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Hardware & Software News/Articles ---------------------------- Anandtech Welcome to AnandTech, the leading IT...
Aug31-09 11:55 PM
B. Elliott
0 10,878
I'm planning on installing linux on my hard drive, having never done it before, and was doing a bit of research and...
Jun1-07 11:51 PM
39 53,230
Well, I couldn't find an "Introduce Yourself" thread anywhere and I've made two posts on here out of the blue now so I...
Sep16-09 08:14 AM
12 1,404
Hello there :smile: I am doing a little research to try and find out what the most popular Brand/Models of servers...
Sep16-09 07:14 AM
8 16,000
x86 is known to be register-starved, with only 8 GPR AMD64 extends x86 8 GPR's to 16GPR. Many RISC such as PowerpC...
Sep15-09 10:59 PM
Greg Bernhardt
1 1,357
i have a USB2 external hard drive case and a 100GB WD hard drive. and i am try to install it to my computer. it detect...
Sep14-09 07:02 AM
REAL Chicken
6 10,686
How can I create a PDF file w/out buying anything? Why does adobe try to swindle you into buying something? ...
Sep8-09 02:16 AM
24 3,390
So I bought this little photo camera that also makes nice HD video. However its output has the MP4 format. Now I...
Sep3-09 09:33 AM
2 1,485
Hey guys, I'm in the market to get a laptop. I don't want to spend too much money, but I want to get a decent quality...
Aug31-09 12:07 PM
B. Elliott
4 1,139
I bought a netgear router and want to set up a wireless connection, but it says I have to turn off my firewall to set...
Aug30-09 07:14 PM
Greg Bernhardt
2 1,178
Hi, I was wondering if DirectX 10 graphics cards, such as the ATI Radeon HD4870 X2, and the NVidia GeForce GTX-280 are...
Aug30-09 03:18 PM
B. Elliott
5 7,719
Hello, I always encounter with the following message that I have been signed out from yahoo messenger because I...
Aug27-09 08:16 AM
5 1,744
Why can't I get audio for "Quake"?
Aug26-09 10:21 AM
3 1,145
Is there any software that shows the frequency of audio input as digital display?Tuner softwares can not read...
Aug25-09 07:09 PM
1 3,352
I recently bought 2 - 1 tb external hard drives from tiger direct. ...
Aug25-09 12:20 AM
B. Elliott
4 1,260
I installed MOZY FREE Backup software on my computer by following their instructions. After installation, my computer...
Aug24-09 10:53 AM
1 1,575
I recently got a new computer with Windows Vista on it. I got rid of my old computer that had Windows XP, but kept the...
Aug22-09 07:30 PM
3 1,181
I've posted this question to another forum but no one there seems to have an answer. I"ve been reading a bit about...
Aug21-09 11:06 AM
5 2,444
A Trojan.W32.agent.azsy was found on my computer. what anti-trojan software can I download for free?
Aug20-09 01:59 AM
14 3,086
Is it true that it's good for the battery if you fully charge the cellphone the first time you charge it. If so then...
Aug19-09 02:33 PM
B. Elliott
1 2,857
Does anyone have any experience with this on their computers? I have minimal experience with Linux, but since I'm...
Aug16-09 07:14 AM
5 2,342
Anyone know of any app (preferably free, or built into windows) that can track a web site and tell me if the...
Aug13-09 03:23 AM
6 3,610
I'm an undergraduate at Stony Brook University (safety, but i had no choice) and I'm planning on buying a laptop soon,...
Aug13-09 03:19 AM
14 5,804
I am looking for a 27" or 28" monitor to replace my 22" HP 2207. The reason is mainly to take the advantage of 1080p...
Aug12-09 03:37 AM
8 3,027
I don't know how this one got under my radar. A Boston College student's computers, drives, storage devices, etc were...
Aug10-09 09:04 PM
4 1,983
This may be the wrong place to put this thread, but it appeared to be the best option. Does anyone know of an easier...
Aug9-09 02:21 PM
3 7,359
How do I get linux off my laptop and reclaim that partition without having to do a fresh Windows install and without...
Aug8-09 05:01 PM
5 2,376
Sorry if this is the wrong place, I had to choose between Programming and Technology and am not very familiar with...
Aug8-09 02:40 AM
1 2,842
I installed the Dreamlinux OS and chose the option to write grub to the Master Boot Record during installation and now...
Aug7-09 02:13 AM
6 2,086
I have a peltier junction rated at 12V and when ran both sides become hot, what's wrong?
Aug6-09 02:56 PM
6 5,657
I need help Downloading ALL attached pictures of a forum, the pictures are posted on the website under \attachments. I...
Aug5-09 04:48 PM
3 2,644
I have an HP Pavilion a6528p desktop. Whenever I insert a cd or dvd autoplay doesn't start. Then when I click on my...
Aug5-09 02:22 PM
6 1,651
I know there is a way in Word that labels pictures with numbers, say, figure 1.1, 1.2, 2.1, 2.2, 2.3, etc. In this...
Aug5-09 06:55 AM
2 1,769
I am going to invest in a copy of Win XP pro to install on my MAC. A quick search on Google for "windows xp...
Aug4-09 11:53 AM
7 1,608
I was wondering if deleting a few video games which I have mastered and do not play anymore which in all amounts to,...
Aug3-09 07:29 AM
11 3,821
There MUST be some top-secret research facilities working at the frontier of science. Just curious, what do you...
Aug3-09 04:42 AM
26 2,543
I just picked up an older computer (Dell with XP) to substitute for and eventually augment a machine that has turned...
Aug2-09 04:01 PM
Kenneth Mann
6 1,225
Why we can't create a folder with name 'con' ?
Aug1-09 12:31 PM
3 2,499
I just installed a new power supply for my desktop last night. In the process I needed to remove the CPU heat sink....
Aug1-09 01:33 AM
12 4,924
I am only slightly computer literate and have been looking for easy to use apps for altering one's desktop. The most...
Aug1-09 12:44 AM
8 1,236
Is there a formula for calculating the required focal length for a webcam given the width of the field of view and the...
Jul31-09 12:20 PM
6 12,362
Hi, I was trying to type: mv *.txt some_other_directory but I accidentally hit 'return' after just typing: ...
Jul29-09 06:58 PM
4 6,091

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