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I'm planning on installing linux on my hard drive, having never done it before, and was doing a bit of research and...
Jun1-07 11:51 PM
39 53,116
Hardware & Software News/Articles ---------------------------- Anandtech Welcome to AnandTech, the leading IT...
Aug31-09 11:55 PM
B. Elliott
0 10,841
anyone have any invites they can share ? Trying to get a hook up so I can invite everyone from my math and...
Nov30-09 09:28 PM
16 1,700 ] OK. I understand. I'm actually writing a blog for...
Nov26-10 08:19 PM
16 1,663
As I have mentioned in this thread, it's that time of decade where I'm looking to build a new computer for myself. ...
Mar22-11 01:16 PM
Jocko Homo
16 3,365
Is there a limit to how long a transistor, like in a cpu, can be constantly on?
Feb25-11 01:28 AM
16 1,832
My daughter's computer has a 280 GB hard drive. I looked at it and it seemed to be using about 29 GB, but she's...
Apr22-11 07:54 AM
16 1,552
I can't seem to download anything. I'm using IE and I'm trying to download Chrome but there's always a corruption...
Apr6-11 02:12 AM
16 1,587
Today, while I was exploring my system properties, I found that my computer shows only 0.99 Mb RAM. But I have 1 GB of...
Nov15-11 03:39 PM
16 5,713
A little help please... how do you open the lid without breaking anything? This thing seems jammed shut.
Feb24-12 08:22 AM
16 2,072
I hate to say it but I've been frustrated with Google lately. Lots of spam in results and too much on page...
Jul29-13 02:40 PM
16 2,609
Hi, My paper has been accepted by a journal. However, I have a problem with the images... The reviewer says:...
Aug31-13 08:26 AM
jim mcnamara
16 1,548
guys, there are two users in my system which are 'standard user' and no one is 'administrator'. now the problem is...
Mar1-14 03:50 AM
16 2,927
there is a strange virus.It seems that it has a name of recycle.Problem is that when it enters our flash memory it...
Dec26-13 06:33 PM
16 1,584
Hey everyone. I can't figure out how to use "Equation Tools" to enter a matrix with dimensions of my choosing. I can...
Jul27-12 08:56 PM
15 109,677
I believe that if computer users knew how to hibernate their computers, they would save about 100,000,000,000 kWh...
Jul16-08 09:53 PM
B. Elliott
15 1,826
I have an external Western Digital 320gb hard drive that has never given me problems. However the only thing i can...
Jan11-09 05:14 AM
15 1,591
I have Mcafee and they are no help. I download Microsoft security essential and caught a few virus but still it is not...
Sep29-11 07:27 PM
15 2,521
I just installed Ubuntu 7.10 and I'm unable to install my modem which works perfectly under Windows XP. The model is...
Dec4-09 10:38 AM
15 2,487
Are there any gaping flaws in Windows 7 that have been discovered so far? What do you guys think of it as an OS?
Jan24-10 04:53 AM
15 1,765
I'm going into computer and software engineering. The problem is, I feel like there isn't anything new left to do....
Jun10-10 05:24 AM
15 2,065
My comp recently just caught an virus and I have tired many anti-virus programs to remove it and so far, no luck. ...
Apr3-11 07:08 PM
15 2,826
Hey guys, I just started a networking course and I'm pretty bogged down with information that I'm trying to put into a...
Sep18-10 09:01 PM
15 1,872
Obviously the topic isn't new...but... What do you think? In my opinion computers have the potential to be much...
Mar10-11 04:09 PM
15 5,919
So I have a laptop with Windows 7 on it. I don't have the CD. I want to reformat it because it's running WAY too slow...
Mar16-11 06:08 PM
15 5,763
Does your computer contain a log of literally every single keystroke that has ever been performed in the entire...
Apr22-11 12:31 PM
15 1,690
Hi, I own a website; now I want to setup FTP for my friends to upload/download files to/from my server. The best...
May6-11 10:08 AM
I like Serena
15 3,488
What do you use? Which do you feel is superior, generally speaking? What stereotypes do you believe to be untrue...
Jun16-11 07:08 AM
15 3,389
Interesting talk, Misha is very well spoken and articulate, see if you agree... He sums up by saying there is a...
Apr6-12 10:27 AM
15 3,179
I'm switching out my old CRT Compaq FS7600 monitor (for specifications: see the link below) for a dell flat screen...
Jan18-12 07:00 PM
15 4,760
When I am surfing the net there are many times where an intruder comes up and not the site I clicked on. If I repeat...
Apr24-12 09:25 AM
15 1,911
I have win7. premiume 64 Bit and a Canan SD1,000 camara. The first time I pluged my Camara in win7. gave me a...
Jun16-12 12:35 PM
15 1,778
This is the second time my computer sent a lot of email out to my friends, what do I have to do to fix it?
Oct23-12 07:25 PM
15 1,908 For those of...
Aug14-12 11:01 PM
15 3,598
I decided to use 1 power supply to run my computer and one to run my fans is the a bad idea? 2 fans in the front 2...
Aug23-12 10:00 AM
15 1,410
Hello Forum, any number that a computer deals with is just an what sense? Why is the number...
Jan9-13 06:08 AM
jim mcnamara
15 1,121
I just bought a HP I5 desktop and I am trying to install an old HP deskjet 7410 All-IN-One printer onto it. The...
Mar16-14 05:29 AM
15 1,095
I'm at the library on the wireless system and it works fine. I go home to my wireless system and it does not work....
Jun12-08 03:54 PM
14 3,060
I'm running Windows XP on a dual-core notebook and I noticed that sometimes (like now ;)) the computer slows down...
Jul23-08 02:56 PM
14 8,729
I'm an undergraduate at Stony Brook University (safety, but i had no choice) and I'm planning on buying a laptop soon,...
Aug13-09 03:19 AM
14 5,795
A Trojan.W32.agent.azsy was found on my computer. what anti-trojan software can I download for free?
Aug20-09 01:59 AM
14 3,082
I have two identical HDs in my PC and periodically, I back up from my primary drive to the slave to keep copies of...
Dec17-09 07:03 AM
14 3,393

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