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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
Please post in this thread links and other resources for Physics Teachers and the teaching of physics. The links that...
Aug29-10 05:01 PM
10 22,452
Please post good resources you've found! Here are a few I like:
Sep23-10 02:39 PM
1 16,260
Hello all, I'm a Senior in undergrad physics. I want to teach my sister physics as well as prepare for the GRE this...
Jun11-12 10:32 PM
1 3,779
Hello, I am tutoring someone Calculus 2 and I am desperately needing help at the moment. Alright, I try to be...
Jul30-05 11:02 PM
8 5,514
I've started my own personal pet project in trying to suggest a possible revamping of the often dreaded intro physics...
Nov19-08 11:06 AM
10 4,532
This NY Times article is describing how, at many leading institutions in the US, there are revolutionary changes being...
Jan28-09 08:45 AM
5 3,895
In case you missed it, here's an informative article from this month's Physics Today. ...
Mar5-09 03:19 PM
physics girl phd
2 6,892
I'm still reading the paper, but this appears to be a rather extensive research on the students' response to two...
Jun4-09 07:04 PM
physics girl phd
6 4,593
Did anyone manage to read this report? It seems that a new study has shown that if a female math teach is unsure of...
Feb7-10 11:23 AM
Winter Flower
30 11,257
It took me a while to finish reading this paper {you can get free access to the paper}, and I still don't have a clear...
Feb21-10 09:39 PM
14 7,907
Now to be fair, this teacher isn't advocating such essay in all high school physics classes. In fact, he doesn't think...
Dec8-11 10:02 PM
3 7,870
What are the MUST COVER topics in Algebra 2? I said this in the "Should calculus be taught in high school?" thread:...
Apr30-10 05:43 PM
11 22,409
Hi, im a college student in a second semester calculus based physics. On Wednesday we have our next test and im still...
Apr26-11 06:58 AM
1 4,581
Do you guys think it is worth paying the extra money and upgrading to Wolfram Alpha pro?
Aug13-12 12:32 AM
3 5,048
One extremely hard question which someone has three hours to do. Would this a good final exam for a freshmen physics...
Dec1-11 05:01 PM
2 5,076
Hello, I am wondering, from a pedagogical point of view, would professors give as little information to the...
Aug15-12 08:35 PM
24 9,814
In young children, do you think these videos spark any interest in kids for science, or is there too much distraction...
Sep23-12 09:00 PM
7 4,398
Out of curiosity, is it the case that math is taught in the typical sequence in the order for which it was discovered?
Apr6-13 02:11 PM
5 4,838
So I watched this video from Sal Khan, basically he was talking a lot about reformation of education and how the...
Feb9-14 05:18 AM
24 8,516
So does anyone know how teaching has evolved over the centuries? How Aristotle taught his students, was it like...
Jan31-13 07:36 PM
Andy Resnick
4 3,488
Hello, I was curious, is there anyone out there doing research on how to effectively teach engineering? I have...
Oct19-13 08:19 PM
12 2,974
Out of curiousity, Why did it take roughly 5-6 years to teach Algebra in the K-12 system, then 1.5-2 for calculus...
Jan24-14 12:01 PM
14 2,887
$30,000+ Your Background in Science, Technology, Engineering or Math=1 Great New Teacher for Indiana! The Woodrow...
Dec21-09 06:19 PM
0 3,104
A short question. How to make learning a fun experience? I'm sure a lot of teachers deal with this problem in school...
Oct31-11 12:05 PM
6 6,794
Hi all, Next fall (a year from now), I will (hopefully) be teaching high school physics. I've thought for a few years...
Sep22-13 08:43 PM
7 3,482
Hi all, I've applied and been accepted to graduate programs in secondary education in physics/math. I will have a...
Mar13-14 12:47 AM
1 1,371
Hi all, I want to read and learn about the contributions minorities and women have made to science so that I can...
Apr17-14 10:00 AM
2 1,190
Maybe I'm committing a crime towards my oldest son (10 y.o.), but I (with difficulty) got my hands on some "new math"...
Sep11-11 07:31 PM
37 13,747
Recently, I came across two excellent journals oriented (mainly) towards Math undergrads. These are The American...
Apr30-12 03:02 PM
Useful nucleus
2 3,447
I will be tutoring a 14-year-old boy in high school algebra. I have never tutored someone so young (since I was...
Sep24-09 07:05 PM
3 6,116
I have been learning a lot about STEM focused schools (sixth form and high school) recently because I have got an...
Jul2-14 02:38 PM
Greg Bernhardt
1 1,098
So my school is offering the IB (International Baccalaureate) program starting next year, and I'm wondering if anyone...
Apr26-10 03:12 PM
24 18,002
I'm a current high school student. I (with the help of a moderator) just recently created a math club in my high...
Apr26-09 12:01 AM
17 27,318
Are you guys in favor of keeping it or abolishing it? Sorry if this is somewhat not related to math/physics but I'm...
Jun30-09 01:01 PM
29 10,715
What are some pros and cons of personalized high school educations tailor fit to the individual needs of the student...
Feb8-10 11:03 PM
0 4,173
How could I go about getting a math tutor? I am currently in highschool and would like to start studying calculus over...
Dec19-11 12:25 AM
4 5,027
My friend is taking linear algebra this semester, and math is definitely not one of her passions. She was nervous...
Oct31-11 12:27 PM
13 8,396
Thanks to budget cuts the class sizes have increased a lot, which makes the class roster on my excel sheet pretty...
Oct18-09 01:22 AM
13 5,482
Just wondering how the educators out there or departments choose their teaching asisstants. In my department, if...
Dec12-09 02:50 PM
physics girl phd
5 5,053
I am helping to prepare an AP physics C course in my high school. I was wondering if anyone has a copy of an...
Sep9-09 08:08 PM
0 4,303
What do many of physicsforums members think about the on-line tutoring service companies? Good, bad, not legitimate,...
May10-07 07:04 PM
1 4,777
So I'm student teaching right now in a poor school with a physics program less than 3 years old. The lab equipment is...
Oct18-12 03:46 PM
Andy Resnick
2 3,226

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