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Hardware & Software News/Articles ---------------------------- Anandtech Welcome to AnandTech, the leading IT...
Aug31-09 11:55 PM
B. Elliott
0 10,833
I'm planning on installing linux on my hard drive, having never done it before, and was doing a bit of research and...
Jun1-07 11:51 PM
39 53,099
I was wondering how people ran computers before operating system. Since there is no OS to load our program, run it...
Oct2-13 11:29 PM
30 3,639
Anyone interested in them can post here I'll start by posting my specs i5 3570k @4.2GHz Gigabyte GTX 760...
Sep30-13 02:37 AM
7 1,818
My PC has been locked by a virus claiming to come from the police and demanding a "fine" to free it. I can run the PC...
Sep29-13 05:11 PM
Jim Kata
11 1,962
I have avoided using the word "tablet" in the title, because this word now refers to a few distinct kinds of devices,...
Sep26-13 04:52 PM
Ben Niehoff
9 2,252
Computer games are cracked so that you don't have to buy the original cd and play for free. Well what exactly do you...
Sep26-13 10:05 AM
3 1,998
I've always been fascinated to software's. But my university doesn't provide bachelor in software engineering.There...
Sep25-13 03:10 PM
2 1,611
I am on a client machine but I have admin rights to check and uncheck any applications that need to be run as an...
Sep25-13 03:08 PM
1 1,520
Hi, I'm running Internet Explorer 10 and when I go into manage add on, I see Java is enabled. However, when I try...
Sep25-13 03:04 PM
8 2,243
I tried downloading Microsoft's word viewer from their website and it didn't work and I tried re-downloading it. I...
Sep25-13 03:03 PM
3 1,599
I just realize my new laptop has no CD or DVD drive. I need to load anti virus and other programs in. I know all I...
Sep25-13 02:58 PM
8 1,953
I am trying to load a very old version of Photoshop 6.0 into my Win 7 computer. It won't even install, it just...
Sep24-13 02:59 PM
5 1,769
Hi I am looking for an external USB CD/DVD R/W drive for my laptop as it does not come with one. I look on Amazon and...
Sep24-13 05:01 AM
2 1,501
I got my new computer with Win 8 and the Mcafee and another program keep popping up. I went on the control panel and...
Sep23-13 08:48 PM
2 1,626
hello everybody i want to setup up a computer lab for a school as my ngo but i still don't know much about servers and...
Sep14-13 02:06 AM
5 1,732
I'm trying to stream media from my windows 7 PC to my chromebook. I followed the instructions on this page to set it...
Sep13-13 05:51 PM
3 1,830
So I am a sophomore Astronomy and Physics student looking for a powerful laptop to do programming and to help me with...
Sep12-13 05:02 AM
1 1,939
I'm 6 blocks away from campus & probably 4 blocks out of range. I'm a student at the university so I do have the...
Sep11-13 07:40 PM
6 1,848
Is there any way to manually add a thumbnail to the Google chrome "new tab" tab? I HATE how it won't let you pick...
Sep11-13 06:26 AM
1 1,831
How do you set a custom security level in Windows 8 to view Latex.
Sep8-13 12:13 PM
2 1,272
Hi! I have a few devices in my home like a desktop, a laptop, a printer, a tablet(Nexus 7) and a smartphone. I usually...
Sep5-13 04:31 PM
12 1,518
I would like to buy a USB HDD, e.g...
Sep3-13 04:17 PM
5 1,346
Hi, I'm looking for a smart management software so I can manage all my bookmarks and highlight on websites. The...
Sep2-13 07:32 PM
2 1,153
Hi, My paper has been accepted by a journal. However, I have a problem with the images... The reviewer says:...
Aug31-13 08:26 AM
jim mcnamara
16 1,544
According to some websites GNU/linux Mint has become the standard while Ubuntu's fame decreased drastically after the...
Aug25-13 11:47 PM
31 3,568
I'm currently discarding tons of paper for math practice and I wonder if a tablet is a good replacement. Is it as...
Aug22-13 04:38 PM
1 1,319
I've been having a problem lately with my computer. It's running 64-bit Windows 7, and has two external hard drives...
Aug15-13 08:43 PM
6 1,632
So, I've had this problem for about 8 months now. My computer will randomly shut off and display the message above....
Aug15-13 11:06 AM
3 1,323
What is ferromagetic memories ? I need matter on this help me plz, searching so many webs cant get proper matter :(
Aug15-13 09:49 AM
3 1,355
I just heard about this thing called raspberry pi. It's a credit-sized computer made by raspberry pi foundation. I...
Aug13-13 11:27 PM
3 2,329
I was looking out for dedicated true random number generators and was surprised that there seem to be only very few...
Aug13-13 05:31 PM
Bill Simpson
13 2,542
I have problem with installing and uninstalling Java. Some of my work cannot be completed without a working Java. I...
Aug10-13 07:28 AM
4 1,228
It is in my desktop now, every time I click a google search result, I got redirected to some unknown websites (the...
Aug5-13 05:40 AM
24 40,915
Is there any, at all? Open to suggestions. No witty remarks like "a slip of paper and a pen"
Aug3-13 03:13 PM
7 1,422
I'm looking for advice on buying a tablet PC. I'm a Droid Razr HD smart-phone user, Windows PC user and I don't...
Aug3-13 06:35 AM
3 1,243
Does anyone know what this is, I found it one day(today) on my computer and I am not sure what it is or what to do...
Jul31-13 08:10 AM
10 1,540
how to remove this from all the drives, help.
Jul30-13 05:58 AM
7 2,377
Hi there, In Office Excel 2013 - If I make a list of five statements, each in a separate cell but within the same...
Jul29-13 08:34 PM
1 1,064
I have an android tablet running ice cream sand witch 4.0 I need a basic camera app that when I take a photo it...
Jul29-13 02:53 PM
2 930
Preface It might come to a surprise to some of us that our privacy is being challenged by the very services we...
Jul29-13 02:51 PM
3 1,302
Hi, all: I dropped some warm water yesterday; around 1.5 ounces in the keyboard of my laptop, an HP G72:...
Jul29-13 02:48 PM
6 1,267

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