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Aerospace Engineering

- Development of aircraft and space vehicles. Propulsion, Aircraft Structures, Crafts, Atmosphere
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
kerbal, program, space Sticky Thread Pinned: Kerbal Space Program ( 1 2 3 ... Last)
"How hard can rocket science be anyway?" Kerbal Space Program is a sandbox type computer game that leans heavily on...
Aug18-14 03:35 AM
55 7,091
If a crew member were stranded on space station, due to spin, would he be rescuable? For example if an extended part...
Nov3-09 05:14 PM
2 1,020
Hi, Simply my question is : How do I calculate the angle of attack as a function of chamber line. where chamber...
Feb22-14 08:02 PM
2 1,258
I am analyzing the landing of an aircraft with the following assumptions: - I consider the main and the nose...
Sep18-12 05:15 AM
0 1,278
So... I am trying to understand the Angle of Attack Indicator (like this one:...
Feb4-11 06:32 PM
14 9,830
What is the shallowest angle of glide in aircraft?
Sep18-10 01:43 AM
6 2,256
Hi all, I'm working on a heat transfer problem with a gas stream in a tiny tube. At my dimensions and flow rates,...
Nov19-12 03:52 PM
1 1,145
I'm using anysis to model a 3-d object. i'm using a series of beams. however, when i try to mesh the beams, it says...
Mar2-10 07:21 AM
4 4,262
Hi, I wanted to know what is the difference between ANSYS Fluent/ANSYS and CATIA. And what purpose do both of...
Apr19-14 10:20 AM
1 2,959
In Are black hole starships possible, 2009, Louis Crane and Shawn Westmoreland propose a starship driven by an...
Dec21-09 09:44 AM
2 4,520
This is a section from the Pan Air user's guide (Pan Air is a aerodynamic panel-method flow solver). I'm...
Feb13-14 02:13 PM
1 1,762
Im really trying to learn CFD since embry riddle does not have a good course for undergrads to learn some basics about...
Oct5-09 07:22 AM
3 6,333
Hello, I'm a former grad student with a Master's in Mechanical Engineering (emphasis on Dynamics and Controls) and...
Sep7-10 01:36 AM
3 1,760
Does anyone know where to get an engine deck for a pt6a. I know a lot of that information is proprietary but i need...
Jan13-12 06:27 PM
1 1,886
Hey, I'm just curious if anyone is studying/ has studied CFD and combustion. I'm going to be entering graduate school...
Jun3-12 11:54 PM
5 1,644 High speed footage of the Saturn V's...
May10-10 11:32 AM
4 1,463
Is it concievable to build passenger, cargo and military aircrafts that run on something other than petroleum? I...
Dec19-04 09:48 AM
9 1,880
I have calculated that my gas balloon's ascension rate is 13.49031149 m/s^2 WITHOUT air friction. Ignore wind and...
Jun25-10 09:34 PM
6 2,028
I will be entering university in an aerospace engineering program next year but I want to get a head start on it right...
Nov2-11 07:00 PM
3 2,368
Hi, Im new to this forum, I am a junior at High Shcool and I am interested in studying some sort of space engineering,...
Apr30-12 08:21 AM
2 2,532
I found this diagram of the Gemini capsule, showing the position of the astronauts: ...
Oct23-09 07:18 AM
3 2,437
At what altitude does a solar panel see a noticeable increase in wattage/cubic meter if it is lifted into the air? I...
Apr28-12 10:45 AM
3 1,989
ATK, EADS Astrium To Develop Liberty Rocket. ...
Feb11-11 12:07 AM
1 1,955
Will someone please tell me where I can get some plans to make an autogyro. I would like some basic plans for a 1 or...
Jul30-08 11:27 AM
4 6,934
Space X wants to build such a reusable rocket: Why don't they instead use...
Dec25-13 10:17 PM
1 1,262
<first post> Would it be possible to program an autonomous satilite? (collecting its own Fuel and power from the...
May27-04 06:20 AM
14 2,853
Are dead-stick landings ever practiced, or are they only used during a legitimate power-plant failure? Someone...
Feb6-09 05:53 PM
7 3,448
Here is a Russian-based aviation forum:
Feb11-05 06:39 AM
1 2,028
I had an idea I thought I would try out - the idea is based on the concept of backspin like on a tennis ball applied...
Feb18-10 09:19 PM
54 5,715
I'm a Chemistry Postgrad. I wish to learn about the basics of flight, aerodynamics and mechanics merely as a hobby. I...
Dec16-08 02:32 AM
4 6,053
Hey all, I'm starting a project on reaction wheels and I have a simple question on operation. Are the wheel(s)...
Aug31-13 04:02 PM
0 1,607
So, I am totally not an aerodynamic engineer, but my boss - an organic chemist- thinks we should get a wind tunnel to...
Oct15-11 10:41 AM
6 2,479
Hello everyone, I have a question for you all. I am just wondering what you need to become a pilot in the big industry...
Aug16-09 04:58 AM
10 52,843
Hallo Engineers, I am a little bit confused here and i need some guidance. Can any of you educate me on how to...
Jan4-13 12:43 AM
1 1,257
Hi, I am trying to obtain a relation for calculating the deflection of a parabolic plate of thickness (say 't')...
Jun9-11 09:35 AM
4 2,874
Hello I am a senior in high school and intend to study aerospace engineering at university.I have some university...
Aug21-13 03:58 PM
6 1,788
Hi Actually I am doing Mechanical engg. I want to study now aerodynamics. For the fundamentals of fluid mechanics I...
Mar9-12 01:49 PM
14 14,924
I've recently considered going back to college for engineering. What are the biggest differences in aerospace and...
Mar16-12 04:09 AM
15 5,641
I thought that biplane has more wetted area due to the two wings and produce more drag. However, it is supposed to...
Nov21-10 01:21 AM
17 9,111
Would a bird strike impact with an in-flight jet propulsion intake have a significantly less probability of avoiding...
Jun18-09 06:50 AM
1 3,147
Science Channel showed last night a documentary called "Black Sky" that was a 2 hour behind the scenes look at the...
Oct4-04 05:06 PM
1 7,379

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