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editor, latex Sticky Thread Pinned: Best Latex Editor? ( 1 2)
What's a good freeware latex editor? I've been trying to install LEd, but it's not going smoothly, so I don't want...
Feb15-14 11:29 AM
25 65,189
What are the advantages and disadvantages of MATHCAD, MATLAB, maple and mathematica? Which one do you use, and why?
Nov12-13 01:21 PM
48 116,332
What is this?:This is a list that contains hotkeys and short cuts designed to make your time writing equations in...
Oct17-12 06:24 PM
17 176,896
Hi everyone, I have a problem in finding an integral of a function. I'm given the following function: x(t) = t + 1 ...
Apr6-11 10:17 PM
2 43,053
Hi all, I have a hard time finding roots to the following system of equations in 2 unknowns (p,q): eq1 = Pu ==...
Apr6-11 12:26 PM
Bill Simpson
7 2,641
Sorry for a question (it seems that I am not the first person who asks it), but - Is there some normal (i.e. not with...
Apr6-11 08:02 AM
0 1,343
hey every 1 my project is this... matlab(signal processing toolbox filter design toolbox communication toolbox ...
Apr6-11 03:27 AM
3 668
Hello everyone. I have two animations in Mathematica, each with 187 frames. I would like to put one in a corner of...
Apr4-11 09:02 AM
5 1,651
I want make a function that will calculate the equivalent resistance of resistor in series. I want the function to...
Apr4-11 08:17 AM
1 1,798
I'm trying to create a paper plane simulation in C and I'm trying to convert MATLAB code to C. Admittedly, I don't...
Apr3-11 11:43 PM
0 2,618
I would assume this is a quite popular undertaking, so how is it normally done? I just want to know the approximate...
Apr3-11 02:01 AM
4 11,920
Hi, I am having trouble writing the code for the following: The two Dynamic Equilibium Equations for an electric...
Apr3-11 12:31 AM
0 1,694
what is the most convenient Feynman diagram drawing tool? I have only grasped the method drawing feynman diagrams by...
Apr2-11 10:28 PM
8 2,811
I'm working on a report that describes the input and output from Mathematica. Is there any standard way for me to...
Apr2-11 03:21 PM
3 2,473
If I have a list say li = {18, 22, 4, 10} and I want to add for example 7 to this list Join to get {18, 22, 4,...
Apr2-11 07:43 AM
3 2,717
Dears, Please help hem in order to resolve this problem. I estimated an power spectral density using welch...
Apr2-11 05:38 AM
0 2,397
hi...... I have written a Notebook.nb file which generates a vector according to certain criteria.... and I need...
Apr1-11 04:38 PM
7 4,697
Just wondering if its possible to run a Mathematica package (package.m) on a computer that also has a copy of Matlab;...
Apr1-11 08:02 AM
1 1,770
Hello I imported a 30 X 30 matrix into Mathematica. I made a graph out of this and then found the minimum spanning...
Apr1-11 01:47 AM
3 2,738
Hi guys, i was wondering if any of u have done any projects in relations to the GUI and its builder in Matlab? have...
Mar31-11 08:33 PM
1 751
I was making a code for creating four-bar linkage in matlab. So somewhere in between i had to solve the 'freudensteins...
Mar31-11 05:50 PM
2 3,487
Hi I have a matrix a like below: a=; The minimum distance of these points from the line y=x can be calculated...
Mar31-11 05:46 PM
1 634
Hello, I'm pretty new to Mathematica and I'm having a problem getting error bars on a plot. I've been using...
Mar31-11 05:41 PM
1 2,482
I am attempting to do a simple volume integral over a particular shape. However Mathematica will not simply return an...
Mar31-11 03:29 PM
1 2,068
How do I get Matlab to recognise 'e' as the number rather than a variable
Mar31-11 08:31 AM
2 78,945
Hi I have a matrix a like below: a=; The minimum distance of these points from the line y=x can be calculated...
Mar31-11 05:48 AM
2 3,478
I'd like to write (so not calculate, just "publish") some notes using mathematica. My very big problem in fact is the...
Mar30-11 12:26 PM
Bill Simpson
7 1,927
Hi I have an open-office spreadsheet with x values and y values, I would like to plot in xmgrace. How do I do this?...
Mar28-11 05:56 PM
1 884
a*sin(x)=b*sin(th)+c*sin(y) d+a*cos(x)=b*cos(th)+c*cos(y) Find x and y if all others are constants. I don't get...
Mar28-11 09:29 AM
1 2,061
Everywhere I look online the free graphing calculators are really not that great to say the least. My graphing...
Mar28-11 06:08 AM
9 2,412
I need help writing a Mathematica 8 function that takes a prime p as input and returns a list of the nonequivalent...
Mar27-11 11:34 PM
12 2,417
I'm doing a homework assignment using latex, so I have to show all the steps in my equations. This creates a lot of...
Mar26-11 06:06 PM
1 1,157
Hello, I have a list {a,b,c,d} and i want a array of the form: {{a,b},{b,c},{c,d}} I think it is easy, but I'm...
Mar26-11 05:51 PM
2 1,319
Sometimes when I write an integral or sum the limits are not written out under and above the integral/sum sign, but on...
Mar26-11 12:59 PM
3 10,142
Hi all. Ok, so I'm a mathematics major, but I'm only so far as my first linear algebra course right now. I have not...
Mar25-11 02:05 AM
3 1,169
I am occasionally coming across this message for a given m-file 'title.m': Undefined function or method 'title'...
Mar25-11 01:19 AM
2 627
Hi, I have put my data in column form ( a large number of data) in Notepad. I have attached example of the data. I...
Mar25-11 12:31 AM
Kenji Liew
2 2,157
Hi intelligent people, Forgive me for a silly question, but I am really new to Mathematica and thus I need your...
Mar24-11 04:05 PM
4 4,028
Hi all! I am having great trouble in the last days trying to make matlab plot for me a function of a matrix...
Mar24-11 10:29 AM
3 9,302
Don't worry guys, not in correct section.
Mar24-11 12:43 AM
0 508
I have a multi-lined coloured plot in which I need some lines represented by dashed lines ('linestyle', ':') and I...
Mar23-11 09:42 PM
1 535
Hi, I have a loop which produces a series of figures, specified by the iteration number. For example the loop,...
Mar22-11 12:40 PM
1 1,066
Hey folks I'm trying to code the Hamiltonian form of the circular restricted three body problem and would like a bit...
Mar22-11 07:31 AM
3 3,091

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