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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
I'm planning on installing linux on my hard drive, having never done it before, and was doing a bit of research and...
Jun1-07 11:51 PM
39 67,923
Hardware & Software News/Articles ---------------------------- Anandtech Welcome to AnandTech, the leading IT...
Aug31-09 11:55 PM
B. Elliott
0 14,192
Will an entrance level Intel Core I7 920 be faster than a Core 2 Quad Q9400? Just asking...
Apr8-09 06:36 AM
3 1,769
My (new*) linux system is having trouble connecting to most websites. Originally I thought it was a DNS issue,...
Apr8-09 11:26 AM
4 1,502
I need to replace my hard drive. The recommendation is: ATA/100 5400 RPM 9.5mm. I see a lot of faster drive 7200rpm...
Apr10-09 01:26 PM
4 1,083
I want to build a digital photo frame for my Mom for mothers day. I need to buy a lcd screen and can't find one for a...
Apr10-09 08:11 PM
3 1,509
Are there any truly free video files converter out there? I have seen many that give you a trial version but for the...
Apr23-09 01:07 PM
8 1,557
Can anyone recommend a good and reliable online resource on this subject area? One which explains areas like...
Apr24-09 01:59 PM
1 1,683
Hi everybody, I've got a problem with WXP. Sometimes, when I'm browsing through a website or looking through my...
Apr24-09 03:02 PM
5 1,419
I was thinking about a colloquim speaker I heard once and I have a few unanswered questions. He was talking about the...
Apr24-09 08:12 PM
1 1,010
Hi, I was running a labview program and it wrote my data to an lvm file, which can be opened with notepad. The problem...
Apr25-09 06:45 PM
2 9,712
Hi, I'm thinking about doing a small home project where I can control certain things away from home with my cellphone....
Apr27-09 06:41 PM
1 1,267
I'll be starting grad school in July and my current PC is a good 3+ years old. I will leave it here so the family can...
Apr27-09 09:39 PM
derek e
19 4,368
perform better on optimized code. cpu only runs in long mode. replaces itbiun
Apr28-09 11:45 PM
0 2,351
Dear all, I am new to Linux and am currently using SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop 10 SP1 on my newly bought netbook....
Apr29-09 12:22 AM
0 1,970
Here are two that I have right now: 1.) The monitor I am using is not the original. The resolution is a mess. ...
Apr29-09 02:20 AM
12 2,074
macromedia flash Professional 8 loaders and scroll panes help ...
Apr29-09 07:48 AM
1 3,236
Why can't vista run DOS games?
Apr29-09 08:06 AM
Mr. Pimp
3 1,169
I read something about some of the USB ports on a computer being hi speed allowing for faster file transfers. I am...
Apr30-09 08:38 PM
11 70,293
Hey! I'm taking my laptop into school to play music, but I want to lock my computer into iTunes so that other...
May3-09 05:33 PM
2 3,023
I'm currently using google reader as my feed reader, but due to a lack of some features (the biggest ones are nesting...
May4-09 05:54 PM
0 938
my computer just got waves and shaking on the monitor tried a different monitor same result tryed reloading the ATI...
May4-09 07:41 PM
ray b
3 1,671
Hello! I am running ubuntu, I have a copy of open office excel, but I need to edit a tab space delimited text file...
May6-09 11:11 AM
1 1,500
Hi everyone, My computer fan keeps turning on fast, and then turning off (I think it's the fan, I'm not sure). The...
May6-09 12:47 PM
4 1,749
Installed a D-Link DIR-655 Router for my wireless network. The network consist of 3 desktop computers, 3 laptops, and...
May8-09 12:05 PM
4 3,265
I have the recovery disk set and I did try to recover my computer after putting in a new hard drive. Something...
May9-09 11:04 PM
0 950
Please Help ! My HP running Vista Home Basic suddenly gave me the following error message on startup: "Failed to...
May11-09 03:25 PM
0 3,884
My computer can't read these files and I was wondering if you know a safe site I can download a program to read them?...
May13-09 05:24 PM
7 23,289
Recently going through threads on PF, the idea came to me, about how to set up a screen that has all the favorite...
May14-09 10:29 PM
10 1,916
I have problem downloading this particular lecture from Youtube. It claimed there is not video but if you just watch...
May15-09 02:16 AM
4 2,322
hey this may be a foolish question .....but i want to know what is the unit used in Ms word for declare the of...
May17-09 10:06 AM
2 7,240
how can i download Microsoft MSDN Library
May23-09 07:38 PM
1 1,817
I would like to have my website but I do not know how where to look for a host? Since I am new with this I would like...
May24-09 11:44 AM
9 2,893
Is there a client that allows the "conversation" style display of emails like on Gmail?
May24-09 03:14 PM
2 1,424
After hunting down a solution for days now, I have finally narrowed the problem down using Process Explorer and...
May24-09 03:56 PM
2 5,473
I've made a spreadsheet doc with Open Office. It's basically a list of CD's with artist name, CD title, etc. Is it...
May25-09 10:12 AM
Dr Transport
2 2,248
i have virus in my computer just can't delete it i use all antivirus free version pust all programe tell no virus...
May26-09 03:38 AM
7 3,032
IN Windows environment : 1- what is the max. no. of partitions that can be made ? 2- why always the color of any...
May26-09 08:57 PM
2 1,204
I am giving my ladyfriend my old Dell computer with Windows 98 OS. I would like to transfer all of the files in her...
May27-09 08:32 AM
10 7,347
I would like to know how to "defrag" a hard drive, and what the gains are to doing so. I am using windows vista home...
May27-09 04:22 PM
6 2,059
I want to network two computers using dial up connection. I need help
May30-09 12:38 PM
2 1,988
I am looking for a version of Linux to try. I have used Ubuntu 8.10 and 9.04, PCLinuxOS, I am going to try Fedora 10...
Jun1-09 10:26 AM
9 1,843

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