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Electronic device for storing and processing data. Software, Hardware, Web & Internet
Apr12-14 05:03 AM Routaran 
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Action or process of writing computer programs. Computer algorithms, data structures, A.I., systems, databases, communications, security...
Y 09:31 PM craigi 
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Discussion and support for Matlab, Mathematica, Stata, Maple, Mathcad, LaTeX...
Apr15-14 06:40 AM physical101 
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Discussion and support for basic, scientific, and graphing calculators. TI-83, TI-89, HP48, HP50, etc...
Apr6-14 03:28 PM brickford5 

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Computing & Technology

- Computer software, hardware, architecture, security, internet...
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But first of all, if you're looking for help with a specific coursework assignment (e.g. in computer programming), use...
Aug16-10 06:48 AM
0 19,422
I need a very good C++ Matrix Class...but not finding any... :( Can you help me ???
Dec14-03 03:57 PM
2 4,299
I am thinking of starting an internet business in the near future, but I only have a very limited knowledge on HTML...
Dec12-03 07:39 PM
7 1,170
ok, i was talking to a friend who lives on a military base. There is only one internet option, the military...
Dec12-03 02:00 PM
6 1,245
I'm trying to write a program but I face a little problem (and probably very simple): there is a function that...
Dec12-03 01:59 PM
5 33,586
Urgent !!!! Does any body know any software ( freeware !!) for simulating gel electrophoresis. I have tried...
Dec11-03 11:08 PM
0 2,000
1. New-Zealand . 75% 2. Netherlands . 72% 3. Denmark . 71% 4. Norway . 69% 5. United States . 68% . . . 32....
Dec11-03 06:28 PM
18 2,404
Dose anyone know where i can get a free flash program?
Dec11-03 06:15 PM
The Grimmus
4 1,843
Hello everyone! Does anyone know what sites show how to make toys that involve thermodynamics or electricity? ...
Dec11-03 01:07 PM
Chi Meson
3 2,632
how can i rip-off vocals using the simplest sofwares(such as sound recorder) available in windows?
Dec11-03 12:56 AM
5 1,690
I'm trying to optimize my digital recording capabilities, and to do so I need to get my hands on a 25 pin scsi card...
Dec10-03 08:21 PM
1 1,238
Hi guys, I'm having problems with my computer when it goes into power saver mode. Now I'm all for this mode,...
Dec10-03 07:44 PM
Pauly Man
6 1,558
I'm doing a projext for school and I need to know how to use the ^ operator or if it even exists i looked everywhere...
Dec9-03 06:26 PM
3 10,704
I got problems with fonts showing up as boxes. I recently copied all of my fonts from windows xp into the fonts...
Dec9-03 12:36 PM
1 1,140
Remember to keep the picture size small and use compression if your uploading to physicsforums. No 1600x1600 bmps. ...
Dec8-03 08:05 PM
27 4,276
when can we get a demo version of it ?
Dec8-03 07:26 AM
6 1,149
One day, when I got home, my computer started developing these symptoms: Whenever any sound is sent to the...
Dec5-03 07:09 PM
15 2,416
I just uploaded a project to sourceforge. I got the idea from a windows program that I used in the lab this semester....
Dec5-03 05:21 PM
4 1,440
I want to build up a network with two RP614 routers.R1 is connected to a cablemodem and the R2. R2 is linked to two...
Dec5-03 04:40 PM
16 2,301
Hello, I just completed viewing a documentary on The Learning Channel on time travel, and what they said greatly...
Dec4-03 11:47 AM
6 8,106
I am having problems writing a technical paper in microsoft word with calculus symbols and graphics. Can anyone tell...
Dec3-03 04:17 PM
19 3,550 and actually I have bought quite a number of things off amazon for a...
Dec3-03 12:05 AM
4 1,301
I refer you to Being poor and stuff, I can hardly...
Dec2-03 09:59 PM
2 8,653
This article will pick up where the last article finished. It will show the reader how to make more accurate...
Nov30-03 10:58 PM
Greg Bernhardt
0 1,420
what is a cpu and what is its function? please help me
Nov30-03 01:11 PM
2 1,506
Hey I got the oppurtunity to work in a research lab that focused on CadTel solar cells this summer and learned a fair...
Nov30-03 02:29 AM
2 2,260
do you think that this new processor is really effective!!!! what is the future of it ????
Nov30-03 12:25 AM
1 1,196
Hi I read an article on this in New Scientist (, and it's basically about using computers to...
Nov29-03 04:06 PM
0 1,892
What browser do you use? I primarily use Firebird and occasionally use IE for specific things.
Nov28-03 04:21 PM
13 1,552
I'm just beginning to learn to use gnuplot & can't figure out how to display a cylindrical surface in 3D. Even a...
Nov28-03 03:13 PM
3 4,621
IS it possible to save songs back onto the hard drive when checking in despite the fact that the song has since been...
Nov27-03 09:25 AM
1 1,622
The battle begins!
Nov26-03 02:36 PM
3 24,869
The weirdest thing happened to me yesterday.. I had sent an email from a hotmail to a hotmail account to a friend on...
Nov24-03 03:32 AM
Guybrush Threepwood
2 4,626
Anyone going to switch plans once the new wireless number portability law is passed that you can keep your phone...
Nov22-03 07:52 PM
3 1,349
Two things. I dislike and have heard bad things about schools forcing kids to rent out of date laptops even if...
Nov21-03 08:45 PM
3 1,172
How can I make my own mp3s? Examples: messages for/from my friends. I'm not asking how to rip a CD, but I am asking...
Nov20-03 01:52 PM
2 1,544
I am so surprised getting an email with a worm today, luckily I was smart enough not to open attachments from people I...
Nov19-03 07:17 PM
11 1,280
Hi Guys, I decided I wanted to have the option of choosing between a few bootscreens upon startup of win xp. I...
Nov19-03 04:33 PM
Pauly Man
4 2,198
What do you use? I personally dual boot with mandrake 9.1 and winxp
Nov19-03 10:44 AM
Guybrush Threepwood
4 1,293
If you don't know what the Dada engine is, here is a link to the original. I am looking for a version of this, or a...
Nov18-03 06:49 AM
2 2,750
I always watch the news over the internet, but all of a sudden I get an error from my RealPlayer, Invalid host string...
Nov17-03 05:24 PM
7 3,984

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