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Closed and Archived. Congrats to all those who were nominated! See ya next year!
Dec18-13 08:58 PM OmCheeto 

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Download the new PF App for iPhone/Android phones! Please write rate and review too :) It's based off the TapaTalk...
Apr16-14 05:10 PM
160 14,681
We are proud to present project PF Proliferation! It's a very simple way to spread the word about PF and get free...
Apr13-14 08:00 PM
Greg Bernhardt
273 76,681
Physics Forums has opened an affiliate account with 6% of any purchase you make is sent to Physics...
Apr13-14 07:59 PM
Greg Bernhardt
58 28,500
website Sticky Thread Pinned: Have PF on your website! ( 1 2 3 ... Last)
Show some love for PF and share it with all your website/blog visitors. Just copy this code into your page and...
Apr13-14 07:58 PM
Greg Bernhardt
112 49,757
This thread contains tutorials and frequently asked questions about the Physics Forums website. Contents: How to...
Feb18-14 08:18 AM
7 45,352
Welcome to Physics Forums! Our mission is to provide a place for people (whether students, professional scientists,...
May26-12 07:38 AM
1 273,933
Mission Statement We, the staff of PF, are simply a group of volunteers who are passionate about science and...
Sep12-06 08:01 PM
0 75,415
Please post the code for websites to list current PF threads.
Dec9-11 02:06 PM
Loren Booda
2 1,351
Dear Moderators, This forum supports to attach images. Also it supports to insert image from URL. I need help as to...
Dec9-11 04:45 AM
1 1,303
I know that philosophy, metaphysics, and the like are outside of the scope of this forum, but it seems to me that...
Dec7-11 10:46 PM
Greg Bernhardt
1 1,014
I have lost track of A Neumier's(?) new thread on thermodynamics and QM. I don't recall the spelling of his name, so...
Dec5-11 12:10 AM
3 1,203
Big thanks to Kurdt who has served PF well in his almost 3 years as PF Mentor. Kurdt will now gracefully enter the...
Dec4-11 04:30 PM
41 3,773
Praise Thank you!
I asked for help with my questions for an Electrical Principles assignment, and to be honest because I was so new I...
Nov30-11 04:21 PM
2 1,456
I can't get my signature to go onto my posts. I typed it into the box and then hit preview and save - is there...
Nov29-11 06:48 PM
1 1,204
When changing my account settings I recently stumbled over two warnings from the administrator. I get very few...
Nov29-11 03:09 AM
4 1,581
combinatorics and discrete mathematics are two of the most fascinating branches of mathematics and have hugely...
Nov28-11 05:46 PM
9 2,696
Though i have checked the remember me button when i login, i have to enter username and password everytime i visit...
Nov25-11 06:19 AM
1 1,799
We'll be performing a much needed upgrade. Nothing major will change. It's mostly bug and security fixes. You might...
Nov23-11 06:51 PM
86 6,501
Hello guys, I still getting used to these Forums, and I've seen people post responses with "neater" equations. Is...
Nov21-11 03:23 PM
1 1,187
Several members have requested it. Ok, with you Greg?
Nov21-11 01:41 PM
6 1,455
The command \vec{}, whenever I see it in posts, comes out as a small square box, instead of the arrow above the...
Nov17-11 09:55 PM
2 1,618
I'm wondering how to get dotless i and j in LaTeX on the forums. For some reason, \i and \j don't work for this. I can...
Nov16-11 10:38 PM
4 2,886
Suggestion "Personal Theories"
I just made a post the other day that was in reference to a theory I'm working on. I didn't even state what the theory...
Nov15-11 07:02 PM
Char. Limit
14 2,542
All the posts are timed an hour early, as if I were in the Canadian Maritimes instead of the Eastern time zone.
Nov14-11 01:45 PM
10 2,200
I think a food sciences section under the "Other" would be a great addition. A lot of modern cooks and chefs are...
Nov12-11 02:59 PM
6 1,975
On the 28th of this month I'll have been a member of Physics Forums for 8 years. How time flies when you're having...
Nov11-11 04:10 PM
20 3,548
Hi, I feel this is an issue that needs addressing. On several occasions I have been involved in discussions that...
Nov9-11 06:24 PM
29 3,826
This is my first, and likely only, forum thread. I am posting this thread not to bash the community, harass the...
Nov9-11 09:09 AM
38 4,492
Why can't I edit my original post in my threads? Sometimes I make a mistake or something and it's really annoying to...
Nov8-11 11:48 AM
5 1,982
How do I set up my signature? I can't seem to find it!!
Nov8-11 09:35 AM
9 1,904
When I search for "X Y Z" I get all results that have either X or Y or Z. Is there any way to find only posts that...
Nov8-11 05:08 AM
1 1,338
The title pretty much asks the question. Does anyone here know if what I just asked has happened, if so, then when,...
Nov7-11 11:47 PM
5 1,888
Hey mods, posted a few threads in the wrong forum by accident, please move ...
Nov7-11 10:58 PM
2 1,678
How do I set my avatar so I can see it beside my posts? Currently it shows up in my profile only.
Nov7-11 09:46 AM
3 1,806
We're going to be bringing down Physics Post very shortly. We'll be transferring some of the articles over to PF as...
Nov4-11 05:02 PM
4 1,758
Regular PF search can sometimes be frustrating. Some people have resulted in using google search too find PF threads....
Nov4-11 04:52 PM
7 2,001
I apologize, then. I guess I glossed over that part of the rules, and didn't realize that such discussions were...
Nov3-11 08:30 PM
3 1,155
Is there any document giving help with editing on the Physics Forum sites. Presumably Latex editing is available using...
Nov3-11 12:31 PM
7 1,903
Using LaTeX at Physics Forums Getting started: Those fancy mathematical symbols are being made with something...
Nov3-11 10:38 AM
0 242
Not really a big deal, but were these implementations more trouble than they were worth? Have they been removed...
Nov1-11 03:57 PM
3 1,919
Hi I have a rules question. Regarding the division of the math homework section into "pre-calc" and "calc and...
Nov1-11 12:36 AM
12 2,688
I came on PF after about a month to ask a question in the Math and Science Learning Materials forum. However, it seems...
Oct30-11 09:36 PM
3 1,886
I have just done a massive cleanup of this thread. I removed hundreds of messages that were either: Overly...
Oct29-11 12:40 PM
Char. Limit
75 6,826
Suggestion Crackpot Forum
I know PF doesn't condone crackpottery (or, as near as I can tell, any pottery at all), but instead of locking threads...
Oct29-11 07:55 AM
14 2,126
Hi! I made a thread yesterday and I'm receiving emails every time a new post is made in that thread. I didn't even...
Oct26-11 01:31 PM
4 1,971
I am not listed as a member, although I have made 2 posts. Anyone know of an explanation for this, and how to fix it?...
Oct26-11 10:19 AM
11 2,186
I am now almost sure there's a bug in the New Posts feature. I've been on here several times since yesterday, and...
Oct25-11 10:33 PM
0 1,461

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