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Electronic device for storing and processing data. Software, Hardware, Web & Internet
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Action or process of writing computer programs. Computer algorithms, data structures, A.I., systems, databases, communications, security...
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Discussion and support for Matlab, Mathematica, Stata, Maple, Mathcad, LaTeX...
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Discussion and support for basic, scientific, and graphing calculators. TI-83, TI-89, HP48, HP50, etc...
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Computing & Technology

- Computer software, hardware, architecture, security, internet...
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But first of all, if you're looking for help with a specific coursework assignment (e.g. in computer programming), use...
Aug16-10 06:48 AM
0 19,477
I am fairly new to the whole overclocking deal. I just recently built a new computer but encountered a few errors when...
Jun1-07 02:36 PM
11 1,524
If I have a licensed copy of Windows XP on CD and I still have the produce licence key on the bottom of my Dell laptop...
Jun2-07 12:27 AM
15 1,962
About a year ago I came up with an idea for a compression algorithm which could potentially compress any type of data...
Jun8-07 01:26 AM
Chris Hillman
11 1,729
We have create a new physics photo gallery to share and discuss photos related physics. We like to hear about your...
Jun8-07 11:06 AM
6 2,292
As I use my new cable Internet service, can an outsider possibly scrutinize my screen realtime?
Jun8-07 11:51 AM
16 2,083
Well I though I would give it a shot posting here since no other computer or help forum seems to come up with any...
Jun8-07 02:12 PM
21 2,633
Hello everyone. Currently my brother and I are considering converting a gas engine car into an electric engine car. ...
Jun12-07 06:27 AM
ray b
4 5,325
Hello, let me explain what I mean by indexing a website: Sometimes ill click on something or manually type in a URL...
Jun12-07 06:00 PM
13 6,804
Hi i am having a little bit of a problem for some strange reason my computer is running random numbered .exe programs...
Jun14-07 07:28 AM
5 1,878
Hello -- Anyone have experience with Dell printers? My mom has an All-In-One that is printing jagged ---...
Jun14-07 07:32 AM
1 1,683
Already tried an internet search; apparantly some mention of Dell selling computers without operating systems in case...
Jun14-07 08:16 AM
27 23,016
Hi alls Just last week, my laptop Dell C400's battery was down. The battery led blinks all the time. I do not want to...
Jun14-07 08:42 PM
6 1,362
My friends and I are planning on attempting the FIRST Vex Challenge next season, and we've created a tea of about 5...
Jun16-07 12:37 PM
6 1,265
2 questions. First, can I program a 5 button mouse such that in firefox I can use the 4th and 5th buttons to...
Jun17-07 01:05 AM
6 5,447
Hi, after tens of successful repairs, I am having a very serious problem with my PC. When I turn it on, nothing...
Jun17-07 03:14 PM
3 1,418
So I just bought a Lacie external hard drive. Problem is - my laptop doesn't have firewire - and my external hard...
Jun18-07 08:37 PM
14 3,848
Hi there! I am thinking about learning to design PCB boards but I only know a little about PCB boards to begin with....
Jun19-07 01:40 PM
4 5,820
I find it incredibly frustrating that publishers will charge you $80 for an electronic book, and $89 for the printed...
Jun19-07 08:40 PM
21 5,369
Without going to each of them individually? So I want to preserve memories from my past, and mass save posts from...
Jun21-07 06:33 PM
8 1,839
What voltage do car speakers typical run at? Thank you for your time.
Jun21-07 09:30 PM
3 8,644
This summer I am doing a physics research project involving some computer modeling. One of the main aspects of the...
Jun22-07 10:36 AM
0 3,068
So I use "date modified" as a sort of organizational tool - and would like to keep that. When my NTFS hard drive...
Jun23-07 11:27 AM
0 2,265
hi all. stuggling to determine the difference between ISDN and public switched telephone networks (PSTN). I know...
Jun23-07 06:13 PM
1 5,673
OK. I am looking for advice/opinions. My desktop PC has been upgraded 4 times since I bought it. It really isn't...
Jun25-07 01:38 AM
27 2,133
Hello, I am currently planning on constructing an electromagnet. Its purpose is entirely for entertainment. I was...
Jun25-07 10:27 PM
3 2,344
I posted in the programming forum.. Not sure if that was the right place. But this script I am using that I got from...
Jun26-07 10:54 AM
4 1,211
Does anyone know a trick to pass variables computed in the user defined function called by ODE45 in MATLAB? For...
Jun27-07 06:17 PM
1 1,855
hey guys, i dunno if im in the right part of the forum, but i have an idea and i need your help... i know nothing...
Jun27-07 08:16 PM
6 1,604
Hi every body i need the PDF book "TCP/IP protocol suite" this book for "Behrouz A.Forouzan" please this book is very...
Jun27-07 09:23 PM
1 871
I like to uninstall an old VET program but it won't let me. How should I delete this program off my computer?
Jun28-07 02:39 AM
0 1,362
So after buying a laptop to take with me for a semester abroad, I now have two computers and I wanted to do something...
Jun28-07 12:34 PM
2 811
I have downloaded the CD Image file ( .iso ) of the Kubuntu OS , Now I want to install it as my alternate OS to...
Jun29-07 01:06 AM
6 10,627
Recently I have been having a problem with my memory, at least that is what I think it is. I am using Windows XP home...
Jun29-07 02:11 AM
10 2,037
Does anyone here use an extra screen to shield their monitor? How well does it work? Would you recommand buying it?...
Jun29-07 05:13 AM
4 1,786
:cool:Here's a new form of locomotion using compressed air to turn the engine's pistons. A fill up costs about 2...
Jul2-07 08:45 PM
31 11,380
I am thinking of upgrading my PC. What parts should I buy? I currently have an old one from 2000. So probably need to...
Jul3-07 02:31 AM
19 1,995
What I want to do is make a Voice chat room with administrative functions embedded in a website. i think the best way...
Jul6-07 06:55 AM
53 3,925
I recently had 6 Mbit line (down) and 1 Mbit up. I never experienced that all of my download capacity was utilized,...
Jul7-07 12:12 AM
4 1,680
Hi there, I've decided to start teaching myself a programming language and it was recommended to me by two people...
Jul7-07 12:15 AM
18 3,961
Consider a floating point binary notation with 16 bits. From left to right, it consists of 1bit for the sign (0= "+"),...
Jul7-07 09:16 PM
4 6,033

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