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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
What are the advantages and disadvantages of MATHCAD, MATLAB, maple and mathematica? Which one do you use, and why?
Jul22-14 10:36 AM
49 125,462
editor, latex Sticky Thread Pinned: Best Latex Editor? ( 1 2)
What's a good freeware latex editor? I've been trying to install LEd, but it's not going smoothly, so I don't want...
Jun7-14 08:10 AM
26 70,608
What is this?:This is a list that contains hotkeys and short cuts designed to make your time writing equations in...
Oct17-12 06:24 PM
17 191,446
After using NSolve, I have a list of numbers but I only want mathematica to print the ones which are real numbers...
May21-10 03:16 AM
1 999
Hi guys I have been spending a lot of time trying to figure out how to export a plot in MATLAB (to pdf), where the...
May20-10 05:45 PM
1 1,747
Hi I have made a 2D "surf"-plot of some data points. Is it possible to color single grid points manually? E.g., I...
May20-10 10:51 AM
0 2,429
I am writing up some formal proofs using the proof and align environments. Each line in the proof needs to be numbered...
May18-10 08:09 PM
1 3,002
I've got a challenge for you guys. I'm doing a powerpoint presentation which involves written forms of particle...
May18-10 05:16 PM
1 1,130
I'm looking to teach myself LaTeX and I'm having trouble finding a "getting started" guide. I've downloaded the MiKTeX...
May18-10 01:47 AM
8 1,486
So I'm creating a very basic fractal tree function in matlab. The function is supposed to create a fractal tree where...
May17-10 07:44 AM
1 8,692
I'm trying to make a table in LaTeX in which all the entries of a column have the same units, without having to type...
May15-10 12:45 PM
1 1,434
Just a quick latex question, does anyone know the command for equations like: f(x) = x if x < 1 0 if x >=...
May15-10 07:05 AM
2 893
hey I was trying to draw some fine structure diagrams like this one ...
May15-10 04:42 AM
2 2,662
Hi all I have a function F, which depends on a discrete variable x, and I need to Fourier Transform it. I have put...
May14-10 01:25 PM
9 5,986
I have not been able to find any help for the following problem. I have two equations of the type blahbli=0...
May13-10 09:59 PM
2 4,120
Hey every pro. Please help me to check with Plot function in Mathematica 7 like this: 9x2+18xy+13y2-4 I only could...
May13-10 08:06 PM
2 970
Hey I am wondering what software people use to type LaTex in windows. I am thinking of doing my homeworks on it just...
May13-10 02:23 PM
6 5,910
Hi guys Take a look at DensityPlot, {x, -1, 1}, {y, -1, 1}] This just gives me a uniform plot. Why does...
May13-10 11:42 AM
2 3,731
I created a molecular dynamics movie by taking JPG captions each 10 picosecond and then combining them together. I...
May13-10 04:08 AM
Useful nucleus
0 891
When I plot a function using MATLAB where the y-axis, for example, has values of : 1.8, 1.9, 2.0 , 2.1 Matlab...
May13-10 04:04 AM
Useful nucleus
2 1,878
I have a code in Matlab where I need to measure the radiation on a specific latitude over a year. I have my time steps...
May12-10 08:57 PM
3 1,065
Hi community, I have a linear systems of equations (8x8), but the matriz's components are discrete. In this moment,...
May12-10 03:35 PM
1 1,132
I have a 100x1 vector A, and want to know the ten indices i for which A(i) are the greatest 10 values in A. I can...
May12-10 09:37 AM
5 937
hello all, due to some reason i cant install package (threeparttablex) in my linux pc. Is there a way to use that...
May12-10 07:51 AM
0 672
hello all, i have calculate with maximum likehood estimator my parameters for GEV and Gumbel distribution. is...
May11-10 03:45 AM
0 3,412
I'm trying to find the inverse of a function, for instance: f(x)=(2x+1)/(x-1) using Mathematica but it doesn't produce...
May10-10 10:23 AM
3 8,403
i am very new in matlab. and i need to calculate the arc lengh. My equation is arc length = integration of...
May10-10 06:31 AM
3 7,392
I've got an image, GIF, JPEG or other ( I can easily convert between most formats) and I want to insert it into a...
May8-10 08:20 PM
16 32,039
so, i have this little problem can anyone tell me to put this transfer function in matlab? T(s)=(s^4 + 2s^3...
May8-10 06:52 PM
1 861
Hi, I've just started using Octave and I'd like to use it to solve and plot a system of differential equations, but I...
May6-10 10:44 AM
0 2,144
Anyone know how I get LaTeX in Math Mode to work in a post. I tried putting the LaTeX commands between the "CODE"...
May5-10 07:57 PM
3 1,116
Think there is a simple solution to this but couldn't find any... Well as the title describes, i am wrote a program...
May5-10 11:49 AM
5 7,765
Hello all :smile: I have a very complicated function, let's call if f. My problem : f does not give the same...
May5-10 06:51 AM
2 1,570
So, I see how to use kron(eye(N),A) to get the N blocks i need on the main diagonal, but I don't see how I can extend...
May2-10 06:59 PM
0 3,509 I run a simulation on matlab, and obtain the plot...
May2-10 05:02 PM
0 4,720
hello all, in the following code you can create a 6 column table. But i want to make the last 3 rows a bit different....
May2-10 04:03 PM
2 1,177
I want to compute x within 0.1% relative error with Simpson method, these are my m-files. Which command i should add...
May2-10 04:08 AM
0 798
hello, ok here is the situation, I wanted use R to plot a PC scores using a group variable (which is an external...
May1-10 11:00 PM
Philip Wong
1 1,328
I was wondering how to go about plotting a wav file as it is playing in matlab? I am making a DJ program and have to...
May1-10 02:19 PM
0 911
Hi. I tried to use wavread comment but on some wave files, it showed me following error: ??? Error using ==>...
May1-10 09:45 AM
2 2,592
Hello all, I need to to write a letter using class '{letter}'. I could write. But i need to include 'Sub.: .....'...
Apr30-10 12:09 PM
0 1,048
Using XP and MathType 5.2 in Wordperfect 12. All was working well until Mathtype continued to open an old equation...
Apr30-10 09:56 AM
1 2,361
hi all, i have been having troubles with getting matlab to solve the following problem (the language is not the...
Apr29-10 04:10 PM
1 2,377

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