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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
Hardware & Software News/Articles ---------------------------- Anandtech Welcome to AnandTech, the leading IT...
Aug31-09 11:55 PM
B. Elliott
0 14,167
I'm planning on installing linux on my hard drive, having never done it before, and was doing a bit of research and...
Jun1-07 11:51 PM
39 67,852
For all the Computer Geniuses, I am trying to download some torrent file.And the download rate is just 6kbps,Seeders...
Mar30-14 08:39 AM
7 2,136
I don't know what it is and how it works but websites such as seems different when seen from a PC.I can't...
Jan18-14 09:00 AM
4 1,454
This message appeared when I logged in today.It came from Internet download manager and Adobe reader. which are set...
Feb17-14 01:36 PM
6 1,663
I just visited this website and found that I can't open the java applet. I encountered this:...
Apr7-14 05:02 AM
10 1,830
Since last night,I can't see the chat sidebar. I can't send or see a message. returns a blank...
May11-14 09:25 AM
3 2,688 What are they? I never have any...
Jun9-14 01:02 PM
6 2,794
I have two tables(a and b) in one access document. And in each table, I have a field(look up field) having the options...
Jul8-14 02:33 PM
1 2,166
For example, I am downloading an image file from using a python script. Is there any need to include the...
Aug30-14 04:03 PM
9 510
Let's see which antivirus is most popular among PF members. Vote for your favorite antivirus program and also share...
Jul21-14 03:03 AM
34 7,071
I am using Google chrome , just fine it out that no video from youtube or any other online site is running. CAN...
Feb4-12 01:46 PM
adnan jahan
5 19,253
Dear Fellow, I have purchased new hp probook 4530s finding problem in its touchpad, it is working properly for...
Feb29-12 11:24 AM
adnan jahan
2 5,256
cos^2 (5) in a calculator
Aug25-08 01:54 AM
2 1,445
Link: As I was experimenting around with that simulator, and...
Dec28-12 07:04 AM
9 1,580
Well, this is really bad. I have an ASUS DVD player and it gave really great service for about 5 years. But lately,...
Jun6-14 01:30 AM
14 3,077
Say you have a website with mainly text, but that you want people not to be able to just "copy-paste" from it. Is...
Jul28-11 01:43 PM
21 8,012
I got a Dell n-series X86_64 intel quad cores relatively recent (last September) but it seems I can not plus my GTX580...
Apr19-11 10:10 PM
11 1,935
Dear all, I set up a external GPU device based on a GForce GTX 580. I'm running Linux (Slackware64 13.1). I use...
Jun30-11 08:04 AM
0 1,019
The only reason we require DHCP is because we don't have enough IP addresses to give everyone a static IP address,...
Dec30-13 02:39 AM
5 1,571
Security, Risk Management, and Disaster Recovery is one area where I am an expert ( worked for SunGard, years ago.). ...
Sep13-10 04:24 AM
4 1,295
Why is it that laptop power connector jacks are so fragile. Or am I just the brute who mishandles my laptop? I get...
Sep13-10 09:26 PM
10 1,999
Hello. First post on the board, so I would like any help I can get. Im going to be going back to the US for about a...
Mar16-11 08:05 PM
1 837
I got an USB and that infected virus that I never seen! I plug it in mycomputer and it's infected. Bitdefender in my...
Sep23-09 02:17 AM
5 1,294
I don't want to "pirate" any movies, but would like to rip DVD's that I bought into my computer so I can put them on...
Jul4-10 09:26 AM
3 1,078
What are the most efficient ways to trace/track down a stolen computer, if you don't have any spy/anti-theft programs...
Feb23-14 11:07 AM
6 2,595
there is some software OF FREE ACCESS, for drawing and graphics in my thesis of physics????
Jun6-11 12:56 PM
2 1,981
I have a PC with a fairly old (about 2004 vintage) motherboard. When it was new I had no problems getting into the...
Sep20-11 12:23 PM
7 4,086
I recently bought DVD+ recorder, but someone said that there are more DVD- disks around. So, which format is better? ...
May25-03 12:40 AM
1 2,214
There are many toolbar I have already using since 2 years, now I download a brand new toolbars (“gboxapp”). I need to...
Jan18-13 07:46 AM
2 908
Call me paranoid if you will, but is there any handy tool that keep a track or can find out what program that has a...
Aug3-11 05:56 PM
6 2,087
Say I can get some used MB with CPU and RAM on it at a very low price, and a DMA 33 hard drive, home made powersource,...
Mar12-12 04:38 AM
2 1,573
Here's hoping someone can help. I made an Acronis back up of a drive that was failing. Then the drive failed....
Jan11-09 09:36 AM
0 746
What is the basic difference between a switch and a router ? !
Jun2-10 02:54 AM
2 1,156
I've got four nvidia 580s runnIng in quad SLI, but they are just not cutting it for me anymore speed wise. Any...
Dec8-11 05:52 AM
8 1,723
Hey, anyone know anything about this laptop model? Im thinking of buying but can't find any previews online. If you...
Dec15-13 03:29 AM
0 1,194
I am planning to get a HP laptop with 2GB dedicated graphics card, but I heard that laptops with dedicated graphics...
Dec16-13 02:53 PM
4 1,316
I am going to buy a laptop very soon. I think that I have narrowed it down to two laptops: Apple MacBook 13.3"...
Jul16-09 09:31 PM
21 9,368
I have a bunch of files that I want to find the ones that do not contain a word. I think that I can use grep to do...
Oct25-09 04:57 PM
1 19,224
Hi every body 25 days back I was created a new page AFC Champions league 2011, but till now that page is not cached...
Sep4-11 09:18 PM
2 2,711
Anyone know what a typical clock skew would be on your average PC these days? Updating my clock with NTP it appears...
Nov16-09 09:12 PM
1 1,893
Well, I couldn't find an "Introduce Yourself" thread anywhere and I've made two posts on here out of the blue now so I...
Sep16-09 08:14 AM
12 1,486

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