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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
I'm planning on installing linux on my hard drive, having never done it before, and was doing a bit of research and...
Jun1-07 11:51 PM
39 66,962
Hardware & Software News/Articles ---------------------------- Anandtech Welcome to AnandTech, the leading IT...
Aug31-09 11:55 PM
B. Elliott
0 13,874
I'm going to buy a new television and I'm torn between two models: Panasonic 42 inch plasma TV 2007 model...
May8-07 11:37 PM
11 4,953
Hi, I just burned a DVD+R in my computer. However I want it to be able to play on my Sister's computer which it...
Jul3-07 02:25 AM
4 1,287
Please help.After quite some difficulty, I have converted our family video tapes to the computer as .wmv files .I have...
Sep12-07 09:06 AM
6 1,993
I've tried numerous methods of getting a DVD onto iTunes, but I just can't get it to work. Could someone please help...
Sep14-07 03:22 PM
7 62,857
WHat do you think the technology will be in the year 4000? my top five 1 flying cars 2 No war solve wars by...
Oct15-07 11:29 PM
22 10,961
I just bought a CD which is primarily the SACD version but which also contains the usual Audio CD layer, so that it...
Jan18-08 07:49 PM
1 2,108
The Warner studio announced yesterday that they will stop releasing new HD DVD discs at the end of May, and thereafter...
Feb19-08 09:46 AM
29 8,594
My TV remote stopped working. Yes, I changed the batteries. Wondering what was going on, and staring at the infrared...
Apr23-08 03:29 PM
6 5,257
A friend has one with his DSL service. I was planning to put in a wireless router (which I may still do depending on...
Apr25-08 01:21 PM
6 58,677
I am trying to run down a claim on Intel's upcoming CPU family release - Penryn. The claim: a dual core version at...
Jun5-08 03:06 PM
2 3,367
Hey everyone, My computer is starting to have weird problems and I think it may be power related. I recently...
Jun5-08 04:53 PM
9 2,852
is there such a thing as a wireless usb to usb. for example i want to connect my printer to my laptop and it would be...
Jun6-08 08:40 AM
3 1,944
I am looking for a small, less than 6ins sq computer, to use in a musical instrument, the board must be able to drive...
Jun6-08 08:45 AM
3 1,741
Hey all, I have a few questions concerning computers for a project I'm working on... I know a significant amount of...
Jun6-08 12:26 PM
2 1,344
- Motherboard Asus bus 1333 - Processor Intel Core 2 duo 2.33 ghz bus 1333 - 2* (1 go ddr 2) I know in my country...
Jun7-08 04:11 PM
B. Elliott
12 2,002
I'm at the library on the wireless system and it works fine. I go home to my wireless system and it does not work....
Jun12-08 03:54 PM
14 3,185
Jun13-08 01:07 AM
0 1,147
I was downloading a rather big rar archive file. It was about 93% finished, but I really had to leave so I canceled...
Jun13-08 02:03 AM
11 5,347
Ok, so i am trying to reformat my old hp for my little brothers to use. But im not sure if i can. Its a hard-drive...
Jun13-08 07:19 AM
4 1,115
hey, ive been having BSOD problems lately, when trying to play a game I keep getting them: ialmdev5.dll stop errors,...
Jun14-08 03:08 AM
4 2,241
Could someone tell me why my IP belongs to US whereas I am in France ? Yes I am inb France, someone has done something...
Jun14-08 07:45 AM
Ed Aboud
4 1,830
I'm picking up an 8gb of 16gb flash drive. I'm planning on installing a linux distro on it, since I find myself using...
Jun14-08 08:54 AM
Ed Aboud
5 1,529
I know this is such a vague question, but I really just want some ideas for a new laptop for school next year. I'm...
Jun15-08 09:54 PM
45 6,859
Hi I have a wierd problem recently, I just realised that someone or something (more like something) is opening up...
Jun18-08 04:24 PM
1 1,501
I've had a request made by one of my outside sales reps to implement some type of CRM system at my branch. I used an...
Jun18-08 06:27 PM
0 1,908
Jun19-08 01:29 AM
24 15,913
Hi guys, Now I want to build a computer for intensive calculation. I am expecting to spend somewhere 4000 dollars...
Jun19-08 09:58 AM
9 2,129
Hello everybody, my question is: do you get an increase in speed/power/performance when you "freeze" computer...
Jun22-08 01:42 PM
9 1,402
What chemical or paint is on the surface of glossy or semi glossy photopaper that makes it absorb the ink so well?
Jun22-08 09:11 PM
6 1,681
i have a english (uk) keyboard but my computer has the keyboard mapping set to english (us). does anyone know how i...
Jun23-08 04:21 PM
1 2,356
hi guys >>>> i have 4 giga transcend flash memory , and it was working in normal way , but now it doesn't accept...
Jun29-08 02:38 PM
Ed Aboud
2 4,703
I've downloaded and installed a custom icon theme, however not all are showing. :confused:
Jun30-08 01:43 PM
2 2,393
Our work PCs have a very annoying pop up that displays every time a page is printed/plotted. It is an annoying balloon...
Jul2-08 08:03 AM
6 1,431
Hi All: I am trying to install Ghostscript to read a .ps FILE. Unfortunately, after downloading and unzipping GPL...
Jul2-08 01:24 PM
2 12,608
I'm trying to fix a problem with a computer system and I'm not sure where to go next. My office manager said that...
Jul2-08 02:42 PM
0 1,575
Lately I've been haveing some trouble with the Windows Xp on my laptop so I thought about switching to Linux. I use...
Jul2-08 02:43 PM
16 3,231
I downloaded a torrent file the other day and half way through the download i decided i didn't want to finish...
Jul3-08 11:24 PM
13 44,587
Recently my computer got some sort of virus, and now when I try to start it, it'll make it to the Windows XP loading...
Jul4-08 09:02 PM
6 1,232
Hello, I have a Dell D620 laptop and recently I have been having trouble with the input the tells the cursor where to...
Jul7-08 09:26 PM
9 6,250
Does anyone know where I can get a free, trial, or demo PDF editor. I have tried Dling some online, they either don't...
Jul8-08 01:01 PM
12 3,600

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