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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
Hardware & Software News/Articles ---------------------------- Anandtech Welcome to AnandTech, the leading IT...
Aug31-09 11:55 PM
B. Elliott
0 13,978
I'm planning on installing linux on my hard drive, having never done it before, and was doing a bit of research and...
Jun1-07 11:51 PM
39 67,337 Is this graphics demo real or fake? I don't think that any PC...
Jan27-13 06:02 AM
10 1,129
Will two-way SLI GTX 680's (overclocked) run any PC game on max spec @1920x1080 with smooth framerates? I read that...
Feb2-13 10:14 PM
4 1,031
Newegg is currently out of stock and they don't have it anywhere on tigerdirect. It could be months before they have...
Feb13-13 02:16 AM
11 1,766
How do I upload a pack of several hundred photos to a website in the form of a .zip archive? winrar and winzip are...
Feb11-13 08:55 AM
3 929
What are the advantages to having super-fast memory in a computer? I'm talking about RAM with speeds above 2000 MHz...
Mar21-13 08:15 PM
17 4,315
Turns out that my HDD and SSD are badly fragmented as they have never had a defrag run on them in more than two years....
Apr21-13 08:16 PM
36 5,620
I was told that performance gains using memory above 1600MHz in enthusiast desktops is very small and unnoticeable,...
Mar12-13 10:30 AM
8 1,689
I'm putting together a new high-performance gaming rig and wanted to ask someone here if they could recommend a fast...
Mar24-13 08:44 PM
3 1,372
Hi I use word 2007 for my extended essay in mathe but I can't use subscript in any fraction or function. What...
Sep20-11 04:00 PM
33 7,032
This is probably a very simple question, but the answer is surprisingly hard to find. I have a CRT monitor with a...
Jun29-09 07:00 AM
4 2,134
How about a social network whose vertices are user-generated data objects (e.g. math article, jpeg image) and whose...
Feb28-11 10:30 AM
1 1,274
hi, this will be really simple but i cant work out how to display the page number/total number of pages in power...
Aug14-10 05:12 PM
2 3,262
Hey guys, My parents are interested in getting my brother a samsung omnia for christmas. He just recently told me...
Dec10-08 11:16 AM
2 1,763
Hey guys, I was wondering if anyone knew how I could hook up two mouses (mice???) to one computer/monitor and have...
Dec18-08 11:05 PM
2 4,930
Hello guys, I have recently been looking into VPN technology and my limited computer knowledge seems to lead me to...
Nov18-11 07:19 PM
5 1,867
I'm an undergraduate at Stony Brook University (safety, but i had no choice) and I'm planning on buying a laptop soon,...
Aug13-09 03:19 AM
14 6,374
Hi, I'm a undergrad Physics students (starting junior level mechanics and E&M next semester). I've just taken a course...
May16-10 02:24 PM
2 1,416
I am internet illiterate, however, I would like to understand the net neutrality issue by, perhaps, this Monday 1:00...
May15-12 05:37 PM
12 2,353 After some of the information i've read and a few...
May17-12 07:05 PM
30 6,424
Do public libraries connect to the internet with Comcast, ATT, Verizon..etc, or is there a government owned ISP that...
May7-13 05:41 PM
7 2,867
I know there is a way in Word that labels pictures with numbers, say, figure 1.1, 1.2, 2.1, 2.2, 2.3, etc. In this...
Aug5-09 06:55 AM
2 1,834
Hi guys, Now I want to build a computer for intensive calculation. I am expecting to spend somewhere 4000 dollars...
Jun19-08 09:58 AM
9 2,142
I shut down and it sits on the screen saying "shutting down" forever. This started happening, I think, after I...
Dec20-09 03:05 PM
2 1,817
This thing is a mess. XP file organization was fine, but since when something works fine, people like to fix it (make...
Feb16-10 07:31 PM
3 1,197
Has anyone experienced this thing? I got it a few times and had to do a system restore. My friend also got it, spent a...
Mar16-10 03:24 AM
3 5,497
I just downloaded a program called iCall that allows me to make phone calls from my computer. My only problem is is...
Aug7-10 04:01 PM
6 5,023
I have a program called LSDJ, which allows me to make music, but it doesn't have a way for me to export the music. So...
May21-11 08:00 AM
poor mystic
1 2,806
I turned on my computer this morning and it said my computer couldn't start and it began a startup repair thing. The...
Dec1-10 02:23 PM
True Cherokee
2 1,278
When I first turn on my computer in the morning, it will have intermittent freezing problems when I'm trying to do...
Mar24-11 06:29 PM
3 1,782
I'd say about every 15 minutes or so, a faint beeping noise is coming from my computer. It's really hard to tell where...
Aug14-12 08:26 AM
8 3,422
I have 3 options; get a new black ink cartridge, refill the one I have, or buy a whole new printer. It's absurd,...
Nov12-12 08:51 PM
3 2,849
After about 10 minutes of not moving the mouse or typing, my screensaver comes on, and the colors are kinda messed up...
Feb25-13 07:48 AM
2 1,417
I used to play League of Legends, but I stopped playing it because my screen would turn a bunch of different colors...
Oct7-13 09:57 AM
3 2,539
I just bought a new Acer monitor and the text, such as what I'm typing right now, is moving very slightly in a wavy...
Jan4-14 03:31 PM
2 1,342
I have an ebook with some pages are normal size, and some pages are small. I'll be reading a page, scroll down, and...
Jan13-14 08:11 AM
3 1,515
My printer is printing pages with text that has white bars through it (basically the bars are where there's no ink)....
Jul19-14 09:51 PM
5 1,602
I looked through the threads and didn't see this discussed anywhere, but it if it was please refer me. I want to...
Mar7-06 10:26 PM
Les Sleeth
7 12,762
Hi. I was thinking about getting Numbers by apple to do data analysis for an intro to modern physics course and an...
Feb16-13 11:34 PM
Levi Tate
4 1,246
I have this baseball game on my DVR, and there's a segment of it that I wish to convert to my computer into a slow...
Mar10-07 12:43 AM
7 23,296
It seems like every summer my computer mouse will stall every five seconds, then when I move the mouse off the mouse...
Jul25-08 12:23 PM
4 2,488

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