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- Discuss topics on science professions and career paths. Job descriptions, salary, requirements...
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
Hi everyone. I am a sophmore studying to get a bs in mechanical engineering. I am thinking about switching to civil...
Aug20-14 11:11 AM
36 173,941
Hey folks, I'm Greg's sister. One career many scientists do not consider is becoming a patent attorney. I've been...
Jul4-14 04:21 PM
155 144,639
Hey there, I joined up to ask a question about careers in physics and the renewable energy industries. I'm curious as...
Nov2-10 07:08 PM
2 2,097
Ive almost decided on changing my major from mechanical engineering to civil engineering, i decided that structures...
Nov2-10 05:13 PM
0 1,500
For engineers, specifically Mechanical engineers, what kind of math do you use daily and why? Could you also state...
Nov1-10 10:01 PM
Ben Espen
3 1,436
Hi, im am currently doing electronic engineering in college and i was woundering if it was possible to get a career in...
Nov1-10 02:28 PM
13 2,548
Hello all, I have been trying to narrow down my thoughts for what I would like to study. I am currently enrolled in...
Nov1-10 11:49 AM
1 1,108
Hello! I am very intrested in computer hardware and software, physics, and math, so I might want to become a...
Oct31-10 11:26 AM
4 5,532
I graduated from a top undergraduate program in applied mathematics with a general GPA of 2.91, subject GPA of 3.13...
Oct30-10 09:41 PM
8 4,744
I finally got a job as a biostatistician in a hospital in the downtown area. I just graduated from a local college 2...
Oct30-10 08:43 PM
13 1,777
I got a job as an Application Engineer HVAC.My duties include assisting the sales team,preparing tenders and...
Oct30-10 07:13 AM
1 1,700
is industrial electronics has scope in world
Oct30-10 02:31 AM
2 1,145
First of all I want that you for helping and a hopefully being understanding I don't plan to even declare are major...
Oct30-10 01:44 AM
28 4,361
Hello all, I am currently a sophomore in university and I was thinking about my future. I'm currently a...
Oct30-10 01:05 AM
3 1,242
So I am currently studying BSc Physics. I am going to study MSc Financial Mathematics. But what I want to know if it...
Oct29-10 10:36 PM
8 2,391
This may have been asked before but I am going to ask anyway. I am currently studying a BS with a major in Physics....
Oct27-10 10:15 PM
9 3,096
Are there any companies that make HOV's? You know those underwater research vehicles marine biologists use? Are they...
Oct26-10 08:03 PM
0 757
I see this all the time in job applications, including for the current employer section. Does it hurt your chances...
Oct26-10 07:36 PM
14 10,887
I've been doing a lot of thinking, and I think it's time to make a big change. I'm one of those kids that's on his...
Oct26-10 07:21 PM
8 2,627
Currently needing career advices in this job-searching transition phase. I have recently completed physics degree...
Oct26-10 04:28 PM
5 3,428
Hi everyone, I'm an undergrad student who is looking for different research interests to specialize in to get ready...
Oct26-10 03:54 PM
2 972
Hey everyone, I'm a longtime lurker, first time poster. I'm currently a second year undergrad student enrolled in...
Oct26-10 12:49 PM
3 4,571
I was wondering where I can find some good information on areas and applications of a Bio physics major? What exactly...
Oct26-10 01:26 AM
0 960
I am currently studying aerospace engineering at UCLA and was wondering if anyone had any good advice to securing a...
Oct25-10 06:55 PM
3 1,429
I am very interested in theoretical physics and would like a careers in it. However, I'm not really sure about where...
Oct25-10 06:42 AM
7 2,180
I've been a huge car fanatic since I was three, you name i know it about cars, I am looking into University Bound,...
Oct25-10 03:28 AM
5 1,600
Hey everyone, I am in grade 12 in Canada and will be applying to universities soon and am conflicted between which...
Oct24-10 12:43 PM
2 2,451
I am in dilemma, don't know whether to do mechanical or civil engineering. Civil engineering has lots of scope in my...
Oct23-10 12:13 PM
1 3,923
I've been visiting this section of the forum for some time and I'm curious about the opportunities in sciences for...
Oct23-10 10:58 AM
Ben Espen
9 1,899
Well, I am a high school student who does well in sciences and math. I have respectable non-curriculum knowledge of...
Oct23-10 04:46 AM
7 1,481
Hello Its 2010 now and I am not really up to date with careers. Is it still an extremely risky to go into...
Oct23-10 04:35 AM
5 1,679
Hi folks, I was wondering if any of you have heard about research and development staff working remotely at a...
Oct22-10 09:29 PM
3 1,423
I will be starting a undergraduate program in Mechanical Engineering shortly and just have a few questions about what...
Oct21-10 04:12 PM
1 3,284
Hey everybody, I was wondering if I can get a little help with a resume I'm writing. I've been working in the nuclear...
Oct21-10 11:38 AM
1 1,831
Hello, I am a student who is currently in high school and will be attending university next year. I live in Canada,...
Oct21-10 06:09 AM
8 2,857
Right, I'm currently unsure of what career path I want to take. I'm currently in undergrad math taking all the...
Oct20-10 06:27 PM
5 2,840
I'm currently a senior - on the way to obtaining a BS degree in Computer Science this coming semester, and I was...
Oct20-10 02:50 PM
0 942
Do professional and recognized qualifications in extra curricular activities like music have any affect on...
Oct20-10 08:37 AM
3 1,455
I know that most physics Ph.D's end up in wall street and jobs in finance etc. And I do know of the scarce jobs within...
Oct20-10 08:26 AM
10 4,605
My school has a neat internship program where they will pay a stipend for the summer if you can find an "internship"...
Oct20-10 01:38 AM
0 1,219
So I am transferring to a university within a year, and I don't know which math major to choose. It is either...
Oct19-10 11:39 PM
2 1,745
I don't know how I can do anything but just survive with the money I currently make. Here's my simplified calculation...
Oct17-10 11:26 PM
6 1,978

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