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Hey folks, I'm Greg's sister. One career many scientists do not consider is becoming a patent attorney. I've been...
Mar22-14 01:37 PM
Bored Attorney
153 97,573
Hi everyone. I am a sophmore studying to get a bs in mechanical engineering. I am thinking about switching to civil...
Feb17-14 05:31 AM
35 143,215
i find the study of cosmology very fascinating and now contemplating to study it. But is it a wise choice? I mean,...
Mar29-11 11:11 PM
79 72,950
Hello everyone. First off let me apologize in advance if a question similar to this one has been answered already. I...
Aug3-10 06:52 PM
0 1,479
I mentioned in a thread on here almost a year ago now that I was considering making a change into math, after...
Aug2-10 05:45 PM
Ben Espen
3 2,124
Hi everyone, I'm a junior in college and recently I made a list of some things I'm looking for in a future job....
Aug2-10 08:41 AM
6 1,196
Hey guys, I was recently considering the option of doing ROTC to pay for school and was wondering a few things. I...
Aug2-10 12:27 AM
12 6,132
Here's the thing. I love chemistry/math/physics/design, and I love space. If I could combine these things, I would...
Aug1-10 06:51 PM
0 2,820
Hello All, Lately I have been pushing myself to learn how to learn better, and more effectively. I have been...
Aug1-10 04:48 PM
4 1,388
What kind of people are well suited to be engineers? Who would excel and enjoy a career in engineering? Could you...
Jul31-10 09:38 PM
1 2,355
Hello! I am very interested in mathematics and computer science, especially theoretical computer science. Do people...
Jul31-10 08:09 PM
5 10,678
Are there many research careers for people with PhDs in computer science? Are they many opportunities for them? How...
Jul31-10 02:03 AM
1 3,377
Keeping it simple: on average for a university Ph.D. program in physics, what are the rough weightings of the...
Jul30-10 04:52 AM
2 1,224
Hi guys, well i finished my final exam yesterday on electrotechnology in communications. i only have 6 months left to...
Jul30-10 02:13 AM
1 1,295
what do you have to do to be a college teacher in Canada,meaning what degree do you have to hold. not uni.. edit:...
Jul30-10 01:57 AM
12 1,252
I am going into 8th grade this year, and I am a straight A student , and I have a strong interest in physics. Many...
Jul30-10 01:40 AM
10 1,818
hello all, I'm currently doing a undergrad program in SPECIALIST PROGRAM IN PHYSICS AND ITS APPLICATIONS (Physics...
Jul30-10 01:32 AM
1 939
Hello. Im in a crisis, i want a career in wich i could work with renewable energys and something that really benefits...
Jul29-10 10:19 PM
2 1,186
Hi there. Sorry for the lengthy thread! Please persevere :smile: I have seen that there are many of these...
Jul29-10 09:41 PM
5 1,453
I have been thinking of teaching remedial math at a community college (I'm in the US). But I don't have even a...
Jul29-10 07:20 PM
2 2,906
Throughout my time here in PhysicsForums, however short that may be, I've been always hearing about being a "quant". ...
Jul29-10 06:57 AM
12 10,321
Now I'm undergrad student, majoring in Physics. But I think I prefer to be a physical chemist and want to be a...
Jul29-10 05:15 AM
2 1,483
Currently a Physics Lecture, have my MS in physics after having to stop or hault my PHD due to lack of research...
Jul28-10 11:01 PM
3 1,158
What are the career options after doing Msc physics , don't want to get into academics like teaching or doing a phd ....
Jul28-10 10:57 PM
1 2,142
Hi, I'm a chinese undergraduated student. As I wanna apply to some American universities for PhD, I took GRE general...
Jul28-10 07:48 PM
2 1,542
Ok. So I passed my defense, submitted, and graduated this past may with a PhD in physics. I am now looking for a...
Jul26-10 11:31 PM
13 3,197
I am a student of all things mechanical and electrical. I love to build things. Anything and everything. More than...
Jul24-10 07:20 PM
0 730
Hey! I'm an international student - thinking of pursuing an Aerospace Engg. Bachelors' degree in US. What are the...
Jul24-10 11:46 AM
0 1,861
Hi guys, what are the fields of theoretical physics (if any) -besides General Relativity, String Theory, Quantum...
Jul24-10 04:01 AM
13 3,485
Hi guys, I need an advise. I would like to start a Phd in physics, but I have not decided in which field yet. My...
Jul23-10 05:58 PM
4 1,539
Hi Fellas, as the day I'm graduating is slowly but surely approaching, I've noticed I don't really have many good...
Jul23-10 03:36 AM
2 1,303
Hello, I'm about to begin college at the OHIO STATE UNIVERSITY for ENGINEERING PHYSICS and I have a couple question I...
Jul23-10 03:32 AM
2 2,567
There is a project that I've been working on that i would very much like to get underway. the majority of details is...
Jul22-10 11:41 PM
0 919
So I hear a few universities now offer PhDs in astrobiology. I would love to be an astrobiologist, especially if it...
Jul22-10 10:54 PM
1 5,038
Hello everybody, can somebody please answer for me, in detail, what can I do with a physics degree? I am asking this...
Jul22-10 06:22 PM
8 1,956
I am finishing a msc in mathematics. I am too broke to continue studying full time; this is due to a combination of...
Jul22-10 10:55 AM
0 765
Hello all! I recently graduated with a BS in physics and I will be entering a PhD program for biomedical...
Jul22-10 10:20 AM
Ben Espen
3 4,800
Hello, people! I'm fond of studying the nervous system and I'd like to pursue a career related to it, but I don't...
Jul22-10 01:45 AM
3 5,896
Hi, I'm beginning my physics PhD program this fall because I want to do astrophysics. However, even though astro is an...
Jul21-10 10:58 PM
17 3,674
Okay, I know that this topic can be very sensitive to some people, and I really do not want to offend anyone. But it...
Jul21-10 08:31 PM
57 8,782
Hello, I am a Canadian student, currently studying Mathematical Physics at the University of Waterloo. I finished my...
Jul20-10 08:45 PM
Big Bad Bozak
2 1,110
Hi all, I've been looking through the forums trying to find out what exactly electrical engineers do but have had no...
Jul20-10 11:46 AM
1 1,358
I have Bachelor's and Master's degrees in Aerospace Engineering. I recently got PhD admits from University of Michigan...
Jul20-10 03:28 AM
6 5,883

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