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Electronic device for storing and processing data. Software, Hardware, Web & Internet
Y 07:50 PM Routaran 
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Action or process of writing computer programs. Computer algorithms, data structures, A.I., systems, databases, communications, security...
Y 09:26 PM mishima 
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Discussion and support for Matlab, Mathematica, Stata, Maple, Mathcad, LaTeX...
Sep14-14 01:43 PM habad 
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Discussion and support for basic, scientific, and graphing calculators. TI-83, TI-89, HP48, HP50, etc...
Y 01:24 PM barryj 
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
But first of all, if you're looking for help with a specific coursework assignment (e.g. in computer programming), use...
Aug16-10 06:48 AM
0 23,688
If one was to install a wireless network card into a computer that already has a dial-up modem, would that cause any...
Dec31-09 10:06 AM
9 6,067
I have problem when installing Linux Red hat 7, my keyboard becomes inactive/dead. I tried changing to another...
Aug17-07 01:22 PM
9 1,668
Hey all, I have a quick question about the minor gridlines in MS Excel. I have points that differ by .00001 on...
Oct19-07 01:02 PM
9 3,603
I'm currently in college and majoring in physics. After speaking with my physics advisor (head of department) today,...
Oct22-08 05:21 AM
9 14,793
I have Main board Intel D865GVHZ HDD40GBWestern digital RAM256MB Processor intel 1.7ghz running WINXPsp2. When...
Dec8-06 10:06 PM
9 57,654
.... I've this one Dell laptop running XP that need to maintain, and although it takes 90% of all of my admin time,...
Sep22-06 12:21 AM
9 9,560
Would anyone happen to know why I can't highlight a chunk of writing in Microsoft Word and then hit the backspace...
Jan5-07 08:11 AM
9 2,685
Hello! Just today, two of my video games have been absolutely wiped clean. All the data on both of them has been...
May2-06 10:57 PM
9 1,066
What is a really good wireless router out now? Im hooking up my computer in my room with wireless and I really really...
Jun9-06 02:31 AM
9 2,260
What is the highest temperature your CPU has reached? Mine is 150 degrees fahrenheit.:surprised This was on an Athlon...
Jul21-06 06:37 AM
9 12,463
Hello. Does anyone here use and LED light for their desk? I am a college student and spend alot of time at my desk...
Aug13-06 10:53 PM
9 1,644
Hi, Does any one remember a recent article on quantum computing where they describe incredibly fast computing,...
Sep12-06 09:52 PM
9 1,788
Hello, I just posted another topic on a brightess problem when viewing videos and I thought that while I was at it,...
Oct7-06 09:37 AM
9 2,100
I'm new to the whole mp3 player thing. I* was told that I could store my CDs on it, by ripping them. *(and by...
Oct26-06 02:20 PM
9 1,445
Great, i get home from work and find my fairly expensive dell precision machine, which i use as a web server, in some...
Dec14-06 07:45 PM
9 1,772
Can I connect a Mac machine to a Windows network? Does the Mac have to be running Windows to be compatible with the...
Dec19-06 01:23 PM
9 2,106
I've got a sequence of illustrated images that I want to run as an animation. What is an easy shareware way to do...
Jan19-07 03:32 PM
9 3,092
My internet is going very slow. I can barely download a website nevermind a file over 1mb. I have Spybot and...
Jan29-07 05:08 PM
9 2,067
OK, here is what happened: 1. I was reading the news at Yahoo. 2. I went to take a shower. 3. About 30 minutes...
Feb7-07 06:44 AM
9 1,786
Recently I have upgraded my pc with as new video card, I'm left with the old one which is Geforce5200FX, it has 256MB...
Mar15-07 06:54 AM
9 1,824
Hey does this already exists or is in project ? It would be cool , if a movie would be like sequence of 3D...
May11-07 04:19 AM
9 1,969
This is a question I have been asking myself often. If an Operating System is needed to manage many programs and input...
May27-07 10:23 PM
9 1,452
The goal would be to finally create a real competition to MS Windows. Since it can be anything, open source, closed...
May13-07 11:54 PM
9 1,966
Hey, I heard somewhere that leaving the computer on 24/7 is better for the disk than turning it on and off as needed....
May19-07 03:10 AM
9 5,011
Is there calculators you can type in eg. (x+3)(2x-9)(x+4)=y and it can expand and factorise, vice versa for you? ...
Aug15-07 04:20 PM
9 2,453
I already have XP on my PC, And I want want to install Core 7 too. I have only one physical Hard drive, few hours ago...
Sep23-07 06:49 PM
9 3,407
I'm new to Vista and am trying to run an ASP script to write to a local text file. I'm getting error 405: Method...
Sep6-07 11:14 PM
9 3,420
I'm searching for some notebooks which I can probably Play Games on. My budget is still unknown, my real question...
Oct16-07 05:13 PM
B. Elliott
9 2,426
Recently I've been reading up some, and in certain communities Linux and particularly Unix are very well accepted. I...
Nov8-07 04:01 PM
jim mcnamara
9 1,220
ok heres the deal. i had a computer with a Core Duo T2250 1.73 GHz processor. a replacement computer that a company...
Nov19-07 02:00 PM
B. Elliott
9 1,843
Occasionally I get administrator emails that indicate emails bounced back. The email is some spam thing. It looks for...
Mar30-08 07:34 PM
9 2,520
How do I create a short cut in Mozilla? At the moment it is not letting me create a short cut on the tool bar.
Dec15-07 12:29 AM
9 5,630
I got this problem about two weeks ago.. as you see in the first picture, "windows cannot find...
Feb15-08 02:30 PM
9 3,354
Hi, I have two hard drives hooking up to my PC and they used up my 4 USB inputs. I am thinking of if we can...
Mar10-08 06:26 PM
9 2,707
Hey yall. I live in north of Boston and I am headinf down to West Palm Beach Florida for a long overdue vacation with...
Mar8-08 09:16 PM
9 2,063
VOIP has been huge hype the past few years. Seems to be dying down a bit. I have a few friends who have vonage with...
Mar10-08 12:23 PM
9 1,743
Hi. Earlier today my xbox was giving me the three red lights around the power button that signal a hardware...
May13-08 06:13 AM
9 2,462
I would like to boot off a usb drive on a pc that does not support it. Has anyone thought of booting off a cd and...
May23-08 03:55 PM
9 2,812
Can a halogen light bulb be powered by gas, or can a halogen light bulb only be powered by electricity? Can an...
Jul27-08 10:35 PM
9 2,759
I was just thinking, has anyone who's ever taken Cryptography ever thought about making a Cipher for one side of a...
Dec3-08 12:11 PM
9 1,744

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