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What is this?:This is a list that contains hotkeys and short cuts designed to make your time writing equations in...
Oct17-12 06:24 PM
17 176,917
What are the advantages and disadvantages of MATHCAD, MATLAB, maple and mathematica? Which one do you use, and why?
Nov12-13 01:21 PM
48 116,338
editor, latex Sticky Thread Pinned: Best Latex Editor? ( 1 2)
What's a good freeware latex editor? I've been trying to install LEd, but it's not going smoothly, so I don't want...
Feb15-14 11:29 AM
25 65,195
Hello I have a program for Eulers method >> % Euler's Method for dy/dt = cost k = 1; y0 = 0; npoints =...
Apr8-12 01:22 AM
1 4,730
How in the world do you take the square root of a matrix in Mathematica? All the ways I've tried haven't worked......
Dec12-11 10:25 PM
1 4,729
Hi, Let me preface my question by saying, I'm not sure if this is the right section but it seemed to be the most...
Mar26-09 01:53 PM
1 4,727
I had this idea a long time ago that it would be fun to make a video game that would be relativistic - you'd be going...
Sep20-10 02:33 PM
17 4,713
Can someone pls explain hot to compute a taylor expansion for f(x,y) using mathematica
Oct19-09 04:56 PM
3 4,705
I am looking for opinions on open-source, general purpose computer algebra systems. Is Maxima the best one?
Jan28-09 04:42 PM
0 4,702
I am currently using the program OOPIC Pro to run some simulations. I am suppose to import the data into Matlab to...
Oct13-06 03:07 PM
0 4,701
hi...... I have written a Notebook.nb file which generates a vector according to certain criteria.... and I need...
Apr1-11 04:38 PM
7 4,697
OK I am having major problems understanding how to convert a simultaneous equation. This is probably going to be very...
Sep1-06 09:59 AM
3 4,696
Hi, I've just been trying unsuccessfully to fit a polynomial to a large set of data in Matlab (1301 points). I want...
Jun17-08 07:53 PM
Dr Transport
1 4,687
hi, I am preety new in this field so I need some help about Comsol sw. I would like to perform a simulation but as I...
Oct3-08 05:01 AM
5 4,684
Hi All, Does anyone if it's possibe to use the 'exist' function in Matlab to check whether any data has been...
Feb1-12 10:33 AM
1 4,678
How do you guys do slashes for \gamma_\mu p^\mu = \not p that p slash is a /not p, but it looks bad. I've tried...
Nov20-09 06:09 AM
2 4,676
for a project i have to open, edit and save a varying amount of files. I use a matlab code for this. It works fine and...
Oct5-09 09:34 AM
5 4,670
Hello all, As I've mentioned elsewhere, I'm currently in the last semester of a coursework masters degree(which i...
Oct21-07 11:37 AM
4 4,663
This is kinda Urgent, i need an answer as soon as possible- Can anybody think of Math words that add up to 50 if:...
Nov1-06 09:29 PM
23 4,656
I want to print the complete work screen of Matlab, I mean, with the control bars and the workfield. You can see this...
Nov27-04 04:42 AM
3 4,654
Hello all :smile: I am currently doing some experiments in combustion where the pressure inside of a closed vessel...
Feb6-11 03:43 AM
1 4,652
Hi All, running into a bit of a mathematica issue. I put the following code in to plot: Plot, {t, 0, timeEnd}, ...
May10-11 05:27 PM
3 4,649
Why do I only get page numbers on page 2 and not the abstracts? And then it starts over again with page 1 on the first...
Dec11-11 10:10 AM
1 4,647
I've been using this for a Newton Approximation in Matlab function x = Newton(f, fp, x, nmax, e) % f is an...
Oct31-12 05:37 PM
7 4,645
I am new to matlab and need help with a problem. we have tried several different methods and each time cant make...
Jul7-05 07:40 AM
7 4,642
If a user answers "yes", "Yes", "y", or "Y" to an input question, I want to enter the while loop. But when I tried to...
Oct9-11 03:11 PM
3 4,642
Does anyone know if the Matlab program will show worked out solutions to integrals like mathematica? My calculator can...
Apr20-05 08:38 PM
1 4,638
Hi all, I've inserted a figure into a document I'm working on, but I can't seem to get the words to wrap around the...
Mar30-04 10:39 PM
2 4,635
I've attached my problem set. I'm having an issue on how to write the formula to insert it into matlab. According to...
Apr19-08 09:00 AM
0 4,631
Hello ,i have the following problem in mathematica and want to do it in matlab. mathematica : ... Walk1D := ...
Feb23-11 03:36 AM
14 4,627
Let me see if I can line out my question a little better to hopefully get some sort of input. I am trying to...
Jul30-10 12:08 PM
5 4,624
Hi all, Does anyone know how to get Mathematica make a 3D plot with logarithmic axes? I need a, say, 3D version of...
Nov1-10 07:40 AM
1 4,624
Dear Fellows I need to define a function "f" in matlab as f is a heaviside unit step function I did it as f...
Sep5-11 12:37 PM
2 4,623
In my GUI I'm plotting a fairly large amount of data in an axes, and then plotting a horizontal line overtop that the...
Jun2-08 01:38 PM
3 4,619
Hi, I am trying to use DSolve in Mathematica, in order to find equations of motion (x, y) from second-order...
Nov19-08 03:22 PM
2 4,615
I have Windows XP and I cannot figure out how to find things like pie and square root in word. I searched and found...
Jul14-09 10:05 AM
3 4,610
can someone help me out with a mathematica problem ( i use mathematica 6)? I have never used this program before and...
Feb1-12 09:39 AM
9 4,606
The latest version of MATLAB is 7.0.4 right?
Aug24-05 04:44 AM
4 4,605
I would like to run a calculation so that when it has converged, a song will play.... to alert me from the other room...
Oct1-11 02:06 AM
1 4,604
I need to solve a similar problem like shown in the below codes for a larger matrix, The 'x' here needs to be solved...
Nov30-11 09:47 PM
4 4,604
Hi i'm a new user in Comsol and Matlab and I have to create boxes within a box. Of course those boxes are easy, my...
Mar19-10 09:40 AM
1 4,602
I need help getting started on using Mathematical Induction with this problem.... so what should i do first? a +...
Oct23-06 09:38 PM
1 4,599
I'm trying to combine several contour plots together onto the same graph in gnuplot. I know that I can just do...
Jul7-10 11:06 PM
Dr Transport
1 4,593

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