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Aerospace Engineering

- Development of aircraft and space vehicles. Propulsion, Aircraft Structures, Crafts, Atmosphere
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
kerbal, program, space Sticky Thread Pinned: Kerbal Space Program ( 1 2)
"How hard can rocket science be anyway?" Kerbal Space Program is a sandbox type computer game that leans heavily on...
Jul21-14 03:36 PM
30 4,491
Hello everyone this is the biggest engine i have ever made. You could see at the end i ran away leaving the cylinder...
Jan7-12 11:44 PM
0 1,243
Hello all, first time poster here so please go easy :) I have to create a set of Power curves (Power Required and...
Jan2-12 05:43 PM
1 1,594
Hi guys, I have been trying to measure the drag characteristics of a wind tunnel model by using a pitot-static...
Jan2-12 10:05 AM
5 2,134
Hi everyone, I am new-by here. I am totally blind about cfd and aerodynamics. Can someone please help me how...
Jan1-12 02:26 PM
1 2,669
Can any one please explain schuler cycle, please don not start explaining with same old pendulum with the length of...
Dec28-11 11:07 PM
1 4,356
Hi How can you find the natural frequency of an aircraft? It would be of great help if anybody can give me an idea...
Dec28-11 08:25 AM
1 2,835
I am doing a wind tunnel experiment on aerofoil. So i need some idea to mount my aerofoil in the test section. The...
Dec27-11 09:50 PM
18 4,312
why convergent rather than divergent? is this to maintain the constant air velocity. Can someone explain this better...
Dec27-11 06:58 AM
2 3,269
how to use fluent software???? i downlaoded from web but i dont know how to use it and it does not contains help...
Dec23-11 09:17 AM
3 3,335
In order to test the performance of a specific engine, is it necessary to find a design point? If so could anyone tell...
Dec23-11 09:11 AM
6 4,119
I'm trying to write a MATLAB .m-file that will calculate the lift and drag on a supersonic airfoil using only the...
Dec18-11 02:15 PM
9 7,192
Hi I am building a quadro-copter, and i'm curious to know how i can calculate the thrust generated by a...
Dec16-11 06:48 PM
1 3,528
Hi I wanted to get clear on this conclusion of lift distribution along the span of a wing. Graphs in texts show...
Dec13-11 09:00 PM
6 10,090
hi. i would like to ask how to design the angle of wind tunnel and what need to be consider and the effect.i need to...
Dec13-11 08:01 AM
4 2,502
My name is Dain, and i'm wondering if someone would be able to help me, or point me in the right direction on...
Dec10-11 10:18 PM
40 15,013
First post here on pf! I wanted to ask if it's feasible to determine velocities at the top / bottom surface of an...
Dec10-11 07:13 PM
6 2,696
I'm working on a hypersonics project in which I'm calculating the pressure and temperature using the Newtonian Method...
Dec3-11 03:15 AM
0 1,519
Ok so as i stated in the title I will be asking a couple of questions about Aircraft physics and the Antonov AN 225...
Nov27-11 04:48 PM
0 1,444
Hello, I am searching for plans or copies of the blueprints for the Rocketdyne H-1 engine used in the Saturn I/IB...
Nov26-11 05:47 PM
1 2,908
I need some information and guidance on how to calculate net lift and thrust produced by wings of an MAV(micro air...
Nov26-11 12:19 AM
3 3,522
Using the Fay-Riddell correlation, I can solve for the stagnation point heat transfer but I'm running into a snag. I'm...
Nov25-11 07:18 PM
0 1,757
I will be teaching a course at my local OLLI branch (a membership organization offering extended learning...
Nov25-11 07:03 AM
Space Guy
0 1,973
hye guys... i need to do some design which need me to use S beam load cell as gravity sensor...anyone have ideas...
Nov25-11 05:28 AM
2 2,162
hi i am new to fluent and i hav done few basic tutorials in fluent.But now i need to use dynamic meshing for my...
Nov20-11 11:56 PM
1 8,770
I would like some "simple" (yeah, right!) math formulas that I can create an EXCEL spreadsheet to calculate flight...
Nov15-11 02:55 PM
20 5,454
I am working on a hypersonic vehicle project and would like to calculate the boundary layer. The vehicle that I am...
Nov13-11 11:55 AM
1 2,558
when the oil price increase which will have high impact either long haul aircraft or short haul. I mean which kind of...
Nov11-11 01:45 PM
1 2,363
Here's the problem : Air flows in a passage with an initial Mach No. 2. Determine maximum turning angle A for which...
Nov11-11 08:46 AM
3 4,048
Hi all, May i know anyone here have been involve in aircraft propeller balancing before? i was requested to do test...
Nov9-11 08:53 AM
2 2,887
Friction with the air is often neglected, but when traveling at Mach 18 it becomes a huge factor. To cope with this,...
Nov6-11 01:16 PM
1 2,371
Hello guys :) This is the first thread am posting here. I'm just a school student studying 10th std. But am greatly...
Nov4-11 08:34 AM
Ariel Ace AD
2 2,571
I will be entering university in an aerospace engineering program next year but I want to get a head start on it right...
Nov2-11 07:00 PM
3 2,326
hi Im currently studying aeronautical engineering at college and needed some ideas for projects and whether they...
Oct30-11 09:08 AM
6 3,173
I'm confused about finding the static pressure on a surface of a hypersonic vehicle. I know the inclination angle...
Oct27-11 03:39 PM
1 1,982
Lets go straight to the point. I need to find a way to calculate the displacement thickness of a turbulent boyndary...
Oct22-11 04:17 AM
6 2,755
I'm working on a basic 2D-"panelmethod" program. Currently it's "no-lift" but I would like to expand it to lifting...
Oct21-11 05:21 AM
9 3,387
Hello Guys, Please provide your opinions on the following Hypersonic Tunnel based transportation system? I am a...
Oct19-11 06:32 AM
31 4,349
Hello, I'm working of the Boltzmann equation to simulate a partially ionized plasma, but I'm having troubles to...
Oct19-11 01:01 AM
0 2,103
So, I am totally not an aerodynamic engineer, but my boss - an organic chemist- thinks we should get a wind tunnel to...
Oct15-11 10:41 AM
6 2,437
Hi, For a fatigue analysis assignment I am working with rainflow counting and S-N curves.The given data is a plot...
Oct14-11 08:10 AM
0 1,393

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