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Hi everyone. I am a sophmore studying to get a bs in mechanical engineering. I am thinking about switching to civil...
Feb17-14 05:31 AM
35 143,661
i find the study of cosmology very fascinating and now contemplating to study it. But is it a wise choice? I mean,...
Mar29-11 11:11 PM
79 73,265
Hey folks, I'm Greg's sister. One career many scientists do not consider is becoming a patent attorney. I've been...
Mar22-14 01:37 PM
Bored Attorney
153 98,005
A career in science seems to dictate continuous displacements, until a steady position is reached. I was looking at...
May4-10 07:27 AM
11 2,472
Hi all, I recently got very interested in machine learning and neural networks etc. Although I am having a...
Jul17-13 12:06 AM
2 702
So im an EE student, just getting ready to buy a system for my career... should i buy a mac or a pc?
Dec22-09 01:46 PM
21 2,358
It's very difficult for me to decide B/w Physics or Math. As my B.Sc majors were Math and Physics. And i did great in...
Jul29-13 07:33 PM
2 884
Hey, I guess recently I've been trying to think (read: stressing over) about what in the world I could do with the...
Dec13-13 05:17 AM
10 1,295
Hi, I was recently accepted in to a Masters program in physics. My undergraduate preparation is minimal and I have a...
May2-09 01:12 AM
5 1,313
Dear all, I recently completed a M.S. in Chemical Engineering and I am finding that I lost my drive. I am instead...
Dec14-12 05:08 AM
1 676
I'm a Chemistry major with Math minor. After graduation I want to work for a few years and go to grad school for a...
Mar28-11 10:51 PM
Ben Espen
3 5,895
Hello, Some basic info on me -- I graduated with a bachelors in physics and am about to receive a masters, both...
Mar17-14 08:36 PM
6 646
Hello all (first time posting) I've been reading these forums for awhile now and always find them interesting. I...
Jul21-11 04:43 PM
5 2,271
As everyone may know, MD'S have a very firm and rough job. I want to be an MD but the lifestyle I want outside of the...
Jan25-09 02:46 AM
8 1,679
I have a B. Sc. in Electrical Engineering and I would like to work with photovoltaics / solid state device physics. My...
Oct17-11 05:47 AM
1 4,415
Okay, I will be graduating soon with a Bachelors Degree in Mechanical Engineering, but I dont have a good, respectable...
May8-12 11:40 AM
2 2,236
Jun23-11 03:23 PM
2 1,298
Recently I have been strongly reconsidering pursuing a degree in Physics. I absolutely love the subject, but i think...
Dec20-10 07:59 PM
5 2,130
Hi all, I'm a confused sophomore physics major. I love studying physics, but after completing 2 REUs (one in...
Aug19-13 10:15 AM
6 1,217
Hi, I'm currently in my final year doing an Materials Science and Eng. BSc at IPTME (Loughborough University, UK)....
Jan30-09 10:28 AM
1 1,456
I'm currently about half-way (3.5 years) through a Ph.D. program at a top optics program in the U.S., my research is...
Nov3-11 09:43 PM
1 1,650
Hey guys. I'm about to graduate from college with a B.S. in physics from a California State University, and I don't...
Feb12-12 09:47 AM
2 1,700
Hello Physics Forums Community, I have just applied online for a post-bachelor's research assistant position at Los...
Apr3-13 10:50 PM
1 752
Post-doc applicants need to be sponsored by a technical staff member. Does the sponsorship need to come from the...
Mar1-09 09:01 AM
1 1,360
I'll give a summary of the issue, then put it into questions. I've wanted to 'do physics' for as long as I can...
Feb14-13 08:49 AM
11 1,295
Hello all, I graduated in 2005 with a B.S. in Physics. I spent the better part of 2 years looking for a job that...
Dec28-13 01:11 AM
3 977
Hey Friends, I've done my Bachelors in Electronics and Communication engineering, now want to do continue my further...
May10-12 02:04 PM
0 1,351
Hi, Hope it's the right forum for this post. I am doing honours year physics in Australia. Never have I felt so...
Apr12-10 11:49 AM
1 1,887
I'm Polish student of the last year undergrad Physics, looking for summer internship. I'm interested in Nanophysics,...
Jan18-11 06:06 AM
2 1,832
Hey guys, So I'm about to finish my master in Particle and Astro Particle Physics this June, and as most people...
Feb19-11 01:12 AM
5 2,004
Hi fellow forum users, Basically I have formed this topic to, hopefully, get some constructive input on engineering...
Jan30-12 01:57 AM
0 898
I found this job opening info from on a local newspaper. FINCAD provides derivatives valuation tools and analytics to...
Jan10-10 09:14 AM
4 2,737
We are building a research team of graduate students for our laboratory. Our projects are related to the application...
Apr14-11 01:31 AM
0 1,340
Hi, I am currently an undergrad in physics/astronomy in my senior year. I am interested in doing work of a theoretical...
Sep27-09 09:47 AM
Winter Flower
2 1,529
i have just finished my degree on physics but i was thinking about doing a Master degree in Physics or mathematics but...
Apr15-09 06:41 PM
1 1,302
Hi everyeone, I'm applying to entry-level jobs in banking or just about anything. I have a M.Sc. in Math. I'm not...
May3-10 06:13 PM
1 1,365
Hello, I will be applying for re-entry to my university to complete my Physics BS in the Fall (expected graduation in...
Dec21-13 04:53 PM
6 1,107
REF: PTNH136 TITLE: Physics Lecturers Protech Training Services Ltd is a subsidiary recruitment company for North...
Jun10-13 04:33 AM
0 529
Hi, at the moment I am studying at a community college. Hoping on finishing transferable units on a civ/meche program...
Jun13-11 09:45 PM
2 917
Hello All, Lately I have been pushing myself to learn how to learn better, and more effectively. I have been...
Aug1-10 04:48 PM
4 1,392
Hello everybody! Before I go to a problem, I’d like to apologize for my bad English cause it’s not my native...
Feb18-10 01:22 AM
0 869
Hi, I'm a high-school student and for a Careers assignement we need to interview someone who has a job in a career...
May17-12 04:19 PM
1 1,317
I'm a recent Masters graduate and I'm at the beginning of my professional career. I've sent out a few dozen...
Jan13-14 02:45 PM
2 539

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