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Aerospace Engineering

- Development of aircraft and space vehicles. Propulsion, Aircraft Structures, Crafts, Atmosphere
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
kerbal, program, space Sticky Thread Pinned: Kerbal Space Program ( 1 2 3 ... Last)
"How hard can rocket science be anyway?" Kerbal Space Program is a sandbox type computer game that leans heavily on...
Y 03:35 AM
55 7,085
Ok, I heard that you could make a cheap, but good helicopter, that's a 1-2 seater, relatively easy. How could this be...
Jan6-10 04:06 PM
214 153,109
Hello, I have started a website to facilitate the design of a human-powered helicopter. Please visit this website...
Aug31-12 01:48 AM
219 55,299
Hello everyone, I have a question for you all. I am just wondering what you need to become a pilot in the big industry...
Aug16-09 04:58 AM
10 52,842
Hi everyone! I'm entering university next year for mechanical, but recently discovered that I may be more...
Apr15-08 07:24 PM
Greg Freeman
7 49,041
Every pilot knows the difference. Do you? The difference means life or death. Ref On a standard day: 15C,...
Dec20-08 01:26 AM
0 38,951
Find: Flow rate of water through square tube Given: Cross-sectional wall and area of square tube, A=w^2 Length...
Jul30-08 05:02 PM
38 34,596
I am designing an ROV thruster to be used in either salt or fresh water at depths to 100 meters. I am trying to find...
May23-10 06:38 PM
62 30,188
definition wise i got the difference between these two efficiencies. but in practice how does these two differ? ...
Dec29-09 02:37 AM
6 30,099
I have planed to make a small engine for my RC. I plane to use clay and (balsa layers) wood for structural support. I...
Dec7-10 03:08 PM
39 23,000
Do the head losses on turbulent flow are always greater then on a laminar flow? Why does it seem from the Moody chart...
Aug12-08 10:06 AM
6 21,471
I have a question about Reynolds Number and wind tunnel tests. Last semester a few students at my university were...
Jul20-09 10:28 PM
24 20,349
An MIT collaboration with the X Prize foundation may soon release a proposal for a fastest coast to coast flight using...
Oct4-11 04:02 PM
146 20,034
I have been reading about the so called "SPACE ELEVATOR" in various articles in the news papers and magazines and...
Mar14-10 04:50 PM
130 19,164
I will soon be starting to design either a transonic or hypersonic military aircraft. I'm just curious what software...
Jul9-11 11:27 AM
14 18,258
Confusion... I'm probably being stupid but.... Aerofoil in a wind tunnel... there are lots of pressure tappings...
Sep9-09 12:54 PM
6 17,997
hi all, am a confused-being after trying to solve this really simple question.. somewhere somehow my concepts are...
Sep1-08 11:53 PM
1 17,530
Should there be a world wide joint manned mission to Mars (including landing to the planet) before 2020? If Yes,...
Aug20-08 03:35 AM
70 17,460
A golf ball without dimples experiences more drag because the deflection area of the airflow around the ball is larger...
Aug14-13 05:13 AM
31 17,409
We all know the constant volume combustion engine acts as a kind of internal combustion engine that is used in the car...
Aug5-14 09:38 AM
35 17,088
my dessertation topic is optimum wind turbine blade design with xfoil. and the aim of this project is to find a series...
May4-12 08:45 AM
41 17,058
How to calculate compressed air temperature and pressure at combustion chamber inlet? Small Example I want to...
Apr26-09 12:27 PM
jaap de vries
2 16,514
Hi, Could someone explain what is a motive flow in the aircraft fuel system? Thanks, Suresh
Feb7-11 11:48 PM
35 AoA
1 15,746
My name is Dain, and i'm wondering if someone would be able to help me, or point me in the right direction on...
Dec10-11 10:18 PM
40 15,207
Hi Actually I am doing Mechanical engg. I want to study now aerodynamics. For the fundamentals of fluid mechanics I...
Mar9-12 01:49 PM
14 14,924
I have done a large amount of searching and have not come across anything substantial for a personal alternative to a...
Sep10-13 09:21 PM
52 14,704
What are the possibilities that there is a manned Mars mission in the year 2019 (or before)? What are the main...
Oct28-10 06:55 PM
64 13,775
Should we send an interstellar (unmanned) probe to Alpha Centauri? Would it be much more expensive than a manned...
Jul23-08 11:46 AM
52 13,407
air enters an adaibatic nozzle steadily at 300 kPa, 200 degree celcius and 30m/s and leaves at 100 kPa and 180 m/s. ...
Aug13-08 02:42 AM
3 13,397
Hi, I've been designing a wing lately, and have been trying to figure out something. Hope someone could help. ...
Jan13-04 06:45 PM
4 13,232
Hi all, Im a researcher in computational biology thinking on topics quite far from my field. I want to model long...
Oct21-13 04:29 PM
21 13,208
Hello! I am having trouble deciding which graduate school to go to. I want to work for NASA and I would like to go to...
Dec29-07 02:31 PM
9 13,013
Hi I have been trying to figure out the force experienced by individual components of a gas turbine engine. ...
Mar26-13 03:11 PM
27 12,660
Hi ! I was pointed to this forum to get some help and technical advice and verification of a new kind of low cost...
Nov4-10 04:13 PM
143 12,651
Im a senior in High school, preparing for college. I know that I want to major in engineering, preferably in...
Aug31-04 08:00 AM
6 12,490
Every time I see news of a bird killing a jet engine I immediately wonder why some sort of screen cannot be placed...
Oct12-13 12:26 PM
18 12,389
I've done an experiment lately on the NACA-0012 and I've found that as the angle of attack increases, the moment...
Mar11-11 10:57 PM
37 12,198
These jets are amazing! They "defy" the laws of physics. I have been watching a few demonstrations on these jets and I...
Apr28-09 09:39 AM
10 12,183
Hello all, Despite a lot of family discouragement, this fall I am going to choose a major in aerospace engineering....
Aug7-11 07:46 PM
10 12,044
hi how to find air mass flow rate in jet engine? we are using thrust/Isp equation to find the mass flow rate for...
Oct4-09 09:51 AM
3 11,945
Hey guys, I'm a student currently studying for a higher degree in mechanical engineering. I am undertaking a project...
Mar4-10 11:23 PM
8 11,864

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