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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
Hardware & Software News/Articles ---------------------------- Anandtech Welcome to AnandTech, the leading IT...
Aug31-09 11:55 PM
B. Elliott
0 13,347
I'm planning on installing linux on my hard drive, having never done it before, and was doing a bit of research and...
Jun1-07 11:51 PM
39 64,655
Hello I am trying to sort the numerous PDF files I have in a folder, not written by me, and mostly journal articles...
Oct28-09 02:31 PM
4 1,426
I had this problem before. But a friend of mind open up my laptop and fixed it. I was told that I could also reinstall...
Oct27-09 07:06 PM
6 2,216
I have a bunch of files that I want to find the ones that do not contain a word. I think that I can use grep to do...
Oct25-09 04:57 PM
1 18,853
Hi everyone! My webpage has an option to listen to MP3 songs. It works fine on some computers, but not work on...
Oct23-09 03:56 PM
Mike Phan
2 1,556
Hello. I went to get a new router because I finally decided to get wireless. I got a Linksys WRT120N which supposedly...
Oct22-09 11:16 PM
B. Elliott
3 6,701
I have a thinkpad laptop. It will not come on. It was working fine with no signs that the monitor will cut off later. ...
Oct20-09 01:29 PM
11 1,686
My daughter's computer is wasting way too much of my time! I can't seem to connect a printer to it. The computer is...
Oct18-09 08:12 PM
13 5,128
I am looking for the printer driver "QMS DeskLaser 1600P" "date 1998-6" can you help me plz ?
Oct18-09 12:38 AM
Greg Bernhardt
1 1,412
i shut down all applications in my windows vista business using msconfig. now, everytime it boots my computer displays...
Oct15-09 02:27 PM
1 12,435
I am trying to download a podcast to my itunes library, but everytime I attempt to download the podcast to my itunes...
Oct13-09 07:14 PM
0 2,101
Because my current graphics card runs burning-hot (past 100 *C) under load, I was hoping of getting a better, and...
Oct12-09 12:56 PM
crazy frog
11 3,912
I'd like some pointers to a good forum where I can go to ask general computer questions - usually to do with my...
Oct11-09 06:26 PM
4 2,006
The last time I defragged a hard drive was on my desktop computer with windows vista. My laptop seems to be slowing...
Oct10-09 01:55 PM
B. Elliott
13 5,411
1) Is there a way to view a log of who has been using my wireless network? I went to my router's configuration page,...
Oct8-09 12:03 PM
2 1,129
In the old days the BeOS was another competitor to linux, and unix, but has since died until now. Some of the former...
Oct7-09 11:37 AM
Greg Bernhardt
1 1,005
Hi all, I am unsure which binary I need to use for the installation of g95 on Ubuntu 64-bit. None of the binaries...
Oct7-09 11:37 AM
Greg Bernhardt
1 5,454
I know there's and U3. What other ones are there? What's the best?
Oct7-09 11:34 AM
Greg Bernhardt
1 1,277
i scanned french document and save it as image file to translate it but how can Capture Text form image and save it...
Oct7-09 06:46 AM
2 6,766
Will my Corsair TX750 fit in a Coolermaster HAF 932 full tower gaming case?
Oct6-09 04:37 PM
1 1,334
The Intel "Skulltrail" motherboards, which have two physical CPU sockets, do they make versions of this motherboard...
Oct3-09 12:59 AM
B. Elliott
1 1,916
My friend gave me a one of his old harddrives so I could use it as a secondary hdd on my home desktop. However, to...
Oct2-09 03:16 PM
28 8,746
I am looking for thermal power dissipation data on Lenovo servers. A lot of the big companies like Dell and HP have...
Oct1-09 04:35 PM
1 1,533
I've been reading the thread on completely erasing hard drives as well as a bit on the File Allocation Table (i.e....
Oct1-09 01:02 PM
1 951
Hi All, I want to create a website which only I can access, so that I can stor my files on. When I upload my...
Sep30-09 11:12 PM
18 1,605
Use this link to see hardware specifications for my desktop PC. ...
Sep28-09 11:50 AM
B. Elliott
1 1,020
i am thinking of buying a sata pci card so that i cant use my sata hdd on my p3 system, can you set this drive to...
Sep27-09 09:26 AM
1 1,641
i'm planning to buy a new laptop... i'll be using it for programming and other computing applications like matlab... ...
Sep24-09 02:21 AM
8 2,008
I got an USB and that infected virus that I never seen! I plug it in mycomputer and it's infected. Bitdefender in my...
Sep23-09 02:17 AM
5 1,265
Can anyone tell me how to play this song which is in .cda format. i copied the song from the net and i burned it on a...
Sep22-09 07:48 AM
10 4,053
Yesterday, I was playing STALKER Clear Sky, a video game. Then I exited the game after I was done with it, and shut...
Sep19-09 05:22 PM
4 3,838
I have a engineering design project this year that I am going to be doing with a group of 4 other fellow students. I...
Sep19-09 03:40 PM
4 4,320
please explain how computers can take the words entered on a keyboard and translate them into digital information?
Sep17-09 08:49 PM
1 1,046
All of the data one has relative to the Internet, such as passwords/usernames to sites, bookmarks, history, and all...
Sep17-09 05:24 AM
8 1,596
Well, I couldn't find an "Introduce Yourself" thread anywhere and I've made two posts on here out of the blue now so I...
Sep16-09 08:14 AM
12 1,448
Hello there :smile: I am doing a little research to try and find out what the most popular Brand/Models of servers...
Sep16-09 07:14 AM
8 16,428
x86 is known to be register-starved, with only 8 GPR AMD64 extends x86 8 GPR's to 16GPR. Many RISC such as PowerpC...
Sep15-09 10:59 PM
Greg Bernhardt
1 1,396
i have a USB2 external hard drive case and a 100GB WD hard drive. and i am try to install it to my computer. it detect...
Sep14-09 07:02 AM
REAL Chicken
6 10,985
How can I create a PDF file w/out buying anything? Why does adobe try to swindle you into buying something? ...
Sep8-09 02:16 AM
24 3,541
So I bought this little photo camera that also makes nice HD video. However its output has the MP4 format. Now I...
Sep3-09 09:33 AM
2 1,508
Hey guys, I'm in the market to get a laptop. I don't want to spend too much money, but I want to get a decent quality...
Aug31-09 12:07 PM
B. Elliott
4 1,179

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