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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
Please post in this thread links and other resources for Physics Teachers and the teaching of physics. The links that...
Aug29-10 05:01 PM
10 23,701
Please post good resources you've found! Here are a few I like:
Sep23-10 02:39 PM
1 17,321
okay so I'm in my first year of university and I've been going to 2 math tutors for a business calculus course. The...
Oct9-11 08:20 PM
2 5,512
Well, since someone just asked about Problem Based Learning, I thought I'd introduce a topic on Team Based Learning. ...
Sep12-08 08:04 AM
2 9,139
Are they going to continued to add more videos to there MIT open courseware program or they not going to add anymore...
Jan31-09 08:02 PM
2 4,807
In case you missed it, here's an informative article from this month's Physics Today. ...
Mar5-09 03:19 PM
physics girl phd
2 7,065
Our department has bulletin boards for each faculty member; I'm looking for ideas on what to put on mine. The idea is...
Jan18-10 02:24 AM
2 5,386
Anyone familiar with Singapore Math? Reasons Why The Singapore Math Coaching Method Desirable For Children? Do...
Jul31-10 10:44 PM
2 6,303
Given two vectors p and q, why is the vector (cross) product pxq perpendicular to the plane containing these vectors?...
Sep4-10 02:32 PM
2 5,927
What is the purpose of diagonalisation of matrices? Why do teach this stuff? Is there any serious tangible...
Oct28-10 05:08 PM
2 7,753
I am teaching a college level physics course. In one of the recent tests, some of my students did not perform well....
Apr7-11 11:02 AM
physics girl phd
2 6,883
Dear all, In this coming fall, I will be assigned Physics Lab as a teaching assistantship. Does any one know a book...
Aug21-11 01:53 PM
2 5,487
From: WSJ article: October 26, 2011 Highlights from the article: Chiefly, testing yourself repeatedly before an...
Oct26-11 09:13 PM
2 4,271
Hi I am looking for a simulation software to demonstrate addition of waves with different amplitudes, frequencies ,...
Nov15-11 07:31 PM
2 4,780
One extremely hard question which someone has three hours to do. Would this a good final exam for a freshmen physics...
Dec1-11 05:01 PM
2 5,240
Hello there, I am new to this forum and am looking for a little advice. I have to conduct a 7-minute lesson plan...
Feb7-12 08:50 PM
2 6,941
Recently, I came across two excellent journals oriented (mainly) towards Math undergrads. These are The American...
Apr30-12 03:02 PM
Useful nucleus
2 3,492
Hello PF! I just finished my freshman year at my local CC majoring in physics. I did not chose to major in physics...
Jul20-12 05:39 PM
2 5,040
Hey, I know this is a long shot, but is anybody else on here involved in the AP Physics Reading? I am, and am...
Jun9-12 07:04 PM
2 3,710
So I'm student teaching right now in a poor school with a physics program less than 3 years old. The lab equipment is...
Oct18-12 03:46 PM
Andy Resnick
2 3,363
So, I'm a first year physics grad student who's absolutely miserable in these grad classes. However, being a teaching...
Oct21-12 06:15 AM
2 5,722
I came across an '99 American Journal of Physics article here and like the idea presented. I've noticed the book my...
Nov6-12 11:34 AM
2 3,686
I tried to post this in the education section, however was notified I do not have access to do so? My apologies for...
Jun21-13 05:28 AM
Solcielo L
2 4,023
I am an undergraduate physics major just finishing up my sophomore year. During this semester, I've gotten to see both...
Jun21-13 05:07 AM
Solcielo L
2 2,829
I'll be at program:...
Jan15-14 10:52 AM
2 2,459
Hi all, I want to read and learn about the contributions minorities and women have made to science so that I can...
Apr17-14 10:00 AM
2 1,917
What do you think about kids getting iPads in the classroom? I think it's a fine idea if the money is there....
Apr30-14 02:03 PM
2 2,108
hi, i am tutoring someone tomorrow for the first time he is in 9th grade, learning geometry and english..he never...
Jul7-04 02:58 AM
The Bob
1 6,082
I'm tutoring a girl in my math class on how to write proofs. She understands what information she needs to prove...
Oct31-04 11:01 PM
1 5,893
I have a problem. I'm capable of helping many of the students here with their problems, but at the same time, I get...
Nov7-05 02:37 PM
1 7,308
There are lots of books on statistics and probability that contain examples such as throwing a die or the number of...
Aug26-10 02:45 PM
physics girl phd
1 5,658
Has anyone taken this? I can't seem to find anyone that has ever heard of this nationally required exam for high...
Jan7-11 03:02 PM
physics girl phd
1 8,218
Sorry if this questions seems obvious. I'm thinking about taking a small tutoring job nearby. How do you deal with...
Mar24-11 05:10 AM
1 6,201
Hi, im a college student in a second semester calculus based physics. On Wednesday we have our next test and im still...
Apr26-11 06:58 AM
1 4,641
Hi all, I've applied and been accepted to graduate programs in secondary education in physics/math. I will have a...
Mar13-14 12:47 AM
1 2,158
“The Journal of Emerging Investigators is an open-access journal that publishes original research in the biological...
Apr27-14 05:26 AM
Greg Bernhardt
1 2,233
I have a CENCO projectile launcher apparatus If I had the little magnets that allow photogates to stick to the metal...
Apr23-14 11:13 PM
Simon Bridge
1 1,847
Hello everyone. I've been searching for some similar topics, although I didn't find one. In case a topic already...
May12-14 11:57 AM
1 1,876
What do you think is the best way to structure a maths course in general? Be it algebra, calculus, analysis,...
Jun9-14 09:03 PM
1 1,927
I have been learning a lot about STEM focused schools (sixth form and high school) recently because I have got an...
Jul2-14 02:38 PM
Greg Bernhardt
1 1,821
Okay, so i study in this college where ALMOST everybody doesn't or wants to seem like they don't give a damn about...
Jun28-14 12:17 AM
Simon Bridge
1 1,657
Author: ZapperZ Originally posted on Feb7-13 I posted this elsewhere (on my personal blog), and someone mentioned...
Aug21-14 03:29 PM
1 929

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