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Closed and Archived. Congrats to all those who were nominated! See ya next year!
Dec18-13 08:58 PM OmCheeto 
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
We are proud to present project PF Proliferation! It's a very simple way to spread the word about PF and get free...
Aug15-14 03:26 PM
Greg Bernhardt
285 110,344
Physics Forums has opened an affiliate account with 6% of any purchase you make is sent to Physics...
Aug11-14 01:55 PM
Greg Bernhardt
59 47,366
Download the new PF App for iPhone/Android phones! Please write rate and review too :) It's based off the TapaTalk...
Jul30-14 08:47 PM
183 47,807
This thread contains tutorials and frequently asked questions about the Physics Forums website. Contents: How to...
Jun23-14 11:27 AM
9 73,542
Welcome to Physics Forums! In an effort to maintain the integrity of this site and to provide a comfortable...
May26-12 07:38 AM
1 296,965
Mission Statement We, the staff of PF, are simply a group of volunteers who are passionate about science and...
Sep12-06 08:01 PM
0 90,472 - Great site I like your site - . Thank for your work for us!...
Sep26-07 11:19 AM
4 2,098
Hi. I started a thread called 'simulated universe' in one of the forums last night (I believe it was 'general...
Sep20-07 07:30 PM
1 1,149
Good Morning all. I registered an account here with the username "Capuchin" but I never recieved the confirmation...
Sep20-07 06:10 AM
34 5,114 What makes some of the latex appear smoother than other? In that...
Sep16-07 08:18 PM
10 2,395
There is a cool little feature that lets you preview the first post of a thread with out refreshing your web browers. ...
Sep14-07 02:45 PM
6 1,827
In the homework help forum, when you start a new post, it puts the template up, with the three points (question,...
Sep14-07 12:22 AM
4 2,088
I recently made a post and was not emailed when responses were made. Is it me or is this service no longer available ?...
Sep12-07 12:36 PM
2 1,398
Hi all! This is one of the best sites I have ever found. Thanks!!! Very nice and informal. I enjoy being here. ...
Sep12-07 09:59 AM
1 1,349
I went over to the, "Original" (SFN)to see how it was going. and I saw this info on their home page:...
Sep11-07 10:33 PM
18 2,347
Awww, Moonie... you went and locked that idiot's thread before I could tell him where to go and what to do when he...
Sep11-07 04:29 PM
12 1,846
In the "Physics Forums" logo, what is the significance of the small white "S" inside the large blue "P" and the small...
Sep11-07 01:42 AM
4 1,698
Where are the "Outside Mainstream" and "Independent Research" forums? I can't find them. They aren't listed.
Sep8-07 01:54 PM
13 2,716 In the above thread there were two problems....
Sep8-07 11:03 AM
4 1,259
Hi, I received an email update from PF, but everything was in html code. The message recommended that I use my...
Sep6-07 01:55 PM
5 1,612
Don't forget to let your professors and classmates know about PF :smile:
Sep3-07 09:29 PM
1 1,576
I am having serious problems editing and saving changes to posts after I initially submit. Sometimes I need to go to...
Aug29-07 10:27 PM
4 1,451
How come some users have their names crossed out? How come some users can't have their names/profiles clicked on?...
Aug29-07 03:26 PM
1 1,294
The box I'm typing in now is too narrow and has a palette of animated "smiles" to the right. Is there an option to...
Aug25-07 01:49 AM
27 2,818
Does becoming a contributing member give one more storage space for uploads?
Aug25-07 12:07 AM
18 2,314
Is it okay to use the blog feature for notes? I will post my interpretation of concepts from Chemistry, Math, and...
Aug23-07 12:33 PM
2 1,917
why dont we have motw? someone who is chosen by mentors and others ask any sort of question from scientific to...
Aug23-07 10:42 AM
Greg Bernhardt
18 2,039
Is this just me, or has the So, you want to be a physicist thread disappeared? I guess there's probably a reason for...
Aug22-07 10:45 PM
1 2,416
I think this forum is top one in physics,But does a top zero one exist?
Aug20-07 10:51 PM
0 1,208
I thought it was cool
Aug19-07 11:10 AM
4 1,271
I came to this forum with the idea that there would be intelligent discussion on such subjects as 911 and other areas...
Aug19-07 02:25 AM
9 1,892
I finally succeeded in completing registration on this site. I first attempted to do this a week ago using one e-mail...
Aug13-07 04:47 PM
2 1,463
I imagine this is intended - I've just had to look at various guideline stickies over the last couple minutes. If this...
Aug11-07 11:38 AM
55 5,133
I only names at the bottom of forums when I'm logged-in. I much prefer how it was before - names and total number...
Aug8-07 10:42 PM
2 1,315
When I compile the following latex code on my computer, the subscript of the first row and the superscript of the...
Aug8-07 07:28 AM
16 2,828
I apologize if this has been answered already or if it does not belong here, but I have a question about LaTeX in...
Aug5-07 07:34 PM
3 1,668
I don't know if I am the only one bothered a bit by this but I log on today and notice two new posts on a PF user's...
Aug2-07 03:40 PM
3 1,826
Heya! I recently started a blog on this site here: ...
Aug2-07 01:59 PM
9 1,734
I am having trouble accessing the forum with Mozilla. Sometimes it just takes me to the page where you have to read...
Aug2-07 05:10 AM
Schrodinger's Dog
2 1,202
Why do they ban people? The mentors in this forum aren't nice. Everyone who writes something the mentors don't like...
Jul30-07 10:22 AM
8 2,122
What are the philosophical ramifications for having moderators? If you believe we should have them, then what...
Jul28-07 03:14 PM
54 6,635
What is a registered user?
Jul28-07 01:52 PM
20 2,768
Whats "LaTeX " is it formula writing software for the forum??? - sounds useful David
Jul27-07 12:34 PM
3 1,110
Some people are pretty open about their education/qualifications/level of experience in industry; some,...
Jul26-07 09:42 AM
3 1,479
Hello. I got question regarding this forum. Is this only "usa" forum or more international one? Also i have...
Jul26-07 07:57 AM
15 2,431
I want to thank the Physics Forum for its strict ground rules while still having a large diversity of topics to...
Jul25-07 03:43 PM
22 2,674

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