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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
Hardware & Software News/Articles ---------------------------- Anandtech Welcome to AnandTech, the leading IT...
Aug31-09 11:55 PM
B. Elliott
0 13,940
I'm planning on installing linux on my hard drive, having never done it before, and was doing a bit of research and...
Jun1-07 11:51 PM
39 67,198
hey guys i'm thinking of building myself a pc next year and i've been reading a bit about water cooling. now every...
Dec7-08 10:24 PM
7 3,968
Hey all, What is the best Anti-Virus that is 100% free? The new AVG is a piece of crap. I get fake positives where...
Jul15-08 04:42 PM
47 12,003
How do I add games to my TI-83 Plus Silver? Are there any instructions on how to add them? How do I play them once...
Oct26-08 01:20 PM
5 5,777
Hi everyone, Are there any such forums for Texas Instruments such as (TI-83 Plus Silver) calculator forums? Do they...
Oct26-08 01:55 PM
6 3,038
For the differences between Dojo and SmartClient, I only know that one is free whereas the other is not. I think that...
Apr15-12 10:53 PM
0 1,521
A popular remote desktop connection issue at present shows up in my head making me wonder whether or not what I am...
Apr20-12 03:47 AM
1 1,280
I have photoshop CS5 installed in my computer, but the "White" color for anything in it always appears to be a facial...
May22-12 09:54 PM
3 1,579
I have run into a little problem when my outlook's new message function separates every single German character I...
May23-12 06:11 AM
1 1,222
I started my days late with computer world, but lately I have enjoyed myself pretty much with DOS command line options...
May30-12 09:44 AM
3 1,863
Why does my Lion 10.7.3 boot fail at "still waiting for a root device" ? :frown:
Jun4-12 09:42 PM
3 4,075
For one of my engineering class we are allowed to have one sheet of equations. Does anyone know where i can get a...
Oct17-08 01:06 PM
5 2,982
Hello everybody, I want to ask what do 8-bit, 32-bit, 64-bit mean when it comes to processors.
Oct27-11 12:17 PM
4 11,331
Please explain what is a CORE 2 DUO processor.
Oct25-11 02:04 AM
3 1,622
I read about methods of encryption and I guess that they work only when you are online. But, I was astonished to see...
Oct25-11 11:34 PM
1 1,884
My friend is using Windows XP SP3. Few months ago, he had both Windows 7 and Windows XP SP3. He preferred XP over 7...
Nov4-11 11:02 PM
physics kiddy
12 2,118
Today, while I was exploring my system properties, I found that my computer shows only 0.99 Mb RAM. But I have 1 GB of...
Nov15-11 03:39 PM
16 10,665
Today, I found something very unusual with my Gmail account. As soon as I opened my account, I found a message above...
Nov27-11 04:53 PM
10 3,906
My friend's computer restarts after the BIOS screen. There's only one key to press, F2 on the BIOS Screen. Windows XP...
May28-12 02:15 AM
2 1,315
Can anyone out there recommend an affordable laptop for a college student. Going in as a physics/math major so needs...
Jul27-14 01:35 PM
16 2,450
Hi All, we hear about this term quantum computers and electronics which is currently under research. Will there be any...
Nov21-10 08:00 AM
2 1,566
I want to back up DVD's to my computer. Is there a good all-in-one program that I can rip the dvd from the disc and...
May8-05 09:54 AM
primal schemer
1 1,172
OK, trying to convert movies that I already own to the PSP format. As a note, all the movies I own are backed up on...
Jun20-05 01:24 AM
2 1,216
Does anyone know how to do this? I have read some things about downloading and compiling things, but I just want to...
Nov10-05 07:06 AM
24 2,353
Someone hit some random combination of keys that locked up some of the keyboard. A few of them started working but...
Nov25-10 10:55 PM
2 947
Does anyone know of a movie maker program that`s similar to the one on windows XP but that can work for Windows 7 and...
Jun16-14 09:41 AM
4 2,400
Hello, I was just curious as to how I can write formulas out in Microsoft Word. I am doing a lab report and want to...
Jun28-09 01:41 PM
6 45,658
Hello, i wonder if it is possible to set TI-83+ to display a graphic picture (like cell phones display "hello" for 3...
Dec10-08 06:53 AM
0 1,724
my computer in the lab has been used without my permission by a labmate He told people that he knew about computer...
Jul5-09 09:57 PM
4 2,131
Has anyone actually used Google Chrome? I have a limited monthly bandwidth allowance so I'd prefer not to download it...
Feb14-09 02:33 PM
12 2,242
I have decrypted several dvd movies and put them onto my HD using DVD Decrypter, but I'm not quite sure how to burn...
May8-06 07:59 AM
2 1,526
I have a Toshiba laptop with a DVD-R/RW drive but when I put (2 different types of) DVD+RW disk into the drive, it...
Dec5-06 01:26 PM
3 4,976
Jun19-08 01:29 AM
24 15,921
Hi Folks I have a DVD player that built into the computer. A friend of mine gave me a computer sometime ago and I...
Mar2-06 06:26 AM
1 6,974
I have a mpeg video which I can play using Windows Media Player. I tried to do a screen capture using Paint Shop Pro....
Jun27-11 03:41 PM
6 17,591
Hi fellow physicists, I'd like to create my own website. I already have my own webpages currently hosted on a...
Sep5-11 06:21 PM
10 2,513
Two days before, Certiport Worldwide Competition on Microsoft Competition 2011 ended. Did anyone see the live show of...
Aug4-11 01:36 AM
0 1,359
Why is cache faster than ram and ram faster than hard disk...?
May15-11 01:56 AM
1 809
I am a college sophomore getting a degree in physics. I just got an HP touchsmart tablet PC. How do the programs...
May3-11 11:53 PM
0 2,894
Greetings, I have recently bought a roboduino ...
Jul15-11 01:10 PM
2 2,677
I have Windows 7 OS in my HP laptop.I bought it before about 1 year.I still didn't created the recovery discs.Actually...
Feb16-11 06:49 AM
8 47,327

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