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- Discuss topics on science professions and career paths. Job descriptions, salary, requirements...
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
Hi everyone. I am a sophmore studying to get a bs in mechanical engineering. I am thinking about switching to civil...
Aug20-14 11:11 AM
36 176,375
Hey folks, I'm Greg's sister. One career many scientists do not consider is becoming a patent attorney. I've been...
Jul4-14 04:21 PM
155 146,591
Maybe there should be a resources thread/sticky here? This would make a good start:...
Jun3-11 10:18 PM
2 1,488
at the beginning of college some years ago, i took a part time job working in produce. i worked there through a BA and...
Jun3-11 07:51 PM
8 1,715
Hi, I am about to begin my second year at university studying a four year course in Medical Physics MSci at a good...
Jun3-11 06:43 PM
7 13,269
Can anyone tell me what can of jobs I can get with just a B.S in physics? Also when I receive my B.S would you...
Jun3-11 12:11 PM
2 1,850
I'm currently in my third year of a 4 year masters course, however I've been offered a place on a PhD scheme which...
Jun2-11 04:27 PM
3 1,308
I didn't know where to put this so I thought this was mabye the best place. I was told I am "red-green" colour blind....
Jun2-11 09:54 AM
17 4,072
hello! I am seeking for an advice. I am graduating school this year, and dont know what to study in college...
Jun2-11 08:09 AM
1 1,260
It seems like finding an engineering/tech job online is a catch 22. How do we get experience if no one is willing to...
Jun1-11 07:41 PM
6 2,849
It would be foolish to try and predict how employers will react -- having few job experiences, currently. So Iím here...
Jun1-11 05:07 AM
29 3,202
I was thinking of making a career change/going back to school. I am sick of printing and graphics and have this odd...
Jun1-11 03:48 AM
0 959
Thread title says sums up my question. I'd like to know if there are many paying jobs that focus almost exclusively if...
May31-11 11:38 PM
5 2,005
Hi, I am a physics grad student, hoping to do theoretical cosmology. I've recently been thinking a lot about...
May31-11 03:13 PM
8 2,391
as i want to be focused more on physics than in chemistry (understanding that i need the knowledge of both on an...
May31-11 02:15 AM
1 3,479
I'm looking for opinions/advice... what kinds of jobs do you think I could get with a BA in physics that would pay the...
May30-11 10:00 PM
6 2,822
These are some notes of the observations I've made over the past few months looking for jobs. This might be useful...
May30-11 12:51 AM
80 31,073
I am a recent EE grad, and I'm about to have my first second interview tomorrow for a big-boy job. It is an IC...
May29-11 06:50 PM
0 1,513
I know there are numerous things a computer hardware engineer does, but what would be an example of a task that a...
May29-11 02:27 PM
0 1,885
If so, was it hard to find a job? Also, is it really necessary to go to grad-school for the best prospects? Is the...
May28-11 10:27 PM
0 1,694
My daughter is 15 years old and soon to be 10th grader. She's considering what career field to go into. So far she's...
May28-11 08:07 AM
1 5,676
Hi, I was wondering what kind of jobs are available to someone with such a degree. Could I pass as a mechanical or...
May27-11 11:05 PM
7 5,037
I am just finishing up my Freshman year at UW-Madison and have to decide what I want to do in the College of...
May27-11 11:44 AM
11 9,503
Which type of engineering requires rigourous proof or subtle and conceptual level of physics and mathematics? For...
May26-11 11:23 PM
7 3,886
Hello everyone. I am going to college and plan on majoring in mathematics because my enjoyment of it is very great....
May26-11 11:08 PM
12 2,680
I've read that authors of books get paid very little and have many challenges in getting their book published. But...
May26-11 10:22 PM
Vanadium 50
1 983
Hi, Many people have offered some great advice on these forums, and I specifically appreciate the well articulated...
May26-11 04:39 PM
James A. Putnam
28 10,350
Which types of engineers usually travel the most? Which types of engineers usually travel the least? I think I...
May25-11 04:40 PM
14 13,370
Hello, Iím soon to be a junior in college, and so far have been majoring in biology. Unfortunately, Iíve realized...
May25-11 02:49 PM
2 3,455
Currently I am doing my MSc in Physics with a focus on Condensed Matter Theory. I have about one more year to go,...
May25-11 02:13 AM
5 2,173
You've had one phone interview for a job 1000 miles away, then HR calls, and says: What do you say? Do you...
May24-11 11:46 PM
31 4,616
I'm starting my junior year in the fall, and I'm starting to think about what I really want to do with my physics...
May24-11 12:44 AM
3 2,201
Does neone here have information about BARC(Bhabha Atomic Research Centre), India. How is this place for Mechanical...
May24-11 12:27 AM
0 1,214
Howdy, I need help sorting out a plan... again. It has come to my attention, the various opinions on how hard it is...
May23-11 01:11 PM
9 5,117
I am in the phase to select what to study. I love science, pure physics, theoretical physics.. but it is listened...
May23-11 10:17 AM
0 889
Hi, So I'm with a real dilemma and I only have a few days to make a choice. My situation is the following: I'm 18...
May23-11 10:04 AM
22 4,450
I have a PhD in physics, and have been working as a scientist since I graduated last year. I've been looking for a...
May23-11 01:30 AM
2 2,104
i'm a extremely confused one in my field of study. . I'm currently studying in medical field as my undergrad and i'm...
May22-11 06:30 PM
1 1,353
I am still working on my mechanical engineering degree and I am wondering what advice someone who is familiar with the...
May22-11 12:26 PM
5 3,458
I've decided against pursuing a career as a university professor after seeing how low the odds of actually making it...
May22-11 08:51 AM
1 6,580
Has anyone been on or is on one of these? Or maybe you work in a school with someone who is on this or maybe you...
May21-11 02:03 AM
0 1,250
Hi, Wondering if anyone in here has any experience with "advanced" business analytics. These jobs appeal to me but...
May19-11 10:03 PM
0 1,031

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