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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
Please post in this thread links and other resources for Physics Teachers and the teaching of physics. The links that...
Aug29-10 05:01 PM
10 22,565
Please post good resources you've found! Here are a few I like:
Sep23-10 02:39 PM
1 16,376
Hi friends, Iím a university graduate. I am working in a Company and would like to tutor students online in my spare...
Sep30-07 05:01 PM
11 8,901
What are the MUST COVER topics in Algebra 2? I said this in the "Should calculus be taught in high school?" thread:...
Apr30-10 05:43 PM
11 22,418
All, Given the vigorous discussion on mathematics teaching on a different thread, I was wondering if anyone had...
Sep1-09 11:19 PM
11 7,065
So here is the situation our department seems to face. We are a fairly large public school in the central valley of...
Sep17-10 07:13 AM
11 6,214
Cam someone help me out please -- I teach school to incarcerated students at a county facility. My background is in...
Apr19-11 07:44 AM
Andy Resnick
11 6,951
Seeing how dead the educators and teaching forum is, I was just wondering how many active members of the forums are...
Aug22-11 03:48 PM
11 6,724
Hi everyone, I'm Rob, and I'm coming on here because people on these forums seem to know their stuff. I just...
Feb1-12 07:22 PM
11 8,760
I teach HS Physics and I find this forum is very helpful, and could be a great resource for my students. However, I...
Jun9-14 09:10 PM
11 2,031
Hello everyone, I have a problem with my students (introductory physics students) who are from different colleges...
Jan5-06 06:18 AM
10 5,735
Looking at most textbooks, I found Weinberg's Quantum Theory of Fields to be by far the most superior and I think...
Aug20-08 09:26 PM
10 4,802
So my mom just took over for the head physics teacher at her high school and the old teacher left behind a bunch of...
Sep21-08 08:48 PM
10 10,331
Hey all. Ive just recently been asked to tutor a 12 year old (maybe 11?) in maths. I haven't yet started with her,...
Oct27-08 08:40 PM
10 4,556
I've started my own personal pet project in trying to suggest a possible revamping of the often dreaded intro physics...
Nov19-08 11:06 AM
10 4,535
I need to develop a calculus based physics curriculum for a small 2-year college. Do you have any suggestions for...
Aug28-10 11:21 AM
10 8,809
Doing some end-of-the-semester reflection regarding my course (algebra-based PHYS I & II, non-majors), and a...
Oct31-11 12:16 PM
10 7,761
I've been tutoring a new student for a couple weeks now. I have a decent amount of experience tutoring, but this has...
Nov29-13 07:50 AM
10 3,077
Coming into college, I had a vague idea that I wanted to be an engineer. After the first quarter of engineering...
Apr2-09 06:56 AM
physics girl phd
9 9,238
I thought it might be good to start a thread on journals that educators could use as resources to learn more about...
Oct12-08 11:50 AM
9 4,530
Events could be generated by tardyons in motion. A tardyon moving with speed u in the positive direction of the OX...
Nov25-08 11:38 PM
9 4,087
Has anyone taught geometry at the high school level using Euclid's Elements (e.g., Heath's translation) as a textbook?...
Mar10-12 07:53 PM
9 13,363
I had a discussion with my lab coordinator the other day about what exactly a university education should mean. Most...
Mar4-11 09:51 AM
9 7,175
I encourage my students to participate in class and think for themselves. I often get questions or remarks about...
Dec30-11 01:27 PM
9 6,451
Hello, I am tutoring someone Calculus 2 and I am desperately needing help at the moment. Alright, I try to be...
Jul30-05 11:02 PM
8 5,533
Here's the deal. I'm an almost old geezer, and not a student of any kind. I used to be a student (BS in math in 76)...
Apr19-08 10:59 PM
8 12,347
My mom teaches high school physics (standard level and honors/AP). I want to get her a gift that will help her in the...
Aug22-11 12:09 AM
8 9,112
Ok, I am not sure if this belongs to this forum so apologies if it is not. My question is that - Why parents focus...
Jul19-12 07:07 AM
8 4,484
I'm just starting out teaching in a US high school, and I have AP Physics B that I'm taking over in the Spring. I've...
Mar10-13 07:00 AM
8 4,261
What a great teaching opportunity! Why aren't more textbooks gears towards kids actual interests. Most problems are...
Jun26-14 03:11 PM
8 1,616
Have any of you scientists ever volunteered to teach the disabled or disadvantaged?
Apr18-03 01:05 AM
7 5,677
I've recently graduated from my High School and will begin my Math and Physics double major in the fall. I came to...
May29-06 01:54 PM
Brad Barker
7 6,048
In the Chronicle of Higher Education yesterday... "Arizona State University plans to lay off at least 200...
Oct29-08 08:08 PM
physics girl phd
7 4,144
I am interested to teaching high schools or colleges (USA), but not in a university, if you know one please advice.
Mar4-09 08:58 AM
7 4,528
I am tutoring a couple of students in high school physics and have for the first time come across the problem of how...
Apr15-09 10:57 AM
7 9,755
Hi, I'm currently one of the organizers of a seminar for talented high school students in my home town and one my...
Dec26-09 09:11 PM
7 10,664
Good day everyone, I am currently doing an undergraduate degree in Electrical Engineering and minoring(specializing)...
May8-11 02:12 PM
7 9,089
Hi, I'm wanting to do a fun numeracy exercise for my students. I'm planning to have them construct bottle rockets,...
Jan2-12 07:50 PM
Tea Jay
7 5,593
In young children, do you think these videos spark any interest in kids for science, or is there too much distraction...
Sep23-12 09:00 PM
7 4,406
Hi all, Next fall (a year from now), I will (hopefully) be teaching high school physics. I've thought for a few years...
Sep22-13 08:43 PM
7 3,598
This is both a specific and a general advice thread, since I will likely be able to apply this to other discussions...
Apr8-14 10:51 AM
7 1,740
I am... a slacker who hasn't been living up to their full potential. I used to do very well, but then I just got lost...
Oct17-10 03:49 AM
6 8,374

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