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editor, latex Sticky Thread Pinned: Best Latex Editor? ( 1 2)
What's a good freeware latex editor? I've been trying to install LEd, but it's not going smoothly, so I don't want...
Feb15-14 11:29 AM
25 65,388
What are the advantages and disadvantages of MATHCAD, MATLAB, maple and mathematica? Which one do you use, and why?
Nov12-13 01:21 PM
48 116,624
What is this?:This is a list that contains hotkeys and short cuts designed to make your time writing equations in...
Oct17-12 06:24 PM
17 177,889
Hi, I was solving questions on engineering mechanics I came up with 6 equations and 6 unkowns I used the solve...
Jun21-10 08:34 AM
3 2,678
I have discovered the solution for the differential equation. I have: DSolve == 3 + 1/x}, y, x] and got {{y ->...
Jun18-10 04:56 AM
1 2,110
I have imported a list of data of this kind 4.447E-02 1.620E-02 1.281E-02 2.585E-02 3.676E-02 1.232E-01...
Jun17-10 04:36 PM
Bill Simpson
1 1,088
Hello again. Sorry for all the posts. I have a histogram of frequencies in Mathematica and the intervals on the x...
Jun17-10 04:22 PM
Bill Simpson
1 3,012
Hi Everyone, Iam new one to join the MATLAB .My task is to plot PDF for the given data from the .dat file I have...
Jun17-10 10:30 AM
3 1,513
hello, I have a problem with the use of quad function in Matlab for numerical integration. Let me try to explain on...
Jun16-10 04:08 PM
0 4,478
does MATLAB supports long integers??
Jun16-10 12:27 PM
1 3,473
Is there any way to make Mathematica display the variable name in the output? For example, if I have the following:...
Jun16-10 09:10 AM
4 7,524
Hello. I was asked to import a number of data to mathematica from an output file for wien2k (based in fortran). The...
Jun15-10 12:27 PM
Bill Simpson
2 2,628
Hello everybody! I've got a Mathematica problem that I've been working on for a while but can't seem to solve. My...
Jun15-10 12:03 PM
Bill Simpson
1 2,416
I'm doing some plotting in Matlab where I'm using a third variable of data as a color. For example I have vectors x...
Jun14-10 12:46 PM
1 17,204
Hello I am appealing to the computer savvy bunch here and asking for a graph. I need the graph to show a function...
Jun11-10 08:06 AM
1 965
I'm looking for a program that simulates physics systems in Ubuntu. I tried using Step but it's a KDE system, and I've...
Jun10-10 08:29 PM
2 2,600
Hi, I am currently using matlab to do some work on simple closed curves in the plane. In order to make this work...
Jun10-10 08:50 AM
4 2,240
Hi folks, I'm trying to graph something in Mathematica, and honestly don't know where to start. Imagine you...
Jun9-10 01:34 PM
1 1,578
i have 3D plot in matlab lets say i use example isosurface from matlab help = flow; p =...
Jun9-10 10:07 AM
1 3,307
Hi, I was wondering how you can get this to work in MatLab: input is n for i from 1 to n x0 = 1 xi = x(i-1)...
Jun9-10 09:56 AM
5 1,860
Greetings from Turkey, Friends, I have a big problem about Math. the problem is that I have three equations having...
Jun8-10 01:37 PM
7 1,462
I need something that I can use to draw a few simple 2D images, that don't have to look pretty. I really mean "draw"...
Jun8-10 12:40 PM
4 3,283
Hello, I ran a program in matlab and my output is coming in the command window. I want to export these output in...
Jun8-10 01:28 AM
3 20,256
I found this code on my computer a while ago, and I want to adjust the algorithm so that I can have a zero pivot,...
Jun7-10 09:52 PM
Bill Simpson
1 735
Hey folks :smile: Clearly there is a better way to do this. ...
Jun7-10 05:09 PM
10 1,303
Hello, I've written a piece of code in MATLAB, to depict the function x(t) I have the Fourier coefficients of...
Jun7-10 11:06 AM
0 1,122
clc clear f = input('Enter the force applied in lbs: '); p_c = input('Enter point closest to pivot: '); p_f =...
Jun5-10 07:44 AM
1 1,398
Hello guys, I want to program a Keithley 220 Current Source using C++. (C++ is m only option). (My task is to find...
Jun5-10 01:51 AM
0 1,530
I'm trying to disable the page numbers for the nomenclature (and only the nomenclature). Does anyone have any idea...
Jun4-10 12:38 PM
1 5,284
Hello, Does anyone have an idea about how to use fit data with a line while fixing the slope in MS. Excel? Does...
Jun4-10 12:26 PM
2 1,468
Hello, 1) I am trying trying to simulate a laser scattering experiment in Mathematica. So the first trouble I have...
Jun3-10 06:39 PM
1 728
Hello everyone, I have a symbolic expression like Integrate,{t,0,y}] and I want Mathematica to write it as...
Jun3-10 11:50 AM
5 2,685
I need to draw a triangele inside a circle. the triangele need to be in the center. the potenzial inside=100 and...
Jun3-10 03:48 AM
0 725
I have this really simple question: Why do I get this? In:= Expand Out= (a+b).(c+d)+(e+f).(g+h) Here...
Jun2-10 06:11 PM
0 1,311
I have a 4072x22x10 matrix. I am trying to calculate the RMS of the 4072x22 matrix but am unable to do so. The worst...
Jun2-10 01:34 PM
5 3,473
Can someone please explain to me how one plots direction fields of differential equations in mathamatica 7? Two...
Jun1-10 06:27 PM
2 2,388
Hello all i need help in finding the best row/column in a binary matrix. suppose i have a matrix of size 100*50...
Jun1-10 09:19 AM
1 4,106
I am using Latex for typesetting technical document. The default \int command produces the integral sign in somewhat...
May31-10 08:40 PM
1 4,192
I am trying to typeset the attached partitioned 8x8 matrix in LaTeX. I have drawn it without the parentheses with the...
May30-10 11:52 PM
1 3,325
Hello everyone, This drives me nuts… I want to plot a function using LogLinearPlot. Take a look at what's happening...
May29-10 02:32 PM
Bill Simpson
11 1,687
Hello, I need write this equation and here's the code: \begin {displaymath} \ \end {displaymath} It is...
May29-10 09:42 AM
1 1,114
As my title says, I need to take only the positive square root of some evaluation. For my calculation, the negative...
May27-10 11:02 PM
1 1,835
I have been tasked with making a plot with a couple variables of available data. I'm to make a normal 2D scatter plot...
May27-10 05:52 PM
3 6,477

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