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Aerospace Engineering

- Development of aircraft and space vehicles. Propulsion, Aircraft Structures, Crafts, Atmosphere
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I have completed my undergraduation in aerospace engineering. Inspite of studying all subjects there is one basic...
Jan26-12 06:27 AM
1 1,580
Hi there, Im doing a small right up on general aerodynamic terms. Can people have a look the following and tell me...
May27-09 07:21 AM
7 1,578
Hey Guys, I need a rough estimate for how your fuel flow changes with altitude and mach number. I am trying to...
Jan9-12 01:40 PM
0 1,578
Hi there, I need help about how to solve the flexural rigidity (D) of a composite. For instance, if I have two...
May27-12 03:52 PM
0 1,578
I've been trolling for this answer on the Internet but can't find a simple explanation. If I have two airplanes of...
Sep14-13 04:36 PM
2 1,577
I've been trying to compute the bending-torsion coupling constants for a wing, B1, B2 and B3. The expression for this...
Sep11-11 12:32 PM
0 1,574
Has anyone seen the recent new in the last couple of years about the comeback potential of the Zeppelins or Airships?...
Feb5-10 12:13 PM
Jim M
4 1,573
Hi everyone this is my first time posting on this forum and I didn't know where to put this so hopefully this doesn't...
Oct1-13 04:32 PM
2 1,573
I have an idea which I cannot take to the production stage myself. I am sending it by way of getting contacts...
Jan19-10 05:23 AM
9 1,572
Hi! I'm working on a high Reynold's number model, considering flow over an airfoil with a high angle of attack. I...
Dec24-12 09:49 AM
7 1,572
Some of the Aircraft Flight Manuals I have contain a "Cabin Altitude for Various Airplane Altitudes" graph in them. ...
Dec31-12 10:55 AM
1 1,568
Hi Can any one explain in detail about drag increase in supersonic speed Why and how drag increases in Blunt...
Feb24-09 10:59 PM
6 1,562
Hi, I'm a third year student studying mechanical engineering under going a third year dissertation. My...
Nov22-13 08:15 AM
3 1,561
How can I find the drag and lift force such as below illustration? ...
Feb6-13 01:05 PM
8 1,560
Hello everyone, Now i am trying to model wind turbine blade using solidworks. I have the airfoil coordinates at...
Jul29-12 08:31 PM
1 1,557
Felix Baumgartner ...what a trooper!! Question - what caused the radical spinning upon his intial jump from the...
Nov8-12 02:36 AM
Ranger Mike
5 1,557
I'm from China and I am studying AE in University of Illinois in the US. I would like to work in the US after...
Jun16-13 08:54 PM
2 1,555
Feb4-05 06:09 PM
2 1,554
My question is referring to the first picture of the SR-71 on wikipedia. ...
Apr24-10 04:01 AM
3 1,547
Hey everyone, I'm building a rocket with my friend from scratch. I have calculated the specific impulse of the...
Jan23-05 10:19 PM
5 1,546
Can any one explain how to draw a leading edge circle of an aerofoil. Where is the center and what is the radius of...
Nov14-10 08:37 AM
6 1,546
Hello, I am new here and joined this forum so I could get an answer to this question: Do you have to start in an...
Jan6-13 08:50 PM
2 1,545
Hello everybody. Well, I failed my airframe structures exam in May, and now have to resit it. I have been...
Aug18-09 10:47 AM
1 1,543
How are these crafts engines protected from ingress of debris?
Feb18-09 12:19 PM
9 1,539
i will make an report about the propeller efficiency can any one help me and tell me the things i need to put in this...
Apr18-10 03:10 PM
1 1,539
Hi folks, I'm currently in an internship at Cassidian, and my supervisor has asked me to calculate the velocity of...
Dec11-13 06:11 PM
14 1,539
Hi, I am putting together a couple of profiles of different kinds of engineers based on the things they do. This is...
Jul20-09 02:28 AM
0 1,533
Hi, I am creating an helicopter simulation and have a question about calculating the correct helicopter origin of...
Nov27-09 04:46 PM
9 1,532
I will do research on the vertical single strut. i want to ask if there is something interesting to study?
Apr29-12 09:08 PM
3 1,529
My question is about the rocket aerodynamics. I'm getting in a course of CFD (computational fluid dynamics) in my...
Oct8-04 03:13 AM
2 1,528
Hey..I'm about to finish my school and will begin university this fall. I have the following courses to choose from...
Apr6-11 06:29 PM
4 1,528
I have to conduct wind tunnel test on a naca0015 symmetric airfoil at different angles of attack and I am in search of...
Jun22-12 08:35 AM
2 1,528
if this question should be placed somewhere else, please let me know. my question: took the gre today, scored 160...
Sep9-12 12:27 AM
4 1,527
Would a bird strike impact with an in-flight jet propulsion intake have a significantly less probability of avoiding...
Jun18-09 06:50 AM
1 1,525
In this project I'm tasked to do several things: (1) Find the area at each station in the turbojet and calculate...
Feb27-11 09:11 PM
0 1,523
why failure stress depend upon material instead of size and shape?
Mar11-10 07:02 AM
2 1,520
Hey, I'm just curious if anyone is studying/ has studied CFD and combustion. I'm going to be entering graduate school...
Jun3-12 11:54 PM
5 1,520
im a student of aeronautical really interested to do some projects regarding aerospace topics...i dun...
Jul27-10 10:25 AM
1 1,519
The downwash from a helicopter rotor, if passed over a suitable surface below the rotor could produce a Coanda Effect....
Jan23-14 07:06 AM
P K Pillai
10 1,519
Hi, I am currently majoring in mechanical engineering and next year after I graduate I plan on going to graduate...
Jul17-09 01:20 PM
Nick Bruno
3 1,517

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