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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
I'm planning on installing linux on my hard drive, having never done it before, and was doing a bit of research and...
Jun1-07 11:51 PM
39 66,967
Hardware & Software News/Articles ---------------------------- Anandtech Welcome to AnandTech, the leading IT...
Aug31-09 11:55 PM
B. Elliott
0 13,877
I have an account on a Unix cluster where I log in through an SSH client (I'm using SecureCRT). I need to be able...
Apr19-12 04:42 AM
4 1,578
A popular remote desktop connection issue at present shows up in my head making me wonder whether or not what I am...
Apr20-12 03:47 AM
1 1,278
Hi all, I recently purchased a hardware board which supports PC/104 and when i am going through the manual i found...
Apr20-12 05:48 AM
2 1,664
When I am surfing the net there are many times where an intruder comes up and not the site I clicked on. If I repeat...
Apr24-12 09:25 AM
15 2,062
My Firefox seems to be running slow, should I delete my cookies or temporary internet files, what do you guys think...
Apr25-12 05:45 AM
18 2,797
I'm looking for a laptop that costs around $600-$700, highest being like $750. I currently have an '09 Toshiba...
Apr25-12 06:23 AM
17 4,258
It's been a long time since I had to open up R and do some calculations, so my memory is a little bit rusty in...
Apr25-12 04:19 PM
0 1,925
Hello everyone. okay so here is my situation, I restore my home computer of windows XP. now that i have done that,...
Apr27-12 05:10 AM
1 1,252
I recently received a phone call from someone claining to be a Microsoft (Windows?) technical support and told me...
Apr29-12 06:42 PM
1 1,438
Hi all, I'm helpnig my wife put together a party for our son. She wanted to do a photobooth idea and tasked me with...
May1-12 01:37 PM
Aaron William
0 1,238
My Laptop started freezing with random interruptions in both sound and image while playing avi. files, no matter which...
May4-12 12:36 AM
5 2,325
The latest issue of Consumer Reports has a discussion of anti-virus software (free and pay). Between free and pay...
May5-12 05:49 AM
4 2,235
When I start to play the video, the audio will always keep going but the picture will freeze and then start back up...
May9-12 01:57 AM
3 1,303
Hi Guys (and Gals), I hope no one minds that I posted this in "Academic Guidance", but I figured this is something...
May13-12 09:46 PM
4 1,765
I am internet illiterate, however, I would like to understand the net neutrality issue by, perhaps, this Monday 1:00...
May15-12 05:37 PM
12 2,343
Does a virtual "LoJack" for computers exist? By means of their informational nature, does not a computer trade data...
May17-12 12:41 AM
23 26,745
Hi, I have an HP Pavilion zv5000 for about 1 1/2 to 2 yrs. Lately, the battery just die suddenly. I can use the...
May17-12 06:04 AM
9 36,994
Has anyone heard of a feature whereby display processing power is linked to system power levels ?eg.: if you're...
May17-12 06:18 AM
7 1,664
Ok so I got a new computer about a month ago and I went to create a factory restore disc its windows 7 on a asus...
May17-12 06:33 AM
4 1,791
Hi everyone, i'm new here. i want to know how to clone the hard drive of computer. which software is the best? i...
May17-12 06:54 AM
6 3,077
Yesterday I was onsite doing computer work with a customer while sitting at a metal table. Whenever the computer was...
May17-12 11:50 AM
8 2,103 After some of the information i've read and a few...
May17-12 07:05 PM
30 6,349
Hello Forum, it can happen that in a VoIP conversation we hear some echo, i.e. we hear our voice, with a certain...
May18-12 04:04 PM
1 1,346
Please can anyone tell me how can I find the Serial No. & Year of Manufacture of my 2.70 gigahertz AMD Athlon 64 X2...
May19-12 08:49 AM
1 1,254
I tried to install windows service pack 2 on my computer. When everything was downloaded and then it restarted my...
May21-12 09:11 PM
6 1,846
Hey everyone, I'm currently looking for a good computer and I think I might of just found it. Here are the specs,...
May22-12 05:02 AM
11 2,428
So, I'll be going to grad school in condensed matter physics in a couple years, and since my current laptop is on it's...
May22-12 10:01 AM
5 3,840
I need to send out a whole bunch of the same e-mails to different people and I know I can use CC or BCC, but I want to...
May22-12 07:37 PM
2 1,673
I have photoshop CS5 installed in my computer, but the "White" color for anything in it always appears to be a facial...
May22-12 09:54 PM
3 1,570
I have run into a little problem when my outlook's new message function separates every single German character I...
May23-12 06:11 AM
1 1,219
My situation. There are many GB of difference data that would be saved for it protection from deleting. I wish to do...
May23-12 10:15 PM
3 1,778
This morning, I called TDS to report an outage. The guy that I spoke to denied that there was any outage in my area...
May24-12 09:44 AM
6 1,592
My friend's computer restarts after the BIOS screen. There's only one key to press, F2 on the BIOS Screen. Windows XP...
May28-12 02:15 AM
2 1,307
I started my days late with computer world, but lately I have enjoyed myself pretty much with DOS command line options...
May30-12 09:44 AM
3 1,852
I'm writing 3 very long sets of notes on physics. At the moment I have a free webpage hoster (multimania) but recently...
May30-12 10:21 PM
8 1,643
I'm trying to figure out how many bits of information the human has stored in his mind. I personally believe that...
Jun2-12 03:34 PM
5 5,331
Hello, I would like to buy a PC which is faster then my Pentium I,II, but can work under Dos 6.22. I have been told...
Jun2-12 06:37 PM
17 3,075
I was given a CD with fortran files as part of my senior year project (biology major here), that said in order to...
Jun3-12 10:24 PM
1 2,215
Why does my Lion 10.7.3 boot fail at "still waiting for a root device" ? :frown:
Jun4-12 09:42 PM
3 4,062
MS is rolling out Windows 8, three years after lauching Win7, and also IE10. Microsoft previews Windows 8 operating...
Jun5-12 02:11 PM
4 1,517

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