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- Discuss topics on science professions and career paths. Job descriptions, salary, requirements...
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
Hi everyone. I am a sophmore studying to get a bs in mechanical engineering. I am thinking about switching to civil...
Aug20-14 11:11 AM
36 173,863
Hey folks, I'm Greg's sister. One career many scientists do not consider is becoming a patent attorney. I've been...
Jul4-14 04:21 PM
155 144,579
Hey PF, I recently graduated with a B.A. in math. During my undergrad career I worked on several projects...
Aug31-13 05:41 PM
2 694
Hello. I need some advice from people who might stutter or have dealt with a situation where someone stutters at their...
Aug31-13 11:46 AM
11 1,437
Hi everyone. Given the often contradictory information that is floating around regarding what fields are most/least in...
Aug29-13 05:29 PM
7 1,607
Hi, I love the cognitive sciences. Indeed, for the last few years, what's been motivating me to work hard in school...
Aug29-13 12:58 PM
20 2,716
After having finished a PhD it's time to start writing grants to finance further research projects. I wonder what...
Aug29-13 10:46 AM
19 2,421
This is my first time posting here, so pardon any faux pas I make. I'm a rising high school senior considering a...
Aug28-13 06:01 PM
6 1,170
Hello, I have a Monbusho scholarship(Japan) Bachelors in robotics(thesis: Molecular Dynamics for biofuels), have done...
Aug28-13 03:36 PM
5 1,089
Here is an interesting article from the Economist regarding evidence of "bandwagon" behaviour in the labour market;...
Aug28-13 02:33 PM
4 859
Hello, I would like some advice on getting a second Bachelor's degree in Computer Engineering. I currently have a...
Aug28-13 12:45 PM
4 1,048
A few years after I finished high school, I took a few subjects at my local community college with no real major in...
Aug28-13 11:51 AM
5 1,968
I have big interests in physics, chemistry and engineering as a whole and I hope that one day I can mesh these...
Aug28-13 05:57 AM
4 1,229
I have been exploring potential careers with a physics/ math or engineering degree and one job that interests me but I...
Aug27-13 10:38 PM
7 879
I'm struggling to choose between degree courses (I'm in my last year of HS, well uk equivalent) but I've sort of...
Aug26-13 01:29 PM
12 1,432
What areas of electrical engineering research require good knowledge of quantum mechanics? I'm an EE major minoring in...
Aug26-13 10:35 AM
5 1,351
Do applied physicists do scientific research and experiments to create new technology or do they do more engineering...
Aug25-13 03:45 PM
5 1,229
I've got a few requests for tutoring, trying to figure out how much to charge. I have my B.S. in Physics/Math and I am...
Aug25-13 02:51 PM
11 8,902
Hello guys, I am majoring in EE and looking to work in semiconductor industry. Looks really fun Questions; 0....
Aug24-13 10:02 PM
6 1,080
I started working for a multinational FMCG after graduating in Mechanical Engineering. With one year as of now in it,...
Aug24-13 09:38 AM
2 791
I have big interests in both physics and chemistry and I have seperate ideas of research I can do some that involve...
Aug24-13 03:31 AM
2 939
Background: I'm 22 year old and recently graduated with a B.S. in Electrical Engineering and landed a great first...
Aug24-13 12:04 AM
Ben Espen
9 1,518
I'm trying to go into big data and I like physics so I'm going for a degree in computational physics. I'm thinking of...
Aug23-13 07:45 PM
6 1,167
I'm a little stuck in making this decision. I'm 29 years old and about to enter year 4 of my degree. Initially this...
Aug23-13 04:32 PM
10 1,143
I'm currently working on a BS in astronomy (basically a physics degree with astronomy/astrophysics courses to fill...
Aug23-13 11:04 AM
6 942
If I was a physicist and did research on superconductors can I apply it and make a product or a prototype on my own?
Aug23-13 08:28 AM
Andy Resnick
3 811
Hello, I've been studying mech engineering for the past 2 years but over the past month I've been reading about other...
Aug23-13 07:33 AM
1 740
I just withdrew from my civil engineering program at my school and am using this time off to select a career path more...
Aug22-13 06:44 PM
5 1,216
Hi everyone. I am stuck between Electrical Engineer and Software Engineer. I finished automotive program 3 years ago...
Aug20-13 10:12 AM
6 956
Hi all, I'm a confused sophomore physics major. I love studying physics, but after completing 2 REUs (one in...
Aug19-13 10:15 AM
6 1,740
Hi all I'm feeling a bit lost here, but hopefully someone might be able to lend some insight. I am an accountant....
Aug19-13 12:53 AM
6 941
This is probably really bold by some members standards, but I would like some help. If I send someone who has...
Aug18-13 05:40 PM
7 1,343
Or are differences in how one engineer is trained such that you either become one or the other but not both?
Aug18-13 01:57 AM
2 3,879
I am really interested in physics. Currently i am an undergrad. I dont know what course should i take. I really like...
Aug17-13 03:02 PM
Vanadium 50
21 2,217
Whenever I look at the careers of famous physicists, current and past, they seem to only attend prestigious...
Aug15-13 11:05 AM
Vanadium 50
51 5,387
I'm a maths student going into 3rd year. I was told to start early looking into a banking internship for next summer....
Aug14-13 07:30 PM
3 920
I've always been able to study into the night and do pretty well in school. But I'm doing an engineering internship...
Aug14-13 12:46 PM
9 1,281
I am 41 years old and I am looking at going back to school to pursue an engineering degree in either Petroleum or...
Aug13-13 10:12 PM
9 1,632
I am currently majoring in Electrical Engineering as an undergraduate at a university. While I am not entirely sure of...
Aug13-13 06:17 PM
5 983
I am currently in 8th grade. Particle physics fascinates me, and I would like to know ways to get on this career...
Aug13-13 10:17 AM
5 1,085
Im going to my 3rd year as a telecommunications engineering student in the university. I was thinking of applying to...
Aug13-13 08:49 AM
8 941
I have recently completed my first year of Eng. Physics taking the standard math courses: Calculus, Linear Algebra 1...
Aug13-13 06:53 AM
13 1,803

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