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Aerospace Engineering

- Development of aircraft and space vehicles. Propulsion, Aircraft Structures, Crafts, Atmosphere
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
kerbal, program, space Sticky Thread Pinned: Kerbal Space Program ( 1 2 3 ... Last)
"How hard can rocket science be anyway?" Kerbal Space Program is a sandbox type computer game that leans heavily on...
T 01:29 AM
65 8,882
Hello! I know this is a popular topic. But I really need help. I am going to study Aerospace Engineering (...
Jun22-13 04:22 AM
4 9,494
Hi I need a software for designing airfoil that alows changing the choard size and printing. If you know any please...
Feb28-10 05:55 PM
14 3,366 Notice the folding rear fins and fact that they are at 45...
Nov14-10 05:34 PM
5 1,999
Take a lightweight small aeroplane, swap out the WWI era magnetos that run the engine for the modern fuel injections...
Dec14-09 03:46 AM
2 1,206
I'm working on a basic 2D-"panelmethod" program. Currently it's "no-lift" but I would like to expand it to lifting...
Oct21-11 05:21 AM
9 3,476
Hi All, I very much want to become part of the growing off-world industry. Companies like those dreaming of...
Jan17-13 09:04 PM
7 2,193
Hello, i am Fluent doing thesis about aerodynamics on solar race car.. have to study about its drag...
Feb21-12 12:13 PM
7 4,483
I was looking at this demonstration of a new kind of 3D printer: ...
Jun15-13 09:55 AM
0 1,430
Hello everyone this is the biggest engine i have ever made. You could see at the end i ran away leaving the cylinder...
Jan7-12 11:44 PM
0 1,260
My question is about the rocket aerodynamics. I'm getting in a course of CFD (computational fluid dynamics) in my...
Oct8-04 03:13 AM
2 1,608
Hi everyone, I am a new Undergraduate, enrolled in the Aerospace engineering program at the University Of Balamand in...
Mar24-12 02:22 PM
2 2,468
A thread\blog of some aerospace stuff I get to do on a day to day basis. These photos are from the AUVSI...
Feb20-10 07:31 PM
27 10,490
Ok so as i stated in the title I will be asking a couple of questions about Aircraft physics and the Antonov AN 225...
Nov27-11 04:48 PM
0 1,462
Russia's new First Flight of the T-50 As someone who grew...
Feb1-10 09:10 AM
3 1,521
I am playing around here at home and was thinking about how thrust works. This is assuming we are in space... Let's...
Dec8-04 11:42 AM
12 2,242
I'm looking to drive a small, 5 watt generator from compressed air (psig>60) and while being fairly frugal with the...
Aug16-09 06:37 PM
6 2,108
Sep23-04 12:39 PM
9 2,518
Trying to get a link that works. Qantas grounds A380s after engine blast The...
Nov4-10 12:46 PM
4 2,491
About stabilizing a space rocket using a pendullum There exists a competition called Google Lunar X Prize whose...
Oct5-09 11:27 AM
1 1,403
Hi I want to know some "academic books" in some aerospace courses and the college or the university that rely on...
May1-11 08:20 AM
5 1,754
I'm trying to establish the speed of a small jet craft as it accelerates down the runway. What I know is that the jet...
Jan21-05 08:09 PM
4 5,148
Hello, I am seeking advice on how to use an accelerometer as a switch on a CubeSat form factor. Incase you are...
Sep25-10 09:12 PM
11 2,563
Hello everyone, I have a question regarding the accumulated drag curve shown in the figure below for the CFD...
Jun30-14 06:27 PM
5 2,471
Jetpack International's T-73 achieves vertical takeoff with an actual jet engine as opposed to the rocket engines used...
Jan4-13 07:12 PM
5 1,703
hi everyone, I am currently working on a project to reduce noise in AC/Heating systems in airplanes. As reference am...
Aug24-04 01:16 PM
3 3,134
air enters an adaibatic nozzle steadily at 300 kPa, 200 degree celcius and 30m/s and leaves at 100 kPa and 180 m/s. ...
Aug13-08 02:42 AM
3 13,516
I was just struck the other day by the question of why some planes are designed with the engines under the wings, and...
Feb28-13 08:45 PM
9 3,462
I'm finishing up a masters degree (non-thesis) in AE, and am faced with something of a dilemma. Like many other AE...
Oct31-09 09:59 PM
1 1,470
hello Im new to the forum i hope u guys can help :) I was wondering if u can explain these 4 graphs to me: ...
Dec15-03 08:09 PM
9 2,672
Hello everyone, I was wondering if you all could shed some light on a problem I have been having regarding some life...
Apr7-10 12:57 PM
1 1,373
I have done a little research on this, but i cant find any depth information on what is the major difference between...
Nov28-08 05:15 PM
1 1,883
Hi everyone I'm a freshman majoring in mechanical engineering, although I wish it were aerospace eng but my school...
Oct3-10 10:06 AM
Juicy J
3 1,596
Hello there! I am a mechanical engineer switching to aerospace. My basic fundamentals are strong by studying books...
Jun2-04 12:48 AM
0 2,076
Hello, I am looking for research results, report etc. dealing with -aerodynamic efficiency and static...
Nov26-12 01:16 PM
3 1,678
What is the difference between Aerodynamics and Flight Mechanics?
Jul26-04 08:53 PM
2 3,310
Hi everyone! I am a designer of the autonomous planetary rovers and space robots and want to study about...
Feb21-12 07:43 AM
0 1,707
Heya Everybody! I was searching for papers on the Aerodynamic characteristics of diamond wings, I mean detailed...
Mar11-11 10:58 PM
5 2,025
hello. the question is: if i have an exact model (and i mean EXACT) of, say, a glider (you know, those...
Jan26-04 11:48 AM
12 3,896
Hi everyone, I am new-by here. I am totally blind about cfd and aerodynamics. Can someone please help me how...
Jan1-12 02:26 PM
1 2,754
F=force, m=mass, a=acceleration, V=Volume, D=Density, dv/dt=(change in velocity)/(change in time) F=ma D=m/V...
May5-12 11:36 PM
6 9,585

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