engineering

- Development of aircraft and space vehicles. Propulsion, Aircraft Structures, Crafts, Atmosphere
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I have a question regarding the common ring frisbee or regular (nonring) frisbee. I have been thinking of possible...
Feb4-12 11:44 PM
1 1,730
Here's an interesting article about a new breakthrough in the manufacture of a superconducting radio-frequency cavity:...
Sep18-09 12:58 AM
1 2,437
I have completed in electronics and communication engineering. Am i eligible to pursue MS in aerospace...
Nov17-09 03:47 PM
3 6,491
Hi, I am currently completing Undergraduate program in Electronics & Communications Engineering (due for completion...
Sep30-11 11:42 AM
3 2,596
How does ESD affect Aircraft and Aircraft Components?? Does anyone know?? Thanks...
Oct21-08 06:48 AM
1 1,590
Hi, Can you recommend me articles&books to learn fuselage design of amphibious aircraft? Thanks.
Sep30-12 09:56 AM
0 1,054
A company called ClearSign says it can use electric fields to shape combustion flames to improve powerplant efficiency...
Nov1-13 09:59 AM
0 1,165
i would be delightful if someone Can suggest me any book for this topic-'Electrical power generation and distribution...
Mar22-10 11:22 AM
3 4,207
I have planed to make a small engine for my RC. I plane to use clay and (balsa layers) wood for structural support. I...
Dec7-10 03:08 PM
39 22,116
I go to college in LA but I live in the SF Bay Area and will be flying between San Jose and LAX numerous times in the...
Jul10-09 03:43 PM
2 1,245
I know the EIT test is important for HVAC, infrastructure, and civil engineering, but how important is it for the...
Jan24-08 03:42 PM
3 4,131
I need to design a glider that will have the best possible glide ratio, be able to carry a 70g egg and have a wingspan...
Mar10-10 11:20 AM
0 3,206
If there was any possibility of reversing the direction of wing tip vortices, what would the effects be? Is there any...
Feb19-12 10:39 AM
6 2,181
Here is a new rocket propellant using aluminum and water. <object width="425" height="344"><param name="movie"...
Oct8-09 10:00 AM
0 1,495
I remember once observing a thread in a discussion forum by someone trying to build a backpack helicopter. Various...
May2-10 08:40 AM
15 10,007 I am...
Jul17-12 11:59 PM
0 942
hi i am new to fluent and i hav done few basic tutorials in fluent.But now i need to use dynamic meshing for my...
Nov20-11 11:56 PM
1 8,346
Hi, my name is Steve.. I am working on a ducted fan. I want to simulate it in Fluent in order to optimize my...
Feb11-10 12:28 AM
2 2,533
How can I calculate the specifcations of the duckted fan for a hovercraft? The nett weight of the craft will be <...
Jun20-10 10:20 AM
0 1,146
Hi, Can someone pls help me out in telling me whether the drooped down wingtip or the drooped up wingtip is better...
Dec15-08 09:23 PM
8 3,112
Hi, just found these forums, and they look very useful. I'm a second year Aerospace Engineering student, and as...
Jan2-11 04:32 PM
22 5,636
Hi Can any one explain in detail about drag increase in supersonic speed Why and how drag increases in Blunt...
Feb24-09 10:59 PM
6 1,573
1. The problem statement, all variables and given/known data The small scale drawing given in the Annexure shows the...
Jul27-10 10:22 AM
2 4,316
Hi everyone, I'm completely new to the aero engineering and have a question regarding drag. The lecturer explained...
Aug16-11 12:43 AM
11 3,500
Jan18-11 09:43 AM
6 2,374
HI i have been involved with a problem which requires me to calculate the drag of a finite circular cylinder of...
Sep9-10 12:13 AM
0 3,217
hi i need to calculate the drag coefficient of a rotor bade(with two blade).infact i need to calculate the torque...
Aug19-09 03:39 AM
1 1,940
Hello, Why are helicopter blades put on top of the aircraft? Doesnt the air pushed down from the blades push...
Jan25-09 12:25 PM
45 6,923
Hi, I'm trying to predict the pressure distribution around a NACA 0010 foil using doublet distributions (using...
Apr10-10 04:01 PM
0 2,375
From the little research I've done, I've gathered that to double major at any university, there must be great overlap...
Jun1-11 07:38 PM
5 2,799
What is dogfight? Is it still important for air-to-air combat ?
Mar15-05 01:48 AM
15 3,327
This article* describes the innovation in aerodynamics of placing the tail at the front of the aircraft to resemble...
Aug24-11 02:27 PM
1 1,943
Maybe this is a topic for another thread, but I'm not completely clear on how that makes SpaceX different from, say,...
Jun14-12 11:23 AM
1 1,137
if this question should be placed somewhere else, please let me know. my question: took the gre today, scored 160...
Sep9-12 12:27 AM
4 1,539
My question is basically for any type of engineer that works for an Aerospace company. Do you work with many...
Jul25-11 03:46 AM
3 2,681
With a small budget would it be possible to make a rocket capable of delivering a small probe to the moon? A rocket...
Jan13-14 05:41 PM
6 1,122
I have been researching DIY gas turbines lately, and I have concluded that I want to make one. :smile: My only issue...
Sep1-10 01:31 AM
9 8,476
We're hearing all those reports about the difficulties of getting stuff to the disaster strucken areas in Aceh. ...
Jan6-05 06:56 AM
6 1,870
If any, what could be the differences in circuitry components within an a/c hydraulic system between a fixed...
Mar15-13 06:17 PM
0 1,243
Please help: We know that static pressure is the pressure felt when moving with the fluid (air). So in real flight...
Oct25-08 10:04 AM
7 2,270

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