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What is this?:This is a list that contains hotkeys and short cuts designed to make your time writing equations in...
Oct17-12 06:24 PM
17 177,883
What are the advantages and disadvantages of MATHCAD, MATLAB, maple and mathematica? Which one do you use, and why?
Nov12-13 01:21 PM
48 116,622
editor, latex Sticky Thread Pinned: Best Latex Editor? ( 1 2)
What's a good freeware latex editor? I've been trying to install LEd, but it's not going smoothly, so I don't want...
Feb15-14 11:29 AM
25 65,387
Hello everyone, I've been trying to figure out how to obtain the multiplicative inverse of an integer in Zn in...
Feb7-12 09:33 PM
Bill Simpson
1 1,670
Hello , I searched online , but to no luck . can anyone help me with weblinks from where I can get MATLAB...
Jul10-07 09:44 PM
2 1,669
Hi everyone, I'm wondering why Mathematica (8.0) can't bring this to the obvious form -1, and leaves the expression...
Mar1-11 07:38 PM
4 1,669
I'm trying to optimize a system of 10-20 differential equations in Matlab using a genetic algorithm. The problem is,...
Aug15-11 07:28 PM
1 1,669
Hi, How can I plot some 2d graphs in a 3d fashion like the following picture using excel or matlab? ...
Jul31-10 11:04 PM
4 1,668
Please help... In mathematica I used the same polynomial and plotted two times in different place. but in these...
Oct22-10 09:30 AM
4 1,667
Hi peoples, Anyone know or have any ideas how we can better write this code to eliminate this quad2d warning??? ...
Oct19-11 04:13 AM
0 1,667
Hello! I'm a physics/engineering undergrad who is interested in learning to type my homework in LaTex (I have abysmal...
Dec20-10 11:18 AM
1 1,666
I was wondering if it was possible, via biological thermodynamics, to demonstrate that evolution does not violate the...
Nov26-05 08:47 AM
11 1,663
Also available at May 18, 2008 This Week's Finds in Mathematical...
Jul4-08 05:00 AM
Rock Brentwood
6 1,660
Hi guys I have been spending a lot of time trying to figure out how to export a plot in MATLAB (to pdf), where the...
May20-10 05:45 PM
1 1,660
kron:=\!\( \*SubsuperscriptBox\), \(0\), \(2\)]\(\(Sin\ x\), \(2\)]]\ Sin\ x\), \(2\)]]\) \x\)\) This is the...
Apr21-12 05:04 PM
3 1,660
Hi everybody, Last time I was here I was asking about finding roots but many things have progressed. Anyway I have...
Oct28-09 08:51 AM
4 1,659
I think this command exists, but I can't remember what it is. Suppose I have a document that takes up maybe three...
Apr22-10 01:58 PM
1 1,659
Hey guys, Is there anyone good with MATLAB for loops? I am having trouble with getting an embedded loop within...
May20-06 01:17 AM
2 1,657
Three scientists at the Santa Fe Institute, an interdisciplinary institute in northern New Mexico, took up this...
Sep29-07 01:05 PM
1 1,657
Do any such programs exist?
Aug27-11 01:27 AM
3 1,657
Hi, Does anybody know how I can let Mathematica show the origin point when plotting? Usually, it labels the axes...
Sep15-11 10:54 AM
1 1,657
I need to make two plots of volume as a function of time vs pressure as a function of time. When plotted the graph...
Nov16-12 01:43 AM
Simon Bridge
3 1,657
I want to have a section title to the effect of "Pseudocode for the Func1 Function," but I would like "Func1" to be in...
Oct3-11 07:25 AM
4 1,656
Hi I have a data set of the form: data = {{0, 0}, {1, 1}, {2, 2}, {3, 20}, {4, 1}, {20, 1}, {21, 1}, {22, 0}};...
Mar7-12 03:34 AM
3 1,656
Hi guys, I need some help from you. I was writing my thesis and I am having a problem in making a table. I...
Sep12-08 02:19 PM
3 1,655
I'm attempting to get an output of a specific cartesian oval (or oval of descartes, the perfect imaging system in...
Jan24-10 03:40 PM
1 1,655
I have always used transparencies to present in conferences, but right now I decided to do power point presentation....
Jul12-10 11:50 AM
6 1,655
Hello everyone. I have two animations in Mathematica, each with 187 frames. I would like to put one in a corner of...
Apr4-11 09:02 AM
5 1,655
Hi, everyone. I was wondering if you guys know a good *programmable* graphing calculator for Windows XP. I took a...
Sep4-12 06:31 PM
6 1,654
Also available as March 23, 2007 This Week's Finds in Mathematical...
Apr8-07 05:00 AM
Gerard Westendorp
1 1,653
Hello all, Is it posssible to write a four lines using tex/latex in Tamil. If it is possible please help me how can...
Mar1-10 10:55 AM
0 1,653
I'm trying to use a frisbee flight simulation made by Sarah Hummel, but I'm having a hard time running it in Matlab. ...
Apr28-13 06:34 AM
5 1,653
So, I've managed to get the distribution in a decent way. Using this code; hw = 1; kt = 25; n = 10000; dist :=...
Mar21-11 09:27 PM
Bill Simpson
3 1,652
I have a range of data colored using multi with respect to a variable. The contour levels for this have been set to...
Jun29-10 01:17 PM
0 1,649
Does any one knows how to generate pink noise in mathematica in time? or If I have a Power Spectral Density,...
Sep16-10 06:58 AM
0 1,647
Also available at February 23, 2003 This Week's Finds in Mathematical...
Mar1-06 06:00 AM
Ralph Hartley
7 1,646
I did a search on VectorCAST and nothing came up. I am using VectorCAST 5.1h at work, am an amateur user. I need to...
Feb2-11 01:47 PM
1 1,646
I have no backbround in programming or science/mathematics software, but time and desire to learn... is learning ...
Jul27-10 04:51 PM
4 1,645
Please anyone can help me to run Feynarts? I have unpacked it in windows XP and also I have mathematica7. I could...
Sep26-10 07:24 AM
0 1,645
If I have : (1 \ 5) * 5 I want it to read 5 \ 25 Does anyone know how to get it to evaluate those?
Apr7-11 05:12 PM
2 1,645
My comp crashed and now I can't open my file anymore... it gives me this error message: ...
Oct14-09 11:53 PM
1 1,644
Helloe, I am currently trying implement a blackman window. I am simulating one dimensional echo imaging for a class...
Feb12-07 07:40 PM
0 1,642
Hi. So I have this vector function which I need to differentiate, it is however very tricky to do by hand, so I'm...
Jul8-13 09:15 AM
1 1,642

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