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- Discuss topics on science professions and career paths. Job descriptions, salary, requirements...
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
Hey folks, I'm Greg's sister. One career many scientists do not consider is becoming a patent attorney. I've been...
Jul4-14 04:21 PM
155 144,531
Hi everyone. I am a sophmore studying to get a bs in mechanical engineering. I am thinking about switching to civil...
Aug20-14 11:11 AM
36 173,788
So I've decided to pursue a career in medicine. I've already decided on the school, and it's in-state, so that...
Aug23-03 03:59 PM
3 5,488
Hi Everyone, I feel that there are many students just like me in the physics forum who would like to have a good...
Nov15-03 06:05 AM
6 4,991
I'm currently a software "engineer"/developer, and although I derive great pleasure and interest from my work at its...
Nov19-03 10:25 PM
10 9,213
Looking at the astro-ph section of the preprint arxiv the last few days I was struck by two things: there ws a fresh...
Dec12-03 09:36 AM
4 12,139
Maybe this is a non-answerable topic... but here goes: I'm a fourth-year undergrad student at M.Sc. Engineering...
Dec14-03 11:52 PM
2 4,733
Hi, I am a student in TCHS located near LA, CA. I am currently attending a Pathways class; we are doing a career...
Jan28-04 06:51 PM
1 3,943
What is computer engineering all about? What is the difference between a computer programmer and a software...
Mar7-04 10:44 PM
2 5,648
Hi All... I read ur post just when i had decided to start a new topic called CAREER... I'm currently doing act sci...
Mar14-04 07:19 PM
8 6,339
I am currently a Junior at Keene state college majoring in Math and physics.. would i still beable to become an...
Apr7-04 12:54 AM
3 6,383
Hey, I understand this is a homework help zone - but I believe deciding on a university major is important to myself...
Jun9-04 11:22 PM
5 19,784
Ok, most of you will say enjoy automaticly, but the thing is I am not sure what I will enjoy in the long run. Computer...
Jun16-04 05:10 PM
Dooga Blackrazor
1 8,893
Hi, im currently a second year BSc student in South Africa doing physics,chem and math. Ive always been interested in...
Jun25-04 10:16 PM
6 7,450
I have done this before, I know, and it may be getting old, but I still can't make up my mind. Video Game Designer...
Jul3-04 04:48 PM
3 5,848
I am a new college student who is very unsure about the career I want. I am between computer science and physics. I...
Jul10-04 12:55 PM
2 5,609
I am a new college student who is very unsure about the career I want. I am between computer science and physics. I...
Jul11-04 01:35 PM
2 5,318
This question is for any professors out there that have a spare moment. I'm 25 years old and finally realizing...
Jul13-04 10:31 AM
1 6,395
Well I had no idea where to post this as there isn't a section for "becoming a physicist", so I decided to stick it in...
Oct4-04 09:07 PM
1 4,837
I hope this is the right area for this topic but i've looked around for a little while and I feel that this is the...
Oct11-04 05:36 PM
2 4,469
Hi, I have a Bachelors degree in Computer Information Systems, graduated in March 2002. Have yet to find work, tech...
Oct18-04 07:40 PM
3 4,401
My academic background is in math and linguistics, but lately I've gotten interested in speech processing. What I'm...
Oct24-04 11:30 PM
1 4,165
i want to do in electronics(circuit designing) . i want to know which institutes in india offer the course....
Nov2-04 11:13 PM
hi mak
0 4,587
I'm now mentor for the "Academic and Career Guidance" forum? I'm not complaining- I think it's a worthwhile...
Nov4-04 11:56 PM
4 3,749
hi all, dear friends - i am doing ( )dual degree course in computer science from iit kanpur,and right...
Nov7-04 05:46 AM
0 2,572
I have a love of Experimental Psychology and a love of Experimental psychology. Yet I have no idea how I'm going to...
Nov27-04 12:18 PM
10 4,998
Okay, so after I finish upgrading my high school courses, I for sure want to go into the Sciences for the first year. ...
Nov29-04 03:23 PM
11 3,772
I'm a high school senior who is interested in engineering. I am taking Calculus and honors physics and earn solid...
Dec5-04 06:56 PM
2 3,105
Hello all I'm thinking of maybe doing physical chemistry in university (currently i'm 16) but as i am currently...
Dec20-04 08:18 AM
3 3,628
I'm a freshman in college majoring in computer science.. but I'm thinking about changing my major to Engineering...
Dec21-04 06:07 PM
9 8,786
Does anyone know of any high paying jobs that can be achieved with an English degree(s)? What the the pay ranges? ...
Dec28-04 03:55 AM
5 4,524
hello! i am a senior in high school getting ready for college. on that note i've already selected what i want to...
Dec29-04 01:38 AM
2 3,175
I want to be a doctor,should I take life science in the university or something? And I'm wondering if anybody knows...
Dec31-04 07:45 PM
2 2,827
I'm currently enlisted in the military and I have signed up for the Navy's nuclear school. I've heard that it has...
Jan8-05 06:35 PM
9 3,536
Can anyone tell what exactly quantum physics is? Thanks I really appreciate it.
Jan11-05 06:39 AM
3 2,753
yup yup. So it's me again, deciding what to do w/ my life.....from the beginning, this was what I wanted. I've always...
Jan24-05 08:30 PM
4 3,172
I really enjoy math at school and am pretty good at it, and am thinking (if I survive my next few math courses) of...
Feb4-05 01:16 PM
2 2,402
I have aspirations of becoming a physicist. I absolutely love physics and pure mathematics; I am fascinated by both...
Feb9-05 07:07 PM
Dr Transport
13 7,157
Peace guys, I'm seriously thinking of going for physics graduate studies but I'm a bit reluctant (in fact, very) on...
Feb18-05 12:49 PM
6 7,700
So I'm getting ready to go to college next fall and I have been worried about my future. I've always figured I'd major...
Feb23-05 04:11 PM
5 2,603
How many people here work at an observatory, fulltime- if even such a thing exsists? What work do you typically do?...
Feb28-05 06:23 PM
1 2,908
It seems that everyone can post in the 'careers and advice' forum. But by doing this, wouldn't we be jeprodizing...
Mar4-05 11:42 AM
4 1,274

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