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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
Hardware & Software News/Articles ---------------------------- Anandtech Welcome to AnandTech, the leading IT...
Aug31-09 11:55 PM
B. Elliott
0 13,865
I'm planning on installing linux on my hard drive, having never done it before, and was doing a bit of research and...
Jun1-07 11:51 PM
39 66,928
I don't know what it is and how it works but websites such as seems different when seen from a PC.I can't...
Jan18-14 09:00 AM
4 1,425
I have an ebook with some pages are normal size, and some pages are small. I'll be reading a page, scroll down, and...
Jan13-14 08:11 AM
3 1,499
I recently rearranged my house, and now the most convenient place to set up my computer is unfortunately inconvenient...
Jan11-14 03:22 PM
4 1,514
I'm fed up with google. It returns results that don't have all my keywords in it. Just now I searched for "Skyrim...
Jan10-14 06:15 PM
25 3,972
I never upload video onto Youtube. 1) I can video tape ".MOV" with my Nikon SLR. Can I upload onto Youtube? 2) The...
Jan10-14 02:22 PM
3 1,358
Ok, so I have my desktop connected to my Linksys E2500 router with DD-WRT installed, and the router acting as a...
Jan8-14 03:54 PM
1 1,260
I just bought a new Acer monitor and the text, such as what I'm typing right now, is moving very slightly in a wavy...
Jan4-14 03:31 PM
2 1,327
I am sick of skype. It doesn't let you turn off history on iphone/android, and the history saved there comes flooding...
Jan3-14 11:24 PM
6 1,369
Hi guys, Iím new here! Just wanna say hello and hope to gain some experience from you. I wanna download some new music...
Dec31-13 12:59 AM
12 4,033
The only reason we require DHCP is because we don't have enough IP addresses to give everyone a static IP address,...
Dec30-13 02:39 AM
5 1,532
there is a strange virus.It seems that it has a name of recycle.Problem is that when it enters our flash memory it...
Dec26-13 06:33 PM
16 1,844
My wife accidentally have the camera in video mode, she tried to take pictures but took a few seconds of video...
Dec22-13 03:21 AM
2 1,523
Hey all, I am looking to downgrade my current laptop into something that has battery longevity; sleekness;...
Dec21-13 11:55 AM
3 1,313
Some configurations of adobe reader has change.I cant get them back.Can you help me.I encircled the functions with red...
Dec20-13 04:27 PM
2 1,241
I must have downloaded something off Google Chrome, unaware it came with iLivid. I have deleted it from the control...
Dec20-13 02:11 PM
19 2,332
I encountered a strange problem resolving the url of a repository. I am running opensuse 12.1 and firefox. The...
Dec19-13 06:44 AM
2 1,257
I am planning to get a HP laptop with 2GB dedicated graphics card, but I heard that laptops with dedicated graphics...
Dec16-13 02:53 PM
4 1,278
my old laptop has broken down.there are problems with booting.when I pushed power button its led lights light up but...
Dec16-13 12:29 PM
9 1,460
Hey, anyone know anything about this laptop model? Im thinking of buying but can't find any previews online. If you...
Dec15-13 03:29 AM
0 1,176
I haven't bought/upgraded desktop pc since 2007, and haven't been seriously following trends since. So, this morning,...
Dec6-13 06:45 PM
1 1,350
I'm torn between software engineering and computer repair. Both are great to me. Like if my friend comes to me and...
Nov26-13 12:54 PM
4 3,019
What should a programmer/electrical engineering student look for in a laptop? Which according to you is the best...
Nov26-13 12:43 PM
13 22,246
Moore's Law will not continue indefinitely because the silicon-based processing units can only go so small. If...
Nov25-13 01:08 PM
12 5,002
Hello! I am not particularly well-versed in computers but I am interesting in expanding my knowledge. Basically, I...
Nov25-13 12:56 PM
10 2,511
In my windows 8.1 control panel->display->screen resolution,I have 3 displays : lg analog, NVIDIA geforce 620 and...
Nov23-13 09:44 AM
Moe Trsyklist
2 1,870
can the direction of flow of current be used to define binary circuits. can we consider a particular direction of flow...
Nov20-13 10:40 PM
9 3,123
So I know an awful lot about computers. Currently at work they have me on this older Core2 with Ubuntu 12.04 and 2GBs...
Nov17-13 06:43 PM
Ben Niehoff
10 2,294
I have partitioned my hd into 3 drives. I installed Windows 8.1 on C drive and have used the OS until now. I realize I...
Nov13-13 04:03 AM
4 1,864
I bought a new desktop computer without pre installed os. Now I fail to install 1: XP-the Blue death screen after...
Nov13-13 03:33 AM
8 1,899
Any favorites guys? And have you developed any source code personally?
Nov12-13 10:09 PM
Ben Niehoff
4 1,973
I bought a new computer of core i5 and with geforce gt 620 gpu support. I installed Windows 8.1 on it. However I can't...
Nov11-13 11:29 AM
4 1,891 This sounds bad....
Nov8-13 03:02 PM
3 1,751
What was exactly AOL CDs for? When I was a kid there were these commercials like this one and there were people...
Nov5-13 09:11 AM
5 1,523
Is there any free way to split PDF pages down the middle? I have a scanned PDF book with 2 pages on each page. Is...
Nov2-13 12:18 PM
32 109,038
Hi there, If I perform the following calculation in Excel:...
Oct31-13 08:10 AM
9 2,274
I notice when I am on the web, the pointer is slow and the fan comes on. I check and I found cnmnsst.exe running and...
Oct31-13 02:53 AM
10 5,899
Hi I am using win xp on my laptop. I recently purchased D-Link DWM-156 dongle (google for images). In this I insert...
Oct8-13 07:59 PM
3 2,922
How would the CPU, RAM and disk storage of a Database server affect the performance of the Database?
Oct8-13 11:24 AM
3 2,416
I used to play League of Legends, but I stopped playing it because my screen would turn a bunch of different colors...
Oct7-13 09:57 AM
3 2,511
The Canon MP560 all-in-one printer that I bought in January 2010 just died on me, I think. When I turn it on, it comes...
Oct7-13 08:25 AM
6 2,767

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