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- Discuss topics on science professions and career paths. Job descriptions, salary, requirements...
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
Hi everyone. I am a sophmore studying to get a bs in mechanical engineering. I am thinking about switching to civil...
Aug20-14 11:11 AM
36 176,768
Hey folks, I'm Greg's sister. One career many scientists do not consider is becoming a patent attorney. I've been...
Jul4-14 04:21 PM
155 146,979
I'm new to the forums but joined because of its aerospace and math topics. Just wanted to ask if anyone was...
Sep21-13 04:25 PM
8 1,673
Hi, I apologize if you get this sort of question a lot. I left school at 16 and went straight into work and have...
Sep20-13 12:55 PM
4 1,538
Hi, currently I have the following sections: Personal info, education, research experience, computer skills,...
Sep19-13 05:40 AM
4 1,386
As not to derail the other thread where this is brought up. What are the odds of getting on tenure-track in an...
Sep17-13 11:09 PM
39 10,109
Are there any low level (B.S. Physics) jobs out there that pay well? I'm split between Geology and Physics and I just...
Sep17-13 06:17 PM
7 2,178
Hello! I got my BS in Physics last May and recently decided I would like to pursue medical physics. I've looked up a...
Sep17-13 02:07 PM
3 1,544
Let's ask some different but related questions here. Suppose that someone were to graduate with a PhD in the sciences...
Sep17-13 10:29 AM
53 18,516
Hello all, I am a first year physics major and I am hoping for some guidance. I am looking into careers that I would...
Sep17-13 02:22 AM
1 1,146
I am a student at the University of Waterloo, and thinking of transferring into chemical engineering. I am very...
Sep16-13 02:44 PM
0 1,280
I'm curious if anyone has specific advice or experience. I'm looking for things like benefit to society,...
Sep16-13 09:38 AM
Greg Bernhardt
1 1,055
Hello PFers! I am currently a Junior in HighSchool and I am extremely interested in Nuclear Science. My...
Sep15-13 10:40 PM
6 1,270
Hello, I am a post-doc in condensed matter theory (about to finish my 3rd year of my first post-doc) who is about...
Sep15-13 08:03 PM
8 2,228
In order to understand engineering concepts one must have a high IQ. In order to understand the concepts behind...
Sep15-13 07:32 PM
19 3,996
A lot of places like national labs list that they're interested in hiring math majors as interns, but I'm having some...
Sep15-13 12:05 PM
3 1,009
I want to be a physics teacher but in my country as from 2015 there won't be any employing of teachers because it's...
Sep15-13 02:13 AM
5 1,378
Hi folks! I've considered a career as a technical writer for the mechatronics/electronics fields for a while now...
Sep14-13 08:46 PM
I like Serena
3 922
A while ago, I posted a thread about my plans to pursue a dual degree in physics and chemical engineering. Now, I...
Sep13-13 10:09 AM
Greg Bernhardt
1 1,057
Hey guys, I'm an undergrad in computer engineering. This past summer I worked as a research assistant in the...
Sep13-13 10:09 AM
3 992
Since I was little I wanted to be a scientist. Ultimately though, I was talked into going for engineering because the...
Sep13-13 12:40 AM
20 4,486
Hello! First let me introduce myself. I'm an engineering undergraduate in northern Europe. Ever since I started my...
Sep12-13 11:46 PM
3 1,917
Hello all, I was wondering if anyone is or knows any Mechanical Drafters? I am trying to find out if it is a good...
Sep11-13 01:42 PM
1 662
Currently I am pursuing the aforementioned degree with the intent on getting my masters in math. I've pretty much had...
Sep11-13 12:52 PM
3 889
I have this one question. When you have Master's degree in mathematics, can you do a second Master's degree in...
Sep10-13 03:53 PM
2 995
Can you become a mathematician (work in research in think tanks, or teach in the universities) with masters degree in...
Sep10-13 12:46 PM
6 1,111
Hi, I am having a problem on career choice. I like astrophysics, but I am also interested in atomic physics. What do...
Sep9-13 10:03 PM
Greg Bernhardt
1 959
I have a question about how resumes can portray MOOCs (Udacity, etc.) and OCW (MIT, etc.) completions. Should one...
Sep8-13 09:14 PM
1 953
Hi everyone, I'm starting Co-op next winter and I'm looking for a job in Montreal. I'm not sure what kind of...
Sep8-13 07:42 PM
3 935
Is it a good idea to add an expected range of salary at the beginning of one's CV (in case one would like to apply for...
Sep6-13 01:48 PM
11 1,339
Hi, I would like to know your opinion about the effect that outsourcing will have on engineers/scientists of the...
Sep5-13 02:19 PM
6 1,124
Hello, I am a student currently in engineering physics considering moving to physics. I'm wondering if it's a bad...
Sep5-13 01:21 PM
4 1,086
I heard about this one-year programme from CFD Online and thought this might be good if one wants to break into CFD...
Sep5-13 04:04 AM
0 712
Hi Every 1 Iím Holding a degree in Physics, and thinking to proceed for a Master Degree in Medical physics through...
Sep4-13 02:16 PM
2 941
I know this probably gets asked a lot, but what are some of the careers I can get with a BS in Physics and a minor in...
Sep4-13 11:17 AM
2 2,522
is it good to go for research i m currently in india preparing for iit and want go research doing MS must i be in...
Sep3-13 01:15 PM
1 793
I have been going back and forth between pursuing a degree in physics or ee. A recent opportunity is making me decide...
Sep2-13 11:23 PM
1 1,183
I am doing Honors in Physics and I am interested in working in militaries, how to get there.
Sep2-13 03:20 PM
1 745
I am a sophomore student of computer engineering, and since the beginning of the summer I have been working with a...
Sep1-13 04:58 PM
Nick O
3 1,368
From reading this thread, it demonstrates a rather pessimistic view of physics (at least in relation to job...
Sep1-13 11:20 AM
6 1,958
I have been working with projects that use Cobol, BAP and Smalltalk as mainstream programming tools for a decade. Now...
Sep1-13 09:10 AM
4 894
Which do you think would be more lucrative in the long run? I am in computer engineering, and I would like to do my...
Aug31-13 10:01 PM
1 689

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