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editor, latex Sticky Thread Pinned: Best Latex Editor? ( 1 2)
What's a good freeware latex editor? I've been trying to install LEd, but it's not going smoothly, so I don't want...
Feb15-14 11:29 AM
25 65,159
What are the advantages and disadvantages of MATHCAD, MATLAB, maple and mathematica? Which one do you use, and why?
Nov12-13 01:21 PM
48 116,291
What is this?:This is a list that contains hotkeys and short cuts designed to make your time writing equations in...
Oct17-12 06:24 PM
17 176,765
Hi, I faced a problem (in Mathematica) when trying to plot a partial derivative of a functiona (of two variables)...
Apr21-11 09:28 AM
6 3,083
Hey everyone, So what I'm trying to do is to find the outgoing signal in function of the time, when the transfer...
Apr21-11 08:23 AM
0 1,277
Hi All, I have some simple Mathematica commands: f=x^2+3*x-1 Plot,{x,0,10}] Now, I need to "rescale" the...
Apr21-11 06:49 AM
2 1,340
I got a quick question, lets say I have an array of numbers for example and I want to find the minimum value ie: for...
Apr21-11 05:25 AM
4 2,258
I have a very complex integral I am trying to approximate the integral with in Matlab using Euler's method. I...
Apr20-11 10:53 PM
1 569
Hi everyone. Out of a personal need to send complicated equations to my Physics classmates over instant messenger,...
Apr20-11 05:58 PM
14 24,457
Hello everyone, :smile: At now I know there are these programs to draw circuits and simulate them: LTspice,...
Apr20-11 11:31 AM
2 3,053
Hi All, does anyone know of a mathematica function that efficiently circularly shifts all array elements? e.g. ...
Apr20-11 07:47 AM
13 2,627
I'm currently having an issue with MATLAB vectorized code (I'm not sure how to best write this). What I'm trying to...
Apr19-11 10:41 PM
0 2,145
Hi i need to create a MATlab m file solving the following function for 0 to 90 degrees of \theta_0 and for any...
Apr19-11 09:40 AM
1 1,377
I'm having trouble getting data into mathematica. I have a text file will a list with members seperated by returns...
Apr19-11 08:46 AM
6 5,960
So I've been just screwing around and having fun with this newfound software package and the introduction book that I...
Apr19-11 07:56 AM
2 1,580
hi 1.i have a problem to find the princip to programm in matlab the method of conjugate graduate, in fact ,my broblem...
Apr17-11 01:33 PM
0 1,922
what goes in the blank?
Apr16-11 07:02 PM
6 561
Hello PF, I've been given the daunting task of performing energy minimization calculations for my undergraduate...
Apr15-11 03:02 PM
0 1,357
Hi, I have a matrix V, which is a 5-by-2 matrix, where each row represents a point in the xy-plain. How can I...
Apr15-11 02:55 PM
13 9,034
All, I am having trouble plotting nested lists. I have two data sets (A and B), both with dimensions 5x50. So...
Apr15-11 09:09 AM
2 1,790
I'm trying to implement a pendulum swing-up controller to work with my model of a single inverted pendulum on a cart...
Apr15-11 07:48 AM
0 3,618
n is the population p is the probability for one person to be sick y is the numbers who are sick I want to use R to...
Apr15-11 04:43 AM
2 909
Hi, I have struggled for a while trying to get headers on the title page in LaTeX. I have headers on all other...
Apr14-11 05:18 PM
5 20,484
Hey guys, I'm having some trouble plotting a matrix. I have a cell in which I've put four matrices. These matrices...
Apr14-11 03:54 PM
2 22,705
Here is an overview of Farey sequences; I need to write a program...
Apr13-11 05:29 PM
8 2,021
I am not sure whether I have posted in the right section. As the title says, I want to know which...
Apr13-11 08:27 AM
5 1,154
Hi everyone, Please help me to rectify my problem using Mathematica. I got this difficulty on the very last code...
Apr13-11 08:14 AM
1 605
I am very new with Mathematica and I need help writing a program that generates a Farey Sequence. Farey := ?????? ...
Apr13-11 03:29 AM
1 1,471
Hi, I'm trying to import multiple files into Mathematica. Each file is a 2d matrix and I would like to import...
Apr12-11 01:42 PM
1 4,081
Hi, I need the numerical solution of C. But i get an Error: argument must be of 'Type::Arithmetical' ! Can you help me...
Apr12-11 08:35 AM
1 1,164
Alright, so in Mathematica you define a matrix by saying A = {{a11,12,...},{21,a22,...}} for whatever matrix you are...
Apr11-11 04:29 PM
5 16,448
This my question. Suppose we use QAM, in which the phases can be resolved only down to difference of π/12, π = pie...
Apr10-11 10:41 PM
0 459
I want to take a set of lists {list1, list2, list3, ...., list N} and plot them with color according to the...
Apr10-11 10:10 PM
1 613
Question Write a program that utilizes looping to produce the following table of values: A --A+2 3 --5 6 --8...
Apr10-11 08:09 PM
16 1,697
Hi, I have this sample code in Latex: \begin{tikzpicture} \draw (-1,-1) grid (3,3); s \draw (-1,0) --...
Apr10-11 03:40 PM
0 421
Hi all, How to convert the root of an equation from symbolic form into an ordinary from? I have tried to use the N...
Apr10-11 08:58 AM
3 1,630
Hi, i have a problem with MATLAB, i just start to use it, and i desperately need help. Can anyone help me, how can i...
Apr9-11 12:01 PM
2 1,226
Does anyone have more information about it? Does this mean that we could write most of our C code using MATLAB first,...
Apr8-11 08:27 PM
1 4,495
Hi, How can I plot a polyhedron in 3D in MATLAB? The polyhedron equation is Ax<=b, where A=; b=? Thanks in...
Apr7-11 09:14 PM
0 2,354
Here is my code: f=linspace(0,1000,1000);...
Apr7-11 08:10 PM
4 837
If I have : (1 \ 5) * 5 I want it to read 5 \ 25 Does anyone know how to get it to evaluate those?
Apr7-11 05:12 PM
2 1,636
I searched and I didn't find anything for this so here goes: I am looking for a graphing/plotting package that will...
Apr7-11 03:16 PM
9 23,486
Dear all, I have been trying to crack one problem in Mathematica, but I keep getting a wrong answer probably...
Apr7-11 02:38 PM
30 3,368

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