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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
Please post in this thread links and other resources for Physics Teachers and the teaching of physics. The links that...
Aug29-10 05:01 PM
10 23,753
Please post good resources you've found! Here are a few I like:
Sep23-10 02:39 PM
1 17,371
Well, the questions the thread name =] I have no professional training in teaching methods, or in the mathematics im...
May17-08 01:31 AM
19 6,855
I don't have a question but wanted rather to start a conversation about the problem of our Physics Educational Program...
Mar19-12 11:10 PM
19 11,712
Have there been any studies done as to which is more effective as supplements to teaching introductory physics...
Nov2-10 04:38 PM
19 15,333
We had our final exam in Analytic Geometry. It was hard. I hardly answered the last problem. One of my classmates...
Mar21-11 10:52 AM
19 9,167
I was just wondering if any of you professors read the comments on about yourself. My professor...
Oct31-11 10:48 AM
19 22,328
The French physicist Pierre Duhem wrote:The legitimate, sure and fruitful method of preparing a student to receive a...
May12-12 07:24 PM
19 9,267
Have any of you ever tried virtual office hours? For example, using a forum or chat session instead of sitting around...
Nov17-08 07:18 PM
18 8,688
There are various roads from SR to GR. In a couple of years I may get a chance to teach a semester-length class on...
Oct1-12 10:37 AM
18 12,618
I am a junior in high school enrolled in an AP Physics B course, and as you are probably aware the curriculum consists...
Dec14-13 06:44 PM
18 16,336
Hello all! I have been toying with the idea of posting a thread like this for some time. Currently, I am a...
Mar16-07 01:37 PM
17 6,789
I'm a current high school student. I (with the help of a moderator) just recently created a math club in my high...
Apr26-09 12:01 AM
17 27,856
I am very interested to learn of people's thoughts and experiences of physics in high school, an issue which has...
Nov23-09 05:53 AM
17 8,474
I thought I'd make a topic about this here and see what everybody else thinks about it. Just so you know before...
Dec24-12 05:47 PM
17 11,636
Over time I have realised that exams do not actually test intelligence (I can't define intelligence here but please...
Oct11-13 05:51 PM
17 6,462
Hopefully this is the correct stack exchange for this, if not feel free to tell me where to move it where it would be...
Mar24-14 08:32 PM
16 5,675
I tutor physics, and I am good at explaining to students what acceleration is. I teach them to disambiguate kinds...
Jul2-13 08:00 AM
15 3,652
I am really struggling with what to do with this class. It is a general "science" class, meant to be the third...
Jan4-11 11:15 PM
15 9,935
Can anyone give me some tips on being a good TA? This is my second year doing it, and both times the attendance has...
Jun5-09 08:22 PM
15 9,159
The title will make sense shortly... I gave 'reading quizzes' (algebra based Physics I and II) that are due before...
Oct20-11 05:10 AM
15 7,180
I have been on this post for quit some time. I really do not post all that much, but there are a lot of people that...
Jul29-04 08:54 PM
14 6,619
Hi, I'm bomba923 and I'm a high school senior. I will take seven AP tests in May 2007, and have agreed with my...
Dec11-05 06:22 AM
14 6,320
My teacher today said that we had to buy these $50 dollar clickers to answer all questions rather than simply...
Oct11-09 07:45 AM
14 6,941
It took me a while to finish reading this paper {you can get free access to the paper}, and I still don't have a clear...
Feb21-10 09:39 PM
14 8,559
Hi, A question for all of the college/university teachers out there: Do good, full-time teaching positions for...
Jul22-11 12:43 PM
14 8,197
Out of curiousity, Why did it take roughly 5-6 years to teach Algebra in the K-12 system, then 1.5-2 for calculus...
Jan24-14 12:01 PM
14 3,803
Hiya folks, In an effort to get the students in my Advanced Physics class to rely less on calculators and to...
May2-13 10:10 PM
13 6,249
You are given a chance to fly back in time with no worry over changing history in bad ways. Knock knock and you enter...
Jan4-10 03:11 AM
13 7,823
Thanks to budget cuts the class sizes have increased a lot, which makes the class roster on my excel sheet pretty...
Oct18-09 01:22 AM
13 5,675
Should undergraduate physics lab courses be available in an online ("Web-only") format? How? What are the Pros? ...
Mar12-12 06:44 PM
13 12,425
One of my teachers, for AP Physics, has made it mandatory for my entire class to register on this particular forum and...
Nov10-10 12:13 PM
13 7,854
My friend is taking linear algebra this semester, and math is definitely not one of her passions. She was nervous...
Oct31-11 12:27 PM
13 8,604
1. Dr. Meredith Gourdine for Physics- Physicist who is best known for finding a successful method to use the...
May7-12 08:44 AM
Andy Resnick
13 6,948
I tried searching to see if this had been discussed before, but instead I found a lot of people using Wolfram Alpha to...
May22-12 02:06 PM
13 6,657
Hello, I was offered a job for tutoring and I'm just not sure if I should take the position, but I did pick up an...
Aug23-13 01:10 PM
13 7,737
I've recently begun to realize how easily the homework forums are corrupted by students doing take-home assignments...
Mar31-14 11:51 PM
Simon Bridge
13 2,914
So, I want to teach calculus to my math club. I know that differentiation and integration is easy. But how do I teach...
May12-14 08:59 PM
Simon Bridge
13 2,471
Hey there guys. I know there are plenty of teachers here, so I was hoping for some input: For one of my classes, I...
Nov9-08 01:16 PM
12 4,525
i want to teach my boy arithmetic. my current 'best' idea, is to have a board with a few columns with nine spaces in...
Dec2-08 08:24 PM
12 8,729
Wanted: More science and math teachers in the US A few science teachers at the...
Mar21-09 04:04 PM
12 29,068
Hello, I was curious, is there anyone out there doing research on how to effectively teach engineering? I have...
Oct19-13 08:19 PM
12 3,928

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