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editor, latex Sticky Thread Pinned: Best Latex Editor? ( 1 2)
What's a good freeware latex editor? I've been trying to install LEd, but it's not going smoothly, so I don't want...
Feb15-14 11:29 AM
25 65,271
What are the advantages and disadvantages of MATHCAD, MATLAB, maple and mathematica? Which one do you use, and why?
Nov12-13 01:21 PM
48 116,444
What is this?:This is a list that contains hotkeys and short cuts designed to make your time writing equations in...
Oct17-12 06:24 PM
17 177,259
So I occasionally enter a formula that would literally take years to calculate with Maple/Mathematica/Matlab. The...
Aug1-07 11:31 AM
7 4,478
Hi! How can i write chemistry formulas in LaTeX ? Such as: MgC_12 etc... It does not look good if it is...
Jul28-07 06:15 AM
3 17,344
i need to use latex from web. does anyones knows where i can find a good tutorial or other? in particular how to...
Jul28-07 03:05 AM
2 2,704
From what I have read from the web, it seems that a number of LaTeX-editors cannot work properly with Windows Vista....
Jul28-07 02:31 AM
1 9,271
a = 60*pi/180; a1 = (pi - a)/2; a2 = (pi + a)/2; theta = a1: a/60: a2; rho = ones(size(theta)); rho1 =...
Jul23-07 12:59 PM
3 3,161
<LINK DELETED> Will someone help me to answer these questions? Does energy contain intelligence? I was...
Jul22-07 03:20 PM
Math Is Hard
3 9,883
Hi guys, I want to write up some math and have the following code: \begin{align} L_{A}(s)&=V(A,0)-V(A,s) \\...
Jul22-07 11:48 AM
1 24,013
I've noticed a weird thing that Matlab does whenever I save my m-file then try to run it. If I save my M-file with a...
Jul21-07 07:16 PM
3 20,154
I asked a similar question i, but got the suggestion to come here:...
Jul16-07 03:18 PM
36 5,588
Also available as July 13, 2007 This Week's Finds in Mathematical...
Jul14-07 05:00 AM
John Baez
0 1,020
I have just installed TexnixCenter And Mikktex - the entire Protext package bt i cant seem to find a way to veiw the...
Jul13-07 10:23 PM
4 1,859
Hello , I searched online , but to no luck . can anyone help me with weblinks from where I can get MATLAB...
Jul10-07 09:44 PM
2 1,665
Hi everyone! I have a lot of trouble with the command mex. Here is the instruction i need to use... MEX Compile...
Jul10-07 10:42 AM
0 8,554
Also available as June 27, 2007 This Week's Finds in Mathematical...
Jul6-07 05:03 AM
Arnold Neumaier
20 1,518
Latex is way too clunky. Can I use Maple to compose the math that I put in my posts? I like the WYSIWYG method of...
Jul5-07 09:42 AM
2 1,022
does anyone know how to find the order of a number in mathematica? all a google search turns up is ordering numbers...
Jul1-07 04:59 PM
4 1,287
I think it's fair to say that a lot (perhaps most) of basic research in theoretical physics these days takes place...
Jun27-07 09:25 AM
10 3,162
i read a chapter in a book describing some general stereotypes about mathematicians...thought it was somewhat amusing...
Jun25-07 12:33 AM
1 2,431
I was looking for a decent, broad-ranged mathematical textbook oriented towards physics students. I'm interested in...
Jun24-07 03:03 PM
2 2,529
How can I evaluate something like \int^{\infty}_{-\infty} d^3 \mathbf{x} f(\mathbf{x}) e^{t g(\mathbf{x})} in...
Jun23-07 10:01 PM
2 5,608
Hey Guys, question: In your opinion, what mathematical technique stretches the limit of human reasoning, or simply...
Jun23-07 07:31 AM
9 2,194
My question is: can we say that QM can be expressed as a given mathematical structure? More precisely, GR can be...
Jun22-07 08:09 AM
5 1,548
im sorta new to using maple and mathematica for number theoretical functions, is there any way I can plot the values...
Jun20-07 04:31 PM
2 1,743
Hi everyone, It is extremely helpful for me if you could answer the following question. I hope it is a relatively...
Jun20-07 10:30 AM
5 4,890
Hello, I need help with Mathematica. I want to plot a graph of y=sin x, but on the x-axis, I want pi, 2pi, 3pi, etc...
Jun18-07 01:00 PM
8 9,417
Hi all. I have say 5 curves in a 2-D plot and they are of different colors. I would like to label them according to...
Jun16-07 11:57 AM
1 10,927
hi, somebody please try to help me to integrate an expression in Maple or Mathematica or other... I don't have any...
Jun13-07 08:18 AM
3 1,729
:confused::confused:Can anyone here help me? I want to draw two vectors on mathematica, namely (1,0) and (0,1), the i...
Jun12-07 12:31 AM
0 1,214
i heard that the publisher of the handbook of mathematical logic (editor: john barwise) planns to publish a new...
Jun9-07 04:27 AM
0 1,909
What exactly is the cell it a datastructure like the struct/class in C/C++? and is it inheritantly slow?...
Jun8-07 09:53 AM
0 1,616
1. The problem statement, all variables and given/known data Drawing a Convex Hull of 5 2D Points.... 2....
Jun8-07 01:40 AM
0 2,738
Hi all. I am using Mathematica to do a project. I have produced the results, a lot of lengthy mathematical functions...
Jun8-07 12:12 AM
Chris Hillman
4 7,846
Ok, so I have somehow obtained all three of these programs:biggrin: What I want to know is which is the easiest to...
Jun7-07 11:46 PM
Chris Hillman
7 12,378
i couldnt find a place to post this question but this seems to work, so is there a way to make latex outside this...
Jun6-07 10:39 AM
15 2,981
Hi everybody I found freeware EEGLab toolbox for Matlab, I want to know if anyone has used it and if it works...
Jun5-07 05:44 PM
0 1,916
hello everyone. i am very new on mathematica.I have 2 problem :( at first, i have to eavluate the numerical equivalent...
Jun5-07 02:09 PM
4 1,299
i'm on the last part of this question involving mathematical induction and i can't get the left side to equal the...
Jun4-07 06:30 AM
4 1,404
I recently noticed while crunching some CFD numbers in Matlab that only 50% of my HT processor is being used. I...
Jun3-07 02:26 PM
2 14,595
Hi all I am just new to matlab. This question may seem very easy to most of you. But I can not find it. What is the...
Jun1-07 08:13 PM
Dr Transport
1 18,182
Hi you guys! I have miktex installed on my pc(winxp) but how do I get Latex?:S And how do I get pdftex to work? I...
Jun1-07 08:11 PM
Dr Transport
1 1,129

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