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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
Hardware & Software News/Articles ---------------------------- Anandtech Welcome to AnandTech, the leading IT...
Aug31-09 11:55 PM
B. Elliott
0 12,783
I'm planning on installing linux on my hard drive, having never done it before, and was doing a bit of research and...
Jun1-07 11:51 PM
39 61,992
Let's see which antivirus is most popular among PF members. Vote for your favorite antivirus program and also share...
Y 03:03 AM
34 3,770
My printer is printing pages with text that has white bars through it (basically the bars are where there's no ink)....
Jul19-14 09:51 PM
5 315
Hi All, I have a problem with my Windows 8 laptop keyboard: Some of the letters in the keyboard produce no...
Jul18-14 01:09 AM
6 1,050
Hi PF, In general, one can enable VAS (Value Added Services) provided by subscriber via the STK (Sim Tool Kit)....
Jul15-14 11:38 AM
3 2,403
I have two exam question (embedded computing system) Q1. write short on embedded computing system design process Q2....
Jul12-14 08:32 PM
3 1,553
I am looking for a web site host that is free will allow me to enter text and graphics allows me to add and...
Jul9-14 05:16 PM
6 1,503
I have two tables(a and b) in one access document. And in each table, I have a field(look up field) having the options...
Jul8-14 02:33 PM
1 812
Is there a program i can use or do i have to create one? If so,is it even possible?
Jul8-14 01:38 PM
8 1,516
Can anyone out there recommend an affordable laptop for a college student. Going in as a physics/math major so needs...
Jul7-14 03:46 PM
14 1,081
So, in the context of computing for the even avid techy, it seems like a Petabyte(1024 Terabytes) of storage on a...
Jul7-14 09:51 AM
10 1,184
This is such a simple thing, but I cannot find the solution on web. Everyone said go to "Power option" and choose...
Jul5-14 01:59 AM
17 1,804
I downloaded photoshop and when i try to install it, it says that Adobe Application Manager is not available. So I...
Jul3-14 05:18 PM
7 1,238
I have problem with my email keep sending out email with virus to others. I have change password a few times and it...
Jul2-14 10:39 AM
47 4,974
Hello all, I am currently looking at laptops to use for school. I will be going to university this fall for general...
Jun27-14 10:02 AM
11 1,620
I have problem with my laptop after updated to Win8.1. I reverse back to Win 8. But now all the old programs I used to...
Jun22-14 02:43 PM
9 1,375
I just got this laptop. I have it set so it will go to sleep when I closed the lid. But twice I did that at night, the...
Jun22-14 02:37 PM
10 1,260
Hello everyone, Recently the cursor of my laptop screen is so overactive and oversensitive. If I just click one...
Jun22-14 02:34 PM
5 1,269
I have Internet Explorer and Firefox installed. But I like to experiment with another one. 1) Is Chrome good? 2)...
Jun21-14 03:30 AM
22 2,676
Does anyone know of a movie maker program that`s similar to the one on windows XP but that can work for Windows 7 and...
Jun16-14 09:41 AM
4 1,287
I have an old computer that I haven't used in a few years, when I last turned it on I thought that the graphics card...
Jun13-14 09:36 PM
18 2,361 What are they? I never have any...
Jun9-14 01:02 PM
6 1,439
I have a Crucial M4 SSD that is 2.5 years old and still in warranty. The drive has a nasty habit: If it loses power,...
Jun8-14 07:44 PM
B. Elliott
15 3,206
Well, this is really bad. I have an ASUS DVD player and it gave really great service for about 5 years. But lately,...
Jun6-14 01:30 AM
14 1,732
Hey all. I'm getting a new hard drive in tomorrow and I was wondering if there was any software that would copy...
Jun5-14 09:10 PM
14 1,501
Hi, I tried to save a file in windows 8 but there is problem. Could someone help me?
Jun4-14 10:29 PM
12 1,420
Introduction I'm using a 2.2 GHz processor and it's taking me up to 10 seconds to open a 20 kB word document. Most...
Jun3-14 10:37 AM
14 1,717
Is there a way to reinstall win7 without the disk and without losing all of my data? The only back up I have is a bit...
May31-14 12:18 PM
20 2,662
I decided to use an older computer that's been collecting dust for a few years to learn some Linux, so I wiped the...
May28-14 08:37 PM
6 1,327
My wife called VSsupport LLC to help and took over the computer and did a lot of things......while I was asleep!!!!...
May28-14 11:35 AM
28 13,246
I know cloud computer has been around in some form for a good deal of time but all the sudden it is taking off. People...
May26-14 05:50 PM
10 1,802
So, I got the most recent "upgrade" in my windows 8, and somehow, yet again, many of my original settings have been...
May24-14 12:07 PM
8 1,618
The risks of automated deployment of software.
May19-14 06:17 AM
11 2,252
My laptop restarts on it's own more and more often. At first I thought it's because of Windows updates or Norton...
May17-14 02:26 AM
13 2,507
Some time ago I posted the following: "Can someone give me an idea of how to include (the scan of) a small diagram...
May15-14 12:47 AM
Math Amateur
4 1,461
Since last night,I can't see the chat sidebar. I can't send or see a message. returns a blank...
May11-14 09:25 AM
3 1,678
I don't mean coding, but on a more fundamental and physical level. What happens in all the hardware of a computer that...
May6-14 08:06 AM
7 2,551
Hi,I had to refreshed my win 8 but know I cant watch youtube clips on internet explorer but there are...
Apr29-14 03:47 PM
15 3,185
My friend just let his computer fall to the ground and something appeared to have happened to the hard drive. While...
Apr28-14 11:10 AM
4 1,893
My camera only produce .MOV files. I want to record some demo video that needed higher quality audio than the camera...
Apr27-14 06:39 PM
4 1,840
guys, there are two users in my system which are 'standard user' and no one is 'administrator'. now the problem is...
Apr27-14 02:48 PM
17 5,413

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