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Aerospace Engineering

- Development of aircraft and space vehicles. Propulsion, Aircraft Structures, Crafts, Atmosphere
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I have an equivalent Master’s Degree in Aerospace Engineering from Polytechnics of Turin (Italy). I am permanent...
Mar11-11 08:22 PM
23 6,502
why the spools(twin spool,triple spool) are used in compressors,why the stages in compressor must be increased
Jan8-10 09:51 AM
28 3,858
i am doing aircraft maintenance engineering, after completing it can i go to the m.s aerospace engineering for my...
Dec17-09 06:50 PM
13 7,551
Hey, I am not sure if this is the right place to ask but I was wondering if anybody could help me. Basically I...
May29-11 08:33 AM
31 10,695
Hello all, I have a question about thrust, velocity, and power. I'm reading "elements of propulsion AIAA series" now...
Apr6-09 08:50 PM
11 2,481
Can a wind tunnel get up to scramjet speeds; ie. Mach 6-12?
Feb8-14 06:20 PM
5 801
Hey everybody, I have built a 7' wind tunnel. The test section is 7''x7'' and 24" long. The diffuser opens to...
Mar19-13 01:36 AM
jim hardy
4 1,513
What are the fundemental disadvantages to traditional rocket designs, such as the Ares (1 and 5), Saturn 5, Delta...
Apr27-10 10:24 PM
9 2,991
Here’s my idea: I want to build a RC plane. Inside would house an eStatic generator. The wings of the plane to be...
Aug18-04 01:19 AM
3 2,607
Hello guys :) This is the first thread am posting here. I'm just a school student studying 10th std. But am greatly...
Nov4-11 08:34 AM
Ariel Ace AD
2 2,380
I am looking at the problem of a freefalling sphere and want to calculate time taken to fall a distance. I want to...
Aug24-12 12:16 PM
5 1,591
Hello Everyone, First I would like to thank you for allowing me to post in this community and Would like to Give a...
Oct13-13 10:05 AM
2 1,706
I'm trying to make a light hovercraft powered by electric ducted fans that will have enough thrust to lift me like 10...
Aug19-08 04:16 PM
10 2,017
Hello, I just happened upon this forum, and I have to say it seems pretty amazing all the topics it covers, from...
Jun19-13 01:35 AM
1 1,409
What is the power source for space probes and how it is sustained for long flights in space? Also how do space probes...
Aug11-12 02:12 PM
7 1,813
Like many before me, I stumbled across this forum searching for answers so here I am. I tried searching the forums...
Aug29-13 02:58 PM
3 1,459
we develop wind water pumping system according to the requirement that was given to us. But we develop system and...
Aug23-11 09:18 AM
0 1,907
Hi, Im new to this forum, I am a junior at High Shcool and I am interested in studying some sort of space engineering,...
Apr30-12 08:21 AM
2 2,314
Hello, I'm doing a project on SBSP and we have a few months to complete it, and in my written report I will be...
Feb25-13 08:04 PM
7 1,931
ILS Atlas V Vehicle Lifts Massive Satellite for Inmarsat
Mar12-05 03:05 PM
1 1,666
For those interested in a remarkable aircraft - Lockheed's A-12, YF-12A, SR-71 Blackbird. ...
Feb2-12 08:31 PM
3 5,065 :smile:
Jun23-09 10:26 AM
5 4,473
For those in Aerospace Engineering, this might be of interest. This report highlights 22 technical areas of R&D under...
Dec16-08 04:26 PM
0 1,162
X-51 Waverider makes historic hypersonic flight ...
Jun8-10 01:46 PM
9 3,183
ATK, EADS Astrium To Develop Liberty Rocket. ...
Feb11-11 12:07 AM
1 1,485 Somewhere the process broke down!
Mar18-12 03:47 PM
0 1,658
As per attachment... "On the cross-sectional plane mm the uniform stress is given by P/A, while on the inclined...
Oct4-12 09:09 PM
Angry Citizen
1 1,399
Hi, My daughter is looking at colleges for Aerospace Engineering and is considering University of Tennessee at...
Jan18-10 09:41 PM
1 1,049
As I understand it, a tesla turbine runs by injecting steam, or some other gas onto the outside of several disks...
Jun24-09 06:35 AM
6 2,934
Hello everyone, I'm a high school 10th grader from Thailand studying at a rigorous private boarding school in the...
Dec11-12 01:24 PM
1 1,451
In order to test the performance of a specific engine, is it necessary to find a design point? If so could anyone tell...
Dec23-11 09:11 AM
6 3,856
hello, My name is vinod, I am student and currently I am doing a project on developments in turbofan engines. I want...
Dec4-10 11:45 PM
4 3,013
Actually, we have three spool, two spool engine and single spool engines, how about the four spool engine? did anyone...
Feb16-11 07:59 AM
1 1,838
hi, I am usually interested in mechanics and I have very less knowledge in avionics. I just have knowledge that...
Sep12-11 03:22 PM
0 1,326
when the oil price increase which will have high impact either long haul aircraft or short haul. I mean which kind of...
Nov11-11 01:45 PM
1 2,217
Hi folks, I'm a final year aerospace student, currently undertaking a fuselage design project for a UAV. My...
Mar13-12 05:42 AM
0 1,371
Hi everyone, In my project work, I have to "rebuild" the Handley Page HP.115 aircraft, using the simulator in my...
Feb28-14 12:17 PM
0 627
What locations on Mars would be good for a first manned mission? This is remembering that we want to 1. survive out...
May3-13 08:04 AM
26 7,019
Hi, I'm a UT Mech E student about to graduate who's been tooling around with with some helicopter dynamics books for...
Sep19-09 04:15 PM
9 1,600
I am analyzing the landing of an aircraft with the following assumptions: - I consider the main and the nose...
Sep18-12 05:15 AM
0 1,156

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