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What is this?:This is a list that contains hotkeys and short cuts designed to make your time writing equations in...
Oct17-12 06:24 PM
17 177,195
What are the advantages and disadvantages of MATHCAD, MATLAB, maple and mathematica? Which one do you use, and why?
Nov12-13 01:21 PM
48 116,430
editor, latex Sticky Thread Pinned: Best Latex Editor? ( 1 2)
What's a good freeware latex editor? I've been trying to install LEd, but it's not going smoothly, so I don't want...
Feb15-14 11:29 AM
25 65,260
Hi all! This is a generic Mathematica question, which hopefully someone can help me with! :) I have a set of data...
Nov12-09 07:06 AM
1 5,300
Hello, I m a computer science student and i m working on a project on matlab and currently im stuck in a...
Nov12-09 10:25 PM
1 15,352
I need program code that will extract part of a text string. For example, I have the following text string:...
Nov13-09 10:53 AM
Old Guy
2 797
Hello. I want to solve the problem with armstrong numbers. Is there a smart way to decompose a number in MATLAB? ...
Nov13-09 12:54 PM
1 3,292
Hi. Does anyone know any package for producing Karnaugh maps in LaTeX? It is a bit of a chore, to produce them with...
Nov14-09 06:38 AM
0 2,258
Does anybody know how to put BC at the center of a circle.
Nov14-09 11:32 AM
5 2,312
Which software can I solve PDEs systems with?
Nov14-09 12:26 PM
0 950
Hello. I have to do a beam project in MATLAB. Similar to this: (I just google imaged this)...
Nov14-09 07:47 PM
2 5,214
Hi there, Does anyone know the Latex code for Hermitian conjugate (dagger) on TeXniccenter? Thank you!
Nov15-09 08:45 AM
1 9,538
Hi I have a function that relies on n and t. I am presently drawing it with "ParametricPlot3D." I am drawing it for...
Nov15-09 03:11 PM
4 1,638
How can I increment or decrement a parameter in LaTeX? For example, suppose I create an environment foo as follows:...
Nov16-09 04:44 PM
1 3,519
Hi again! Working with an if/then statement and running into trouble. Here's my code. a=2; N = input('Enter the...
Nov16-09 06:10 PM
2 1,918
Solving equations in differential topology by pen and paper, and in Microsoft word has been tedious and error prone....
Nov16-09 09:44 PM
6 1,756
Hi All, I'm thinking about buying mathematica as the student edition is pretty cheap. I would mainly need it for...
Nov18-09 10:00 AM
1 899
hi everyone, I need help in a project.I have a signal x(n)=(0.5^n)*u(n). i want to find the DFT of the signal for...
Nov18-09 06:18 PM
1 761
I am writing a program to find 7 degrees of freedom, but I keep getting an error message that "the argument 'x' is...
Nov19-09 05:48 PM
0 1,981
How do you guys do slashes for \gamma_\mu p^\mu = \not p that p slash is a /not p, but it looks bad. I've tried...
Nov20-09 06:09 AM
2 4,677
Hallo, I have a 3*3 matrices in matlab: A=; and i wont to accept a vector from each colume in an easy way,...
Nov20-09 03:52 PM
3 1,317
I'm trying to make the following command work: \nmid It doesn't work at all. I found other old threads over the...
Nov20-09 10:48 PM
4 1,187
I have a data set of three matrices: latitude, longitude, and data for all points. I would like to compute the mean of...
Nov23-09 08:41 AM
0 1,110
Hello, I got this project to show DLA on matlab. I have to write up the pseudocode, which is basically just a code...
Nov23-09 08:49 AM
0 3,143
How can I construct the phase portrait(with Mathematica) of the following system? \dot{x}(t)=y(t)...
Nov24-09 10:38 AM
2 6,230
Hi, y'all! I'm trying to figure out how to do this MATLAB project for school. We're required to read in an image...
Nov24-09 12:11 PM
1 3,758
i need to get the variance of the slope and the y-component for the fitted line of a given set od data......
Nov24-09 06:54 PM
1 3,681
Hi, Well i have tried modeling a PZT actuator in d33 mode in abaqus and the model worked as desired. But, when i m...
Nov24-09 10:39 PM
0 3,128
Hello everybody, I am a newbie in using Matlab and i have faced a problem i haven't been able to overcome so far,so i...
Nov25-09 01:31 PM
2 3,245
Hi everyone, I BADLY BADLY need to place a \blacksquare before my equations AND also have line numbers, as shown in...
Nov26-09 12:23 PM
2 4,259
Hi, I'm doing a project in medicine, I've used matlab to create 3d graphs using a vector with 5 fixed values as X, a...
Nov27-09 01:19 PM
1 4,191
Dear users, I'm wondering if it is possible to visualize function (plane) given by this equation: Ax + By + Cz -...
Nov28-09 11:13 AM
1 1,484
u := x (4 - y - x^2) v := y (-1 + x) (-2,0) du := (4 - y - 3 x^2) dx - x dy dv := y dx + (-1 + x) dy x :=...
Nov29-09 12:00 AM
3 1,140
hello everyone I need help with this when I introduce this commands I didn't get the right answer, and I don't know...
Nov30-09 04:50 AM
0 637
VectorPlot, t] == x (4 - y - x^2), D, t] == y (-1 + x)}, {x, -10, 10}, {y, -10, 10}, {t, -10, 10}] I'm...
Nov30-09 08:30 AM
9 1,499
Hello, I was studying some basic discrete time systems in matlab. Basically when I got a system like this:...
Nov30-09 03:03 PM
0 728
Hi I've been drawing surfaces in Mathematica but some of the images come out jaggy and very unsmooth. Is there a...
Nov30-09 10:12 PM
1 1,500
Hi, If I have several figures defined in my m-file (figure(1),... figure(10)), is it possible to define at the end...
Dec1-09 09:49 PM
1 1,147
I have to write a FD expilicit method, for temp dist on 2D plane. I am trying to mod the 1D solver to 2D solver,...
Dec2-09 07:59 PM
4 3,635
Can anyoune tell me how you flip a column in origin so you are reading it from bottom to top? I don't mind if it means...
Dec2-09 10:34 PM
1 1,855
I keep getting this error when I run this code. Nothing is highlighted..and VBA help is not working out for me. It...
Dec3-09 06:56 AM
6 48,503
Hi, Pretext: I have no formal background in matlab or maths in general, so apologies if any of the following...
Dec4-09 05:40 AM
pete j
0 3,812
I am trying to simulate a 3D particle simulation, where there are a 1000 particles of random x,y,z postn varying area...
Dec4-09 10:14 AM
10 1,448

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