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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
What is this?:This is a list that contains hotkeys and short cuts designed to make your time writing equations in...
Oct17-12 06:24 PM
17 192,554
What are the advantages and disadvantages of MATHCAD, MATLAB, maple and mathematica? Which one do you use, and why?
Jul22-14 10:36 AM
49 127,237
editor, latex Sticky Thread Pinned: Best Latex Editor? ( 1 2)
What's a good freeware latex editor? I've been trying to install LEd, but it's not going smoothly, so I don't want...
Jun7-14 08:10 AM
26 71,683
I have a GUI interface designed in MATLAB GUIDE Builder. It works with several MEX files that control a piece of...
Jul15-09 08:38 PM
4 4,963
I am working on a matlab program to find the optimum heating of a heater. I am having a hard time applying the secant...
Mar31-08 03:47 PM
1 4,960
1. The problem statement, all variables and given/known data I am given 4 files containing the intensities of a...
Apr10-07 08:26 PM
0 4,953
hi...... I have written a Notebook.nb file which generates a vector according to certain criteria.... and I need...
Apr1-11 04:38 PM
7 4,949
Hi, I have a pretty in depth understanding of special relativity. Recently I have been searching for mathematical...
Dec16-06 07:04 AM
16 4,948
Hi, I have been given a task to mathematically create a hologram of an object so that I can try various...
Feb18-10 12:31 PM
1 4,946
So far the only books i know of are the ones assigned by my university. They all assume you already know how to use...
Mar5-08 04:01 AM
2 4,944
If a user answers "yes", "Yes", "y", or "Y" to an input question, I want to enter the while loop. But when I tried to...
Oct9-11 03:11 PM
3 4,943
Hi, I have two matrices A and B of the size (2,2,600,500). I want to multiply these as 2x2 matrices and get the...
Feb5-09 05:53 AM
0 4,941
Hi, I have a system of ODE's for which I want to compute points for a Poincaré section. I used NDSolve and...
Nov11-10 07:41 PM
3 4,936
Hi i'm a new user in Comsol and Matlab and I have to create boxes within a box. Of course those boxes are easy, my...
Mar19-10 09:40 AM
1 4,929
Hello all :smile: I am currently doing some experiments in combustion where the pressure inside of a closed vessel...
Feb6-11 03:43 AM
1 4,925
Hi I'm new to matlab and I'm trying to write a code that executes the same process under two separate conditions> ...
Nov5-11 08:59 PM
2 4,911
1. The problem statement, all variables and given/known data Hi, I'm trying to simulate an electrostatic craft going...
Jan28-10 04:39 AM
2 4,909
please anyone help me with my final year project...esspcially about the modelling of the PID microcontroller ,how to...
Feb5-08 11:08 AM
3 4,908
i use fgets to get the number of lines in my file to get rid of the header, but when i do this i can't us fscanf to...
Jul9-09 10:41 AM
2 4,906
Hello ,i have the following problem in mathematica and want to do it in matlab. mathematica : ... Walk1D := ...
Feb23-11 03:36 AM
14 4,905
Let me see if I can line out my question a little better to hopefully get some sort of input. I am trying to...
Jul30-10 12:08 PM
5 4,902
One might expect, perhaps naively, that mathematical definitions should be interpreted as "iff" statements by default,...
Dec18-05 03:20 AM
robert Ihnot
22 4,899
So, consider the equation cosh(x)=n*x For a given n, the equation has 0, 1, or 2 possible values of x. If n is...
Apr6-08 07:49 AM
2 4,897
Please forgive me if this question has been posted before, but I was wondering if anyone could provide a semi-detailed...
Feb1-06 01:21 PM
12 4,890
I has posted on here about 6 months ago about trying to create a matlab code for determining the orbital elements of a...
Mar30-05 12:00 AM
0 4,873
Locating Exceed installation ... Launching Exceed 9 ... Starting C:\Fluent.Inc\gambit2.4.6\ntx86\gambit.exe -device...
Dec29-12 05:27 PM
5 4,869
I have written this simple code fragment to the matlab for finding the residue(s) of the function 1/(z-i/9)^3; b=;...
Dec13-07 10:39 AM
3 4,866
Why do I only get page numbers on page 2 and not the abstracts? And then it starts over again with page 1 on the first...
Dec11-11 10:10 AM
1 4,865
Hello I have a program for Eulers method >> % Euler's Method for dy/dt = cost k = 1; y0 = 0; npoints =...
Apr8-12 01:22 AM
1 4,863
Hi all! I have modified a bit the differential equation I posted before. Now , it should be solvable... Can anyone...
Jan31-06 04:57 AM
4 4,862
hi, I am preety new in this field so I need some help about Comsol sw. I would like to perform a simulation but as I...
Oct3-08 05:01 AM
5 4,858
I have a set of measurements that form a plot in MATLAB. I just want MATLAB to integrate (ie. find the area) in a...
Sep2-07 08:41 PM
9 4,856
Hi all, Does anyone know how to get Mathematica make a 3D plot with logarithmic axes? I need a, say, 3D version of...
Nov1-10 07:40 AM
1 4,853
Dear Fellows I need to define a function "f" in matlab as f is a heaviside unit step function I did it as f...
Sep5-11 12:37 PM
2 4,851
How can I speed up some calculations in maple? I have a function f(A)=A*I_0(A)/I_1(A)-c0*log(A/I_1(0))-1 ...
Jan12-07 08:10 AM
0 4,849
How do you guys do slashes for \gamma_\mu p^\mu = \not p that p slash is a /not p, but it looks bad. I've tried...
Nov20-09 06:09 AM
2 4,838
1. a line in my code is something like int(phi*x^2,0,2) where i want phi to be a function which the user has...
Aug23-08 10:41 PM
3 4,837
This is kinda Urgent, i need an answer as soon as possible- Can anybody think of Math words that add up to 50 if:...
Nov1-06 09:29 PM
23 4,825
I want to print the complete work screen of Matlab, I mean, with the control bars and the workfield. You can see this...
Nov27-04 04:42 AM
3 4,823
I am currently using the program OOPIC Pro to run some simulations. I am suppose to import the data into Matlab to...
Oct13-06 03:07 PM
0 4,819
I am running matlab on Leopard, i need to run a dos program via matlab script file. I also have windows xp running...
Feb20-08 02:24 PM
2 4,814
Hi, I'm here for help and hope somebody could give a hand on this because I'm noob in this. I'm now...
Oct20-10 08:07 AM
2 4,802
I have to write an expression in matlab to plot a fourier serie so i found an expression for the an and bn...
Aug3-07 06:02 PM
0 4,801

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