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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
What is this?:This is a list that contains hotkeys and short cuts designed to make your time writing equations in...
Oct17-12 06:24 PM
17 195,511
What are the advantages and disadvantages of MATHCAD, MATLAB, maple and mathematica? Which one do you use, and why?
Jul22-14 10:36 AM
49 128,594
editor, latex Sticky Thread Pinned: Best Latex Editor? ( 1 2)
What's a good freeware latex editor? I've been trying to install LEd, but it's not going smoothly, so I don't want...
Jun7-14 08:10 AM
26 72,543
Hi, Does anybody know how I can let Mathematica show the origin point when plotting? Usually, it labels the axes...
Sep15-11 10:54 AM
1 1,827
I am trying to do some Newton's method-type stuff in Mathematica. I want to build a While loop that does the...
Nov26-11 08:10 PM
Bill Simpson
1 1,827
Hello, I am having difficulty inputting a non linear algebraic equation into polymath to solve for reference...
Nov22-13 08:05 AM
3 1,827
Also available at May 18, 2006 This Week's Finds in Mathematical...
Jun21-06 04:01 AM
25 1,826
Hi I am trying to make my matlab communicate with a Keithley 6487 but I need a matlab driver. Is there any one...
Nov10-08 05:44 AM
0 1,826
I have three n x n matrices for which I am try to compute the saturation of each element in the matrix. The function...
Nov5-10 05:25 PM
Bill Simpson
1 1,826
Okay, guys. Here's what I want to do: convert a *.tex file to a *.dvi file, and then look at the pretty *.dvi file. ...
May4-09 12:24 PM
6 1,824
How do I plot those together? It seems like Mathematica isn't recognizing Primorial. Every time I try to use it, it...
Aug8-11 03:50 PM
5 1,823
I want to get all possible pairs of the dimensions of an image, i , j,to address each pixel individually,without using...
Apr15-12 06:55 PM
0 1,823
Is it possible to only show section numbers without chapter numbers in a LaTeX document of class "book"? For instance,...
Feb26-12 02:47 PM
1 1,822
I have attached the problem to this post. My attempt at the first part (i used 'm' instead of 'l' as it's less...
Jun15-12 10:14 AM
5 1,820
Hi all. i am integrating in matlab and plotting the results in a y-vertical and x-horizontal system. where x and y...
Dec30-09 03:40 AM
2 1,819
Suppose that I am plotting some data that corresponds to "i" different functions. So on the plot I have "i" number of...
Jan29-12 12:15 PM
2 1,819
A beginner to Mathematica's question: I try to make the following integration in mathematica 6 and I get back the...
Nov2-08 12:10 PM
2 1,816
looking for a good suggestion on what to use to create math text documents
Jan30-10 07:05 AM
The legend
4 1,815
I am trying to create a list of 5 random numbers between 1 and 20 In:= RandomInteger Out:= {10, 11, 9, 8, 1} ...
Feb26-11 08:08 PM
2 1,815 can i solve transcendent function with maple (7 is the version i have). th problem is: (1-a*x^2)*tgx =x...
Oct11-04 07:03 PM
0 1,814
Hi This has got to be easy but I can't find the answer anywhere. How can I use 'plot' where the x axis does not...
Jan30-11 11:51 PM
1 1,813
Hi all, I am a student from India doing masters in communication systems. I have an issue with implementing an...
Nov26-12 04:25 AM
1 1,812
Hello, Just perhaps a simple question for a Mathematica expert: I have a function of two variables f(a,b)...
Oct13-11 06:37 PM
1 1,811
Does anybody knows the package that can, given metric and equation of hypersurface (spacelike or null )calculate...
Sep18-11 02:40 AM
3 1,810
Hi, I am having trouble writing the code for the following: The two Dynamic Equilibium Equations for an electric...
Apr3-11 12:31 AM
0 1,810
Hey all, I am plotting some data using matlab and have a question. Basically, this is what I'm trying to do. I am...
Mar13-12 03:38 PM
4 1,810
Hi there, I'm having a hard time trying to plot a Bode Diagram here in MatLab. The transfer function not only has...
Mar31-12 02:02 PM
0 1,809
Hi guys I am tasked with reformatting a paper for an academic conference and I would like a nice MS word template for...
Jun19-13 08:41 AM
2 1,809
I'm just starting to get the hang of Mathematical induction and I was wondering if you guys could please check this...
Jul4-08 10:43 AM
7 1,808
Dear Fellow, I need to find the roots of equation x^8- 2x^6+3x^4-7x^2+a=0 in MATLAB, in...
Sep18-11 11:39 AM
4 1,808
Hi As far as I am aware there is no 'undo' functionality in Ansys. So if I make a mistake when creating geometry...
Oct27-11 08:21 AM
0 1,808
I want to create row matrix A by using row matrix B_1 , B_2 , B_3 ,...,B_7 Example B_1 = ; B_2 = ; B_3 = ; ....
Apr26-12 12:21 PM
1 1,808
This is a bit philosophical. What does it mean to say that a mathematical object exists? To add some concrete...
May12-08 05:45 PM
3 1,807
Hi, I hope that I am posting my post in the right section! I have been given many numerical series that i am...
Oct1-05 07:32 PM
1 1,806
hi, somebody please try to help me to integrate an expression in Maple or Mathematica or other... I don't have any...
Jun13-07 08:18 AM
3 1,806
Hi, I want to find out how thick/big/fat is the object in the image. For example, there is a tree in the...
Oct26-13 06:23 PM
Ping Ong
2 1,805
Hi i want the x -axis to go from 1 to 5, then plot the 2nd element of each pair, (so that they appear in a horizontal...
Jan15-11 05:48 PM
Sarah rob
4 1,804
Hi there, I just switched from Maple to Mathematica and I would like to know if there is a way to have Mathematica...
Nov19-05 09:04 AM
0 1,803
Hi, There are few mathematical entities which we encounter quite often pi,e,hyperbolic and trigonometrical...
Oct12-04 06:17 PM
15 1,802
Hello, does anyone have an idea how easily to display a matrix of numbers such that each entry, for example 3, is...
Mar9-11 02:53 PM
2 1,802
I am doing very well in school, but I know if I want to get into the top tier graduate schools, i need to get a lot...
Jun1-06 07:12 PM
0 1,801
Does anyone know a way to get half-vertical lines? I mean, I'd like something identical to /vline , but which starts...
May22-12 12:54 AM
5 1,799
Current science describes a solid, liquid, and gas, as having different densities. Solids have the highest density,...
Apr15-05 11:18 AM
12 1,798

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