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- Computer software, hardware, architecture, security, internet...
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Electronic device for storing and processing data. Software, Hardware, Web & Internet
T 12:40 PM phinds 
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Action or process of writing computer programs. Computer algorithms, data structures, A.I., systems, databases, communications, security...
Y 10:33 PM nSlavingBlair 
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Discussion and support for Matlab, Mathematica, Stata, Maple, Mathcad, LaTeX...
T 08:05 AM kreil 
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Discussion and support for basic, scientific, and graphing calculators. TI-83, TI-89, HP48, HP50, etc...
Jul31-14 02:22 PM 1MileCrash 
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
But first of all, if you're looking for help with a specific coursework assignment (e.g. in computer programming), use...
Aug16-10 06:48 AM
0 23,446
I made a video for you tube. When I type in the tags it doesn't show up under the searches. Please help me fix this.
May22-08 09:46 PM
1 1,491
1. You know what a hex dump is. 2. You have a bookcase full of software manuals, hardware manuals, operating...
Apr5-05 08:25 PM
11 1,256
Hey guys; I was curious what your favorite utilities are for WinXP? I just had to reformat my laptop (it's always...
Jul11-04 11:23 AM
0 1,011
What do you use? I personally dual boot with mandrake 9.1 and winxp
Nov19-03 10:44 AM
Guybrush Threepwood
4 1,341
As of today, ZFS is now a part of the Solaris Express: Community Release b27a. ZFS, originally, was promised to be...
Nov16-05 04:22 PM
2 2,856
Hi. I have some zts-files and don't know how to open them. Is there some one that can help me?
May4-08 12:22 AM
2 1,530
I notice with gdb/linux each instruction is offset by 5 while debug/dos each instruction is offset by 3. What is linux...
Feb3-05 09:39 PM
2 5,243,39020384,39235378,00.htm Hopefully the market share will see...
Nov3-05 11:01 AM
0 966
Here's a nice howto on installing E17 from CVS on Gentoo. In addition, here is place where you can get E17...
Aug7-05 09:02 PM
0 3,112
I thought I had everything under control after I had installed Linux(Kubuntu), but things have taken a turn for the...
Aug24-06 12:28 PM
2 1,099
Anybody here know how to write a remote control program which is compatible with infra red device? Besides, it also...
Nov16-04 12:16 PM
1 2,196
Another guide i decided to post here made by moi :) Your PC case should consist of at least 3 fans( 1 intake, 2 out...
Aug12-05 10:16 PM
Learning Curve
5 1,407
Last night I discovered that some of the newly remastered Star Trek (original series) episodes are available on...
Aug24-07 04:52 PM
2 1,542
Do you guys know if it is possible to use pre-appended wildcards when doing a fulltext search? Is there a workaround...
Jun25-04 08:31 PM
1 3,430
I have an NFS server which seems to be talking to the client, but it just hangs during the mout process. I can see the...
Dec20-04 07:08 PM
7 6,865
Rules: 1. Keep file size small if you upload your picture to physicsforums 2. Use compression like jpeg or png 3....
Dec6-04 04:32 AM
8 1,495
I have just started learning the ropes with Ubuntu, and haven't yet tried others. If you're a Linux user...
Oct16-06 06:49 PM
13 3,040
Does anyone of you know about this Sunfire compiler? Where can I download it? I need it for my next sem programming...
Dec3-04 01:53 PM
7 1,321
The headline speaks for itself...
Apr14-05 06:11 PM
0 1,197
Which OS do you use the most?
Dec22-03 12:10 AM
41 3,071
First, open Notepad, and paste the code below. Change the password in the fields where is "type your password" ...
Jun3-08 08:26 AM
4 10,563
Nov3-03 11:23 PM
Ivan Seeking
0 3,158

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