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Aug31-09 11:55 PM
B. Elliott
0 10,846
I'm planning on installing linux on my hard drive, having never done it before, and was doing a bit of research and...
Jun1-07 11:51 PM
39 53,139
No upgrade, full install of WIN 7 Ultimate. Problem is just like the title says. Screens: ...
Dec5-09 02:10 PM
7 6,993
Hi .... all ... Do you have a virtual machine ??? (XEN, VMware, VirtualBox, or any other ...) ... please give...
Dec4-09 11:14 AM
5 1,504
If i found a computer on the street and it had no information on the owner or previous user, is it possible to to then...
Dec4-09 11:06 AM
2 1,150
I want to create a professional website, but I do not know where to begin. How do I complete the first steps in...
Dec4-09 10:53 AM
13 1,501
I just installed Ubuntu 7.10 and I'm unable to install my modem which works perfectly under Windows XP. The model is...
Dec4-09 10:38 AM
15 2,488
I need to do a fresh install of a new OS on my desk top and would like to know whether or not the "Upgrade" is a full...
Dec3-09 04:13 PM
37 3,431
I have seen drivers that allow you to use one of a SLI cards as a physics processor. I was wondering if boards with a...
Dec2-09 01:08 PM
3 2,264
Will Battlefield 2 run on an Intel GMA3100 integrated graphics processor? If all the settings are on low, with AA...
Nov30-09 10:38 PM
4 3,665
anyone have any invites they can share ? Trying to get a hook up so I can invite everyone from my math and...
Nov30-09 09:28 PM
16 1,701
I've read that the Radeon HD 5000 series graphics cards, especially the HD 5950, and 5970 dual-core ones, are being...
Nov30-09 07:22 PM
Greg Bernhardt
1 2,616
I was hoping to buy a good sound card. Someone on this forum told me to get an X-FI Auzentech Prelude. I was going to...
Nov30-09 07:19 PM
Greg Bernhardt
1 1,187
I am college senior in biomedical engineering and am working on a project which will involve the use of a CDROM drive...
Nov30-09 07:17 PM
Greg Bernhardt
1 1,163
I haven't used Thunderbird much before, but decided to install the PortableApps Thunderbird on my 8GB USB Flash Drive...
Nov30-09 07:04 PM
Greg Bernhardt
1 1,416
Surprise, surprise. I bought a laptop and its display has horizontal resolution of 1366. I always thought that...
Nov30-09 11:19 AM
10 1,590
my PC sound card has mike input, how can i record the sound into *.wav format and save it into HDD ? what software...
Nov30-09 07:53 AM
3 6,332
I have a Gateway gaming desktop, and whenever I play a game, the temperature shoots up from it's 85 degrees Celsius...
Nov29-09 01:40 AM
10 8,404 ...
Nov28-09 12:40 AM
2 947
I'm looking for all the computer experts out there. I have a wireless network in my house; I have one desktop...
Nov27-09 04:04 PM
10 1,267
I find it utterly impossible to believe that this is an actual in-game screen shot from the PC version of Crysis 2....
Nov26-09 05:38 AM
2 3,299
My LORDY LORD, I'm running firefox right now with Gmail up, facebook, and a random website up. On facebook im playing...
Nov25-09 11:51 AM
53 4,776
I need help on writing an excel program that will allow my company to have multiple tabs with some of the same...
Nov24-09 02:07 PM
6 2,117
God I love this Linux OS so far. No need for virus or adware/malware scanners anymore. Very easy to use. I only use...
Nov24-09 01:38 PM
10 1,348
Perhaps someone can explain this to me. An i7 has a transistor count of 731M. A Pentium has a transistor count of...
Nov23-09 08:48 AM
11 1,455
can anyone suggest a good site where i can get a .3gp converter for free? I a tried a couple a sites (google search),...
Nov22-09 07:15 PM
5 1,569
I have an AlienWare Aurora computer, it was an Amd System, it had a single core processer, 256mb graphics card and...
Nov21-09 01:04 PM
5 2,654
Dear Gurus, I have an old pentium chip covered with thermal paste that is kind of dried and difficult to remove. I...
Nov20-09 09:47 AM
5 2,966
I am writing a program that measures vital signs using an ADAM-5000 controlled with Visual Basics. I want to create an...
Nov19-09 06:40 PM
0 839
My 1 TB external hard drive which currently houses about 850 gbs worth of media is having an issue. It wont display...
Nov19-09 01:22 PM
2 9,077
Hi, Can anyone recommend me any free video editing software.I have some avi video clips which I want to edit.I want...
Nov18-09 08:47 AM
1 1,043
I started to receive a lot of spam recently from my computer site and a friend suggested me that is because I have my...
Nov17-09 05:33 AM
6 2,586
Okay, I don't know anything about compiling stuff, but I found a website with links to something called GNU software. ...
Nov16-09 11:18 PM
4 1,486
Anyone know what a typical clock skew would be on your average PC these days? Updating my clock with NTP it appears...
Nov16-09 09:12 PM
1 1,776
I use various browsers for various applications (IE8, Firefox, Avant, Opera). My primary antivirus program is Avira. ...
Nov14-09 04:58 PM
2 1,102
I was curious if your OS, and background/system tasks are fully multi-threaded throughout all the Four cores of a...
Nov13-09 04:29 PM
5 1,877
I just bought a Coolermaster HAF 932 full tower PC case for my gaming rig. It has about Five or Six, large case fans...
Nov12-09 07:42 PM
1 7,005
This is my first post. I am an aerospace engineer so these very technical computer questions still elude me. My...
Nov11-09 05:39 PM
2 3,166
and which part of it exactly receives the foremost electron?
Nov10-09 10:20 PM
2 1,507
can any one tell me why is pipelining becoming easier when instructions are of same format? and hard to implement...
Nov10-09 10:17 PM
1 1,375
I have a quad-core desktop computer with 6GBs of RAM, with windows Vista home premium (64 bit) it say's in windows...
Nov10-09 12:43 PM
4 5,510
Hi guys and gals :smile: I am currently working on a project that involves server cooling. My objective is to make...
Nov10-09 10:49 AM
2 1,927

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