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Closed and Archived. Congrats to all those who were nominated! See ya next year!
Dec18-13 08:58 PM OmCheeto 
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
Download the new PF App for iPhone/Android phones! Please write rate and review too :) It's based off the TapaTalk...
Y 07:07 PM
177 36,159
We are proud to present project PF Proliferation! It's a very simple way to spread the word about PF and get free...
Jul16-14 11:38 AM
Greg Bernhardt
284 98,756
This thread contains tutorials and frequently asked questions about the Physics Forums website. Contents: How to...
Jun23-14 11:27 AM
9 66,130
Physics Forums has opened an affiliate account with 6% of any purchase you make is sent to Physics...
Apr13-14 07:59 PM
Greg Bernhardt
58 41,063
Welcome to Physics Forums! Our mission is to provide a place for people (whether students, professional scientists,...
May26-12 07:38 AM
1 290,991
Mission Statement We, the staff of PF, are simply a group of volunteers who are passionate about science and...
Sep12-06 08:01 PM
0 86,306
Wow! That was a painful one! It hoitz! Zz.
Oct12-06 04:42 PM
Doc Al
1 950
What's with the flurry of posts from those groups? :surprised Usually, it's only 5 or 6 pages that I've to go through...
Oct12-06 06:41 AM
6 1,248
please delete my account from your servers. Thanks
Oct12-06 02:12 AM
1 1,676
I don't see any questions here geared towards grade school and junior high level students, so would it not be a good...
Oct11-06 06:05 PM
9 1,702
I don't know if this is my computer or not, but after viewing a few threads whenever coming to PF, I get a "There...
Oct11-06 02:09 PM
Greg Bernhardt
9 1,535
On one of the forums there was a new thread called "open letter to brian greene". Then it vanished! It didn't get...
Oct11-06 11:47 AM
Greg Bernhardt
1 1,420
Please delete my account from the server. Thanks
Oct9-06 10:33 PM
0 1,564
I've noticed while surfing through threads that some members have a rasied line (strikethrough) in their name. Does...
Oct5-06 01:01 PM
8 1,704
You know, you guys aren't very helpful. Last week I posted some questions with the work that I did and what I neededed...
Oct4-06 04:40 PM
4 1,689
hi, can anyone please tell me how i can add a signature to my posts? thanks in advance.
Oct3-06 02:27 PM
14 1,620
I have been informed that my posts here have been exported to elsewhere. Compare these two threads: ...
Sep25-06 09:55 AM
17 2,275
I made a thread on the above topic in which i provided this link : ...
Sep19-06 05:23 AM
2 1,372
Whenever I search for a combination of words, say, for a review of a certain book by typing the subject/title and...
Sep17-06 06:08 AM
Doc Al
1 1,121
Didnt know where to post suggestions, so i am making the mods angry again by doing this.. why isnt there a...
Sep17-06 05:33 AM
Leopold Infeld
2 982
I'm not sure if this is on topic, but what is with the choice of subforums that make up the math section? Is it just...
Sep16-06 03:32 PM
7 1,281
I think this just started happening recently: the time shown on the forums is off by an hour. It's 9:42 PM here, but...
Sep16-06 12:46 PM
6 1,128
Recently, Dave, the owner/operator of, has decided to put the word "physicsforums" on his site's...
Sep14-06 07:09 AM
23 5,330
I can't post any long replies (with some LATEX code on it). Whenever I do that it gives me this message: The page...
Sep13-06 01:15 PM
16 1,433
Does PF have a privacy policy? An anonymous entity was asking me this question, and i didn't have an answer for...
Sep11-06 03:54 PM
14 8,851
It seems that it is impossible to display " " with an uppercase B inside the brackets (which is how I wrote it, while...
Sep10-06 12:37 PM
2 1,230
I am still having trouble posting to the homework section. Short posts seem to be ok, but otherwise I get: The...
Sep10-06 10:35 AM
2 997
i know someone who is trying to join and register as a member using internet explorer 5.5. as yet he cannot succeed. ...
Sep7-06 02:01 PM
Greg Bernhardt
1 1,505
I(accednditly) clicked on the last poster user name on the main page. It was in GD for the hello thread and the last...
Sep5-06 12:19 PM
7 1,501
I understand there's the Academic Advice forum. However, would it not make sense to have an Education forum. A...
Sep3-06 09:27 AM
9 1,373
medals Medals ( 1 2 3 ... Last)
We have made some modifications to the software to let us publicly recognize our particularly knowledgeable and/or...
Aug31-06 05:43 PM
Schrodinger's Cat
72 7,079
Hello, I'm JD, one you guys ingonred him and considered him as someone just rude and somhow "crazy".... I wanna...
Aug29-06 04:32 AM
5 1,554
Dear Zz, There is no need to close the thread on Harrison's inequality, against the possible interests of others. ...
Aug28-06 05:38 PM
2 976
What happened to the lists names of logged-in users that (used to) appear at the bottoms of forums? For me, these...
Aug28-06 02:13 AM
17 2,002
I have faced a couple of guys in the engineering PF that base all their analyses in their virtual experience in a...
Aug27-06 11:49 AM
16 1,864
I received the following message when trying to post to Calc and beyond in the homework section: The page your...
Aug26-06 11:08 PM
2 1,067
Can we display an integral sign with a square contour over it. The command is: \sqint I think it's in the...
Aug26-06 12:56 PM
5 2,539
Did anyone else have trouble getting to PF today? Or was it just me?
Aug25-06 02:14 AM
41 3,541
but it appears that PF is not into Daylight Savings Time and has me listed in the Eastern time zone (correct) but -5...
Aug23-06 12:50 PM
5 1,679
here's a test: \mbox{erf}(x) \equiv \frac{2}{\sqrt{\pi}}\int_0^x e^{-t^2} dt if this shows up in the "red...
Aug21-06 04:14 PM
8 1,656
Not to besmirch the amazing job you guys are doing on PF. The email thread subscriptions are poorly fomatted for...
Aug21-06 09:25 AM
0 1,257
I just tried to renew my contributorship (in light of all the trouble lately, I know it's definitely needed), but...
Aug20-06 09:11 PM
5 1,392
There was a topic opened up in Skepticism and Debunking about a Flat Earth web site as it was locked(and rightly so) I...
Aug17-06 04:11 PM
Schrodinger's Dog
3 3,879
i have 2 email addresses, and i want to change my email address from my hotmail to my gmail address but its saying...
Aug16-06 02:55 AM
4 2,325
Why is AI part of the description of the mind or brain sciences forum? Most work in AI has nothing directly to do...
Aug14-06 11:15 PM
15 2,357
This has not got anything to do with some specific mathematical problem or anything. I just wanted to know how much of...
Aug14-06 01:39 PM
1 1,464

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