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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
Please post in this thread links and other resources for Physics Teachers and the teaching of physics. The links that...
Aug29-10 05:01 PM
10 23,634
Please post good resources you've found! Here are a few I like:
Sep23-10 02:39 PM
1 17,260
One extremely hard question which someone has three hours to do. Would this a good final exam for a freshmen physics...
Dec1-11 05:01 PM
2 5,209
Do you guys think it is worth paying the extra money and upgrading to Wolfram Alpha pro?
Aug13-12 12:32 AM
3 5,214
I tried searching to see if this had been discussed before, but instead I found a lot of people using Wolfram Alpha to...
May22-12 02:06 PM
13 6,615
Card. John Henry Newman's Idea of a University describes what an ideal university should be and do—notably, that it...
Nov8-10 05:36 PM
Andy Resnick
128 32,004
Interesting article: ...
Dec14-11 11:31 PM
3 5,876
All multiple choice exams with only 30 questions. Obviously each question is worth a good amount of points. But why...
Nov23-11 08:15 AM
31 10,443
From elementary to high school I've had teachers who've droned on and on trying to explain minute details about the...
Jan2-12 05:49 PM
25 12,881
Seeing how dead the educators and teaching forum is, I was just wondering how many active members of the forums are...
Aug22-11 03:48 PM
11 6,854
Hello! I am about to be ready with my bachelor degree in physics. I became lately interested in mathematical physics....
Nov6-10 08:26 AM
4 8,418
I want to buy a software tools for my work. I found an academic discount program at
Aug26-09 06:37 AM
0 4,064
I'm just wondering. When do you think kids should be introduced to the idea of using a calculator to do math?
Aug15-12 12:30 AM
37 16,688
I have to find information about physics experimental exercises What's website about physics experimental exercises?...
Dec12-11 03:33 AM
0 4,128
I had a discussion with my lab coordinator the other day about what exactly a university education should mean. Most...
Mar4-11 09:51 AM
9 7,327
Hi, im a college student in a second semester calculus based physics. On Wednesday we have our next test and im still...
Apr26-11 06:58 AM
1 4,638
I was invited to be a TA for the spring semester and I would like to know what is the usual salary. My prof was asking...
Feb2-09 09:42 PM
1 4,618
I would like to know a bird's-eye-view of the education system in your country in general, that is from primary to...
Aug14-10 08:19 AM
0 6,860
Over time I have realised that exams do not actually test intelligence (I can't define intelligence here but please...
Oct11-13 05:51 PM
17 6,421
What do you think is the best way to structure a maths course in general? Be it algebra, calculus, analysis,...
Jun9-14 09:03 PM
1 1,908
I've recently begun to realize how easily the homework forums are corrupted by students doing take-home assignments...
Mar31-14 11:51 PM
Simon Bridge
13 2,869
I've recently had a revelation in my life that has filled me with desire to become a teacher. ***I apologized for...
Jan9-12 02:07 PM
1 3,407
Im a visual spatial learner, a picture thinking process u can call it..... My brain has been wired to pick up...
Dec21-10 08:03 PM
31 20,308
Have any of you ever tried virtual office hours? For example, using a forum or chat session instead of sitting around...
Nov17-08 07:18 PM
18 8,621
A very good article I came across. Worth reading, and then we know why the US is where the US is.. ...
Jul2-14 02:40 PM
Greg Bernhardt
1 2,131
Given two vectors p and q, why is the vector (cross) product pxq perpendicular to the plane containing these vectors?...
Sep4-10 02:32 PM
2 5,905
hi: teachers I have taught physics since 15 years and I found that the best way to teach physics is using multimedia...
Mar29-12 04:21 PM
1 3,902
I teach High School Chemistry and Physics in a low income area. I have grown to become a skeptic in the over all...
Jun11-10 07:26 PM
3 7,072
The UK's online Open University (OU) to get US funding to develop math courses: ...
Apr11-11 04:19 PM
0 4,736
I have six weeks (19 school days) to teach half-a-course worth's of material to the students who failed Conceptual...
Jun30-14 09:08 AM
4 1,912
So does anyone know how teaching has evolved over the centuries? How Aristotle taught his students, was it like...
Jan31-13 07:36 PM
Andy Resnick
4 3,653
I am an undergraduate physics major just finishing up my sophomore year. During this semester, I've gotten to see both...
Jun21-13 05:07 AM
Solcielo L
2 2,808
Hey everyone, I recently got a job tutoring a High School student in physics. I'm in fourth year at university. ...
Dec1-11 01:52 PM
6 5,301
I'm tutoring a girl in my math class on how to write proofs. She understands what information she needs to prove...
Oct31-04 11:01 PM
1 5,860
hi, i am tutoring someone tomorrow for the first time he is in 9th grade, learning geometry and english..he never...
Jul7-04 02:58 AM
The Bob
1 6,056
Hello, I'm starting to tutor 11th grade physics and chemistry and was wondering if anyone knew of a good website...
Dec3-05 03:45 PM
3 4,900
I've been a physics tutor at my university for over a year now, and I just have to get this off my chest. Feel free to...
Jan1-12 06:11 PM
36 13,284
I have a problem. I'm capable of helping many of the students here with their problems, but at the same time, I get...
Nov7-05 02:37 PM
1 7,289
as a disclaimer, i'm not sure if this is where i should be posting this... i will be tutoring a kid (13 years old)...
Jul16-07 09:26 PM
1 6,857
I am going to tutor a high school student. I had an initial meeting with him and learned that he is using Conceptual...
Jan29-10 08:18 PM
5 6,206
I will be tutoring a 14-year-old boy in high school algebra. I have never tutored someone so young (since I was...
Sep24-09 07:05 PM
3 6,210
Hello, Next week I'm tutoring a university student for the first time (social statistics). There are only about 5...
Jun12-12 08:12 PM
3 4,774

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