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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
Please post good resources you've found! Here are a few I like:
Sep23-10 02:39 PM
1 17,533
Please post in this thread links and other resources for Physics Teachers and the teaching of physics. The links that...
Aug29-10 05:01 PM
10 23,901
Hello! I have been tutoring a friend of mine in high school Chemistry. This person goes to a public school in...
Jun11-10 09:08 PM
6 7,505
In the Chronicle of Higher Education yesterday... "Arizona State University plans to lay off at least 200...
Oct29-08 08:08 PM
physics girl phd
7 4,286
Hello, I'm just wanting to hear from anyone who has taught the 3-2-2 (Class is worth 3 credit hours, 2 hours of...
Nov7-08 02:11 PM
5 5,041
Hello everyone, The students of our college wants to start a club for measurement. We were thinking that our...
Feb17-11 06:26 PM
Nuha Abuzaid
6 6,553
I've found this fantastic essay (with a very apt title) by Paul Lockhart on the (sad, sad) state of mathematics...
Dec9-10 10:39 AM
80 40,794
I tutor physics, and I am good at explaining to students what acceleration is. I teach them to disambiguate kinds...
Jul2-13 08:00 AM
15 3,714
I'm still reading the paper, but this appears to be a rather extensive research on the students' response to two...
Jun4-09 07:04 PM
physics girl phd
6 4,757
The hardest part about an education in physics (in my opinion which is admittedly underdeveloped) is changing from...
Feb28-13 12:09 PM
6 3,431
There's been some very consistent rumors here regarding a new structure to the graduate program here and I'm wondering...
Dec2-08 09:29 PM
1 3,558
Coming into college, I had a vague idea that I wanted to be an engineer. After the first quarter of engineering...
Apr2-09 06:56 AM
physics girl phd
9 9,488
I've recently graduated from my High School and will begin my Math and Physics double major in the fall. I came to...
May29-06 01:54 PM
Brad Barker
7 6,327
What are the MUST COVER topics in Algebra 2? I said this in the "Should calculus be taught in high school?" thread:...
Apr30-10 05:43 PM
11 22,857
Out of curiousity, Why did it take roughly 5-6 years to teach Algebra in the K-12 system, then 1.5-2 for calculus...
Jan24-14 12:01 PM
14 3,868
I was pleased the day I found my kid was taking physics - until I found how woefully unprepared ALL the kids were and...
Nov7-10 07:18 PM
63 15,382
Hey there guys. I know there are plenty of teachers here, so I was hoping for some input: For one of my classes, I...
Nov9-08 01:16 PM
12 4,563
I just got a TA position and I have to teach for one hour a week in a seminar room. So, any tips? I'm sure I'm...
Oct4-06 06:39 AM
76 10,241
Anyone at AAPT Portland?
Jul20-13 08:24 AM
5 3,912
I'll be at program:...
Jan15-14 10:52 AM
2 2,522
I am helping to prepare an AP physics C course in my high school. I was wondering if anyone has a copy of an...
Sep9-09 08:08 PM
0 4,399
Hey, I know this is a long shot, but is anybody else on here involved in the AP Physics Reading? I am, and am...
Jun9-12 07:04 PM
2 3,763
i want to teach my boy arithmetic. my current 'best' idea, is to have a board with a few columns with nine spaces in...
Dec2-08 08:24 PM
12 8,772
I think college is way tooo late to learn how to write mathematical proofs! Proof writing should begin at least either...
Oct28-11 04:46 PM
43 25,703
This is both a specific and a general advice thread, since I will likely be able to apply this to other discussions...
Apr8-14 10:51 AM
7 2,497
I have normally introduced basis vectors by just stating independent vectors that span the space. This is perhaps not...
Jul16-12 06:30 AM
3 3,392
What a great teaching opportunity! Why aren't more textbooks gears towards kids actual interests. Most problems are...
Jun26-14 03:11 PM
8 2,425
$30,000+ Your Background in Science, Technology, Engineering or Math=1 Great New Teacher for Indiana! The Woodrow...
Dec21-09 06:19 PM
0 3,151
okay so I'm in my first year of university and I've been going to 2 math tutors for a business calculus course. The...
Oct9-11 08:20 PM
2 5,591
Hello! I'm not sure if this was the right subforum to ask this question, but I figured I'd give it a shot anyway. ...
Nov16-12 08:05 AM
3 4,145
Hello everyone. I've been searching for some similar topics, although I didn't find one. In case a topic already...
May12-14 11:57 AM
1 1,931
When I started teaching physics about 25 years ago, students rarely (if ever) asked me for hints or help on doing...
Sep10-08 07:05 PM
3 4,486
Can anyone give me some tips on being a good TA? This is my second year doing it, and both times the attendance has...
Jun5-09 08:22 PM
15 9,236
Hi all, I'm looking for some software to produce physics online lectures/conferences/courses. For example, I'm...
Sep26-11 04:11 AM
0 5,525
In young children, do you think these videos spark any interest in kids for science, or is there too much distraction...
Sep23-12 09:00 PM
7 4,577
Hopefully this is the correct stack exchange for this, if not feel free to tell me where to move it where it would be...
Mar24-14 08:32 PM
16 5,737
I am teaching a college level physics course. In one of the recent tests, some of my students did not perform well....
Apr7-11 11:02 AM
physics girl phd
2 6,989
Hi, I'm wanting to do a fun numeracy exercise for my students. I'm planning to have them construct bottle rockets,...
Jan2-12 07:50 PM
Tea Jay
7 5,883
First of I would like to apologize for my "bad english" in advance. I consider myself a creative and inventive...
Feb4-12 04:30 AM
0 3,280
So here is the situation our department seems to face. We are a fairly large public school in the central valley of...
Sep17-10 07:13 AM
11 6,441
I need to develop a calculus based physics curriculum for a small 2-year college. Do you have any suggestions for...
Aug28-10 11:21 AM
10 9,080
I am not sure where else to post this. Hopefully this is not in the wrong place. I am student teaching in a physics...
Nov18-13 10:56 AM
5 3,420

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