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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
What is this?:This is a list that contains hotkeys and short cuts designed to make your time writing equations in...
Oct17-12 06:24 PM
17 199,864
editor, latex Sticky Thread Pinned: Best Latex Editor? ( 1 2)
What's a good freeware latex editor? I've been trying to install LEd, but it's not going smoothly, so I don't want...
Jun7-14 08:10 AM
26 73,317
What are the advantages and disadvantages of MATHCAD, MATLAB, maple and mathematica? Which one do you use, and why?
Sep9-14 01:52 AM
50 129,769
Is it possible to only show section numbers without chapter numbers in a LaTeX document of class "book"? For instance,...
Feb26-12 02:47 PM
1 1,862
Hey! So when I enter this in Mathematica In = ZTransform g, {k, 0, n}], n, z] InverseZTransform I get: Out...
Feb26-12 10:16 PM
Bill Simpson
1 1,354
I downloaded largestcomponent.m today and it runs fine on my PC (Win 7 Enterprise SP 1) but when I try it on my Linux...
Feb27-12 08:35 AM
Old Guy
3 1,254
Hello every one, I need help please... How to write in mathematica to solve an equation of x and y that is equal to...
Feb27-12 01:38 PM
Bill Simpson
3 1,371
Hi I am trying to do some problem from the book "Student's Introduction to Mathematica" 2ed. I have shown the...
Feb27-12 08:14 PM
4 1,108
In:list5 = Import; (*imports a list of odd integers each less than 1000000*) Timing;xCo>0&&Temp>=1,...
Feb28-12 01:44 AM
9 1,595
I'm having issues solving a 1st order ODE. Here what happens: NDSolve/y == k *Pi* r^2* Sqrt^2], y == 136/10}, y,...
Feb29-12 07:11 AM
1 1,377
Hi, I'd like to solve a DE, create a function with the solution, then use that solution in a Piecewise function,...
Feb29-12 11:38 AM
2 1,417
Hi, I have a figure that i want to insert into my latex document, filling up an entire page. How do i do this? Thanks
Feb29-12 02:47 PM
0 1,376
Does anyone know how to evaluate one-sided limits on Maple? Thanks. BiP
Feb29-12 03:34 PM
0 1,223
Hello, I need help writing a matlab program to solve a heat transfer problem implicitly. For some reason this is...
Feb29-12 08:01 PM
1 2,563
Hi guys, I have a differential equation in NDSolve and for example lets say it is just one equation. Based on some...
Feb29-12 08:04 PM
4 1,006
Hello, I am a novice in an introductory engineering problem solving course using matlab, and i'm having a bit of a...
Mar1-12 04:34 AM
1 1,957
I want to make a m-file that show the behavior of the logistic map for di erent values of r using the bifurcation...
Mar1-12 02:56 PM
0 1,737
Anyone know if someone has already coded this algorithm in Mathematica? I don't mean just the polygons but rather a...
Mar1-12 04:52 PM
0 1,356
Hi Say I have a data set (x_i, y_i) such as of the form { {4.4077, 8.41282*10^-7}, {9.39964, 3.3636*10^-6},...
Mar2-12 04:13 AM
8 2,581
Can NDSolve solve equations that have ODE and PDE mixed together?
Mar2-12 03:30 PM
0 689
I've been stuck for weeks on a code that I have been generating for image processing. And made an example of what I...
Mar3-12 05:59 PM
1 4,290
Dear Fellows, I want to write rational numbers factorial in my matlab program for integers factorial command is...
Mar4-12 06:14 AM
3 8,298
Can anyone recomment any good linux software for produce "physics type" diagrams that would be of acceptable quality...
Mar4-12 03:24 PM
5 2,754
0 down vote favorite share share share Hi...I'm the beginner. I want to ask, how to put edit text to matrix?...
Mar5-12 02:59 AM
0 3,039
How can I fourier serie of a two-variables function in matlab?
Mar5-12 06:08 AM
0 802
How can I taylor serie of a two-variables function in matlab?
Mar5-12 06:15 AM
0 1,129
hi i compile a c++ program and after compiling it gives me a txt file which contains about 50000 points. how i can...
Mar5-12 10:59 AM
4 1,563
Hey, I'm trying to figure out how to do newtons method in 2 dimensions. That is, I want it to take in an input of my...
Mar5-12 12:18 PM
Bill Simpson
1 952
Hi, I don't understand how to remove the values for these subscripted variables once I have assigned a number to...
Mar6-12 05:20 AM
3 1,528
Hi I have a data set of the form: data = {{0, 0}, {1, 1}, {2, 2}, {3, 20}, {4, 1}, {20, 1}, {21, 1}, {22, 0}};...
Mar7-12 03:34 AM
3 1,814
Hey everybody I have very recently learned the function 'varname_' for storing data with different names in a loop....
Mar7-12 07:02 AM
2 1,266
Hi all, I've been using Mathematica through my school for a couple of years, and I finally got my own license so I...
Mar7-12 08:47 PM
4 965
Hi guys, I'm solving a Poisson Equation with Mixed Boundary condition. But I have trouBle with that mixed BC in...
Mar8-12 08:44 AM
0 2,174
Hello there, lets say i have a harmonic oscillator equation d^2x/dt^2 = -w^2 x = -Asin(wt) w=frequency,...
Mar9-12 02:46 AM
0 740
I have a MATLAB figure I want to put in a document. I'm using MikTex and Texmaker. However in the past half hour I...
Mar9-12 09:39 AM
5 3,224
hell, i have been trying to compute the integral of an expression in matlab, but when it comes to the integration part...
Mar9-12 05:02 PM
0 1,217
Hello, I was looking at ways I could optimize a simulation I wrote in Mathematica and came across the command...
Mar9-12 07:57 PM
Bill Simpson
1 1,111
I am trying to solve the general equation for a body falling in drag so I can apply it to many objects. But...
Mar10-12 12:06 AM
Bill Simpson
7 2,462
I'm preparing a tutorial on how to write lab reports. What I would like to do for part of this is have arrows which...
Mar10-12 05:11 AM
0 1,634
Hi, I am working on a project - Thermal Modeling of a PV Module using Simscape (Thermal Blocks). Using convection,...
Mar12-12 04:51 AM
0 823
I am having trouble with ListPlot in combination with Manipulate. I can't see why it doesn't do what I tell it to. ...
Mar12-12 06:59 AM
5 2,370
hi all I looking for physics article (direct link) to solve with Numerical analysis methods like: Euler and Heun...
Mar13-12 06:03 AM
1 1,131
Hey all, I am plotting some data using matlab and have a question. Basically, this is what I'm trying to do. I am...
Mar13-12 03:38 PM
4 1,835

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